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You don’t have to be a Christian (or a Conservative or a Federalist) and feel guilty about support President Trump



Steve Deace on his January 18, 2018, podcast took on the issues of Evangelical Christians and feeling the strain of guilt of supporting a President who might have been a mixed bag of sorts and still is, but yet has so far advanced a conservative pro-America agenda. I don’t know much about Trump’s support for federalism, but I have to say, that Trump is advancing the right things while not perfect he is moving America back to the right after many years of Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama.

If you don’t have 53 minutes to spare, Deace has written a condensed version of what was discussed on the podcast. I do link both that respected piece at Conservative Review along with the podcast at

The important thing to remember is that Deace has remained consistent on his Christian Worldview first and foremost. Now that Trump has a record of what he did in office, Deace’s opinions must change to remain consistent in that worldview. Staying #Nevertrump for its own sake is never a good ideal. It is only exposing the likes of Bill Kristol and others like him to be the establishmentarians that they are.

Here’s why evangelicals don’t have to feel guilty for supporting Trump

Regular, Steve Deace guest Bob Vander Plaats has a commentary of his own regarding the same subject of how Christians deal with President Donald Trump. You praise and criticize respectfully depending on the issue. Praise Trump when he advances a conservative agenda or something that advances liberty and criticize when he is not doing that or calling out his sin when it comes to the light.

Quoting Vander Plaats; “Remember that King David was called “a man after God’s own heart,” a celebrated and good king; but when he fell into adultery, there was a prophet of God, Nathan, who stood in David’s face and called the king to account. As Christians proclaiming the Word of God today, our job is the same: To encourage the President when he does right and to hold him accountable when he does wrong. As Christians proclaiming the Word of God today, our job is the same: To encourage the President when he does right and to hold him accountable when he does wrong.”

How Christians should engage the Trump wars

My Take

Steve Deace and Bob Vander Plaats are conservatives that we should take some great hints from. We may have not looked at porn or hung out with porn stars, yet we still get turned on by ‘porn’ of our own. Even if it is not full frontal nudity or T&A; we might find ball gowns, swimwear, even the chorale uniform sexy as heck. Oh and never forget about those short shorts women love to wear regardless if they are yoga paints or demi. Makes you want to put on ZZ Top or Danko Jones. The later artist did a lesser known song about women and their long “legs.” Most of us know the ZZ Top song, however. I am sure the ladies get turned on by boxers, briefs (including “Speedos” and others who make such swimwear), and jammers, and bare chests with no hair (or with hair).

Deace points all of us (male and female) to Romans Chapter Seven and Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” which in turn becomes our thorn as well. The bottom line is that we must always conform to God’s standard…period.

Now we have some legit #Nevertrumpers or those who are skeptical. David Leech who runs the website The Strident Conservative not only writes here at NOQ Report but also writes for Salem Media’s and his daily two-minute commentary is also distributed by Salem Media. We may not agree with Leech in lockstep but he should not be ignored either. He too fights for conservatism in America and still feels that Trump might play a Joker down the road. He could very well be right, but I think Deace, Vander Plaats and other leveled headed conservatives like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, and Daniel Horowitz have shown us the way in giving us a fair conservative worldview in things. JD Rucker here at NOQ Report has also presented us with a fair and balanced worldview in his push for Federalism.

Overall, the best thing we can all do is read and obey Romans 12:22 and allow God to shape us into what we want us to be.

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