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Conservative Picks for the Montana Primary



Montana is a western red state with a strong Conservative presence. That presence however was has been thwarted in the opposition of two-term Democrat, Jon Tester. Tester was first elected in 2006 and took advantage of a weak Republican showing(thanks Mitt) in 2012 to remain in his seat. Trump won Montana by around 20% making the Senate a priority for the Conservative movement in the 2018 Election. Fortunately, prominent Conservatives have recognized this opportunity, much like in West Virginia, as an opportunity to put a reliable Conservative in a safe seat. Matt Rosendale may just be the guy.

Best Pick: Matt Rosendale
Worst Pick: Russ Fagg

MT Sen

Jon Tester is a typical Democrat in the Senate. However, he finds himself in a red state and a seat that the Republicans are salivating over. With the Democrats abandoning Flyover Country, the Republicans have a good opportunity here. But there are four challengers facing off first. Like Indiana, Montana went for Trump by about 20 points. Unlike Indiana, the options aren’t so pitiful. The two heavyweights in this bout are Russell Fagg and Matt Rosendale. Rosendale has the Endorsements of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Rosendale has a lot of Conservative support and organizational backing that make him a very formidable candidate. Russ Fagg is a former State Rep. with a lot of state official endorsements. Fagg is campaigning as a conservative at times. He is most focused on contrasting himself with Rosendale.

In this ad, Fagg is campaigning on the death penalty which is a state issue for the most part. The death penalty isn’t the only policy, Fagg is actively emphasizing, he is also attacking Rosendale’s funding.

This could easily be seen as whining about how he’s not the recipient. As proven many times before, money does not buy elections. It helps, but in the end, good campaigners win. Bad campaigners lose winnable elections. Fagg is a bad campaigner, and he’s opposing a Democrat incumbent. Fagg is highly likely to blow this opportunity if given to him. Outside resources are necessary to assist Conservatives denied such by their state parties, and on principle, we should not bat an eye. Voters are responsible for researching their candidates.

Other candidates include Albert Olszewski, a state Senator with an outstanding Conservative record and more authenticity than Rosendale who has embellished his rancher status. Olszewski is a really likable Conservative. The unfortunate fact seems as though he doesn’t stand the best chance in the primary. The last candidate is Trey Downing. He is the least interesting candidate that has some residency issues. Rosendale stands the best chance to win this race. He has solid Conservative backing. We can only hope this means he doesn’t intend to join the swamp.

Conservative Pick: Matt Rosendale

District 1

After a year in office, Greg Gianforte has shown he has some potential. He voted against Omnibus and other fiscally irresponsible measures. Hopefully, he remains strong in the swamp.


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