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Exclusive Interview: Shane Hazel for Georgia 7th



In one of the most anticipated interviews of this primary season, I got to interview Shane Hazel, the man looking to unseat long-time Congressman and political operative Rob Woodall.

Expectations were high for this interview but Shane blew them all away. He called me about 15 minutes before our interview was to begin and asked to delay it by a half hour so he could take advantage of the available sunlight to keep knocking on doors to meet those whom he sought to represent.

Knocking. On. Doors.

Old school. How many of those running for Congress go door-to-door anymore? Not many I’ll wager. Most are too busy rubbing elbows with the elites from their district or outside the district, making promises in the hopes that big donations will buy votes through advertising. Not Shane Hazel. The former Marine is pounding the pavement, working hard, something he knows from his time in the Marine Corps special operations, known as Force Reconnaissance.

What immediately struck me was his energy and his Constitutional knowledge. In the military, there is brotherly and sisterly teasing between the services. None of the stereotypes are really true, but sometimes they are true enough for comedy’s sake. Marines are lovingly thought of as the jocks, the ones who aren’t all that intellectual.

If one had been inclined to believe that’s what a Marines were truly like, Shane Hazel would have put the lie to that immediately. He demonstrated the raw Constitutional knowledge and intelligence of Ted Cruz, the true desire for fiscal discipline of Rand and Ron Paul, the unrelenting pursuit of liberty of Austin Petersen, and the passion for people of Erin Cruz. If freedom was baseball, Shane Hazel would be a true 5-tool player.

BW: What made you decide to run for Congress?

SH: Well, I’ll tell you, this is not something I ever sought nor something I thought I would ever do. I have a great career that allows me to spend a lot of time with my family and work with my brothers in special operations. It’s hard to give that up, but I have felt my faith calling me to take a stand, a weight on my shoulders. The same kind of weight was on my shoulders in the days immediately following 9-11 which was my faith calling me to join the Marine Corps in September of 2001. It’s simply a sense of duty and faith.

Rob Woodall (the current Republican Congressman of the Georgia 7th), has done nothing to forward conservative values, and in fact rates, F’s across the board on the major Constitutional and Conservative scorecards. He has voted for higher spending, for restricting the gun rights of law-abiding Americans, and has never held a job outside of DC where he has been since 1994. He hasn’t even conducted a town hall in the last 2 years. It’s time for someone who truly represents the people of the Georgia 7th to step in.

BW: What specific experiences and education make you feel ready and qualified for the job?

SH: I have taught the US Constitution and its lineage for years to local groups of citizens, which per art 6 sec 3 we are bound by oath to uphold as Representatives. In addition to that, I was a non-commissioned officer in Marine Force Reconnaissance and have seen the devastating effects of war up close and the ramifications that follow our men and women back home. I have a BA from UGA in International Affairs, and I worked both domestically and internationally in business development and as a subject matter expert in Aerospace for the last 11 years, developing and training our service members in emerging technologies which has given me even more insight into our DOD and our broken acquisition processes.

BW: What issues are your top priorities if elected?

SH: Spending is definitely a big one. I would not have voted for this deficit-heavy spending bill that just passed through Congress. Every spending bill needs to start with the Constitution. So much of what the federal government spends is outside of the few and defined powers of the Constitution, yet the government robs its citizens through taxation by force and then doesn’t spend the money wisely. Further, spending bills should be voted upon separately. No more holding the military hostage. We need a constitutionally balanced budget. We must fix our money by ending the Federal Reserve once and for all, Abolish the IRS and pass the Fair Tax.

Abolish the IRS. We’ve seen the IRS weaponized and used against our own citizens for political purposes. The tax reform just enacted is nice, but it needs to go further and we need to abolish the IRS which is why I would push for and support the “Fair Tax.”

We need to shut down the vast incentive system that draws people to America illegally. We want and need immigration, but LEGAL, immigration, with people who respect our laws and want to become Americans. America needs to bring our troops home to secure the border, and with trillions of dollars not wasted if we still need to build a wall we can, and we can give our military the pay they deserve and it would look like a rounding error compared to what we are doing now.

I also want to see military action debated and voted on in Congress before we send my brothers and sisters anywhere. And, when they are deployed it is with a clearly defined mission to completely destroy the enemy and then leave. No more indefinite deployments. No more nation building. No more rules of engagement.

Also, in order to reform the care our veterans receive, I will seek to abolish the Department of Veterans Affairs, and instead allow veterans to seek their own care in the private sector, but the expense is picked up by the DOD as a cost of national defense.

BW: You mentioned the recent spending bill. Do you think the increases in military spending were necessary?

SH: Absolutely not. In fact, the Department of Defense needs a thorough audit. The DOD acquisition process needs to be driven by end users and brought up to speed to meet 21st-century markets and emergence of technology. Too often bureaucrats, engineers, and people who have absolutely no experience in the mission bloat and encumber the process of getting our men and women the equipment they need.
*Authors note: See folks? I’m not the only veteran who thinks military spending is out of control*

BW: How do you feel about Congress and the President reauthorizing FISA?

SH: The 4th Amendment demands that four prerequisites be met before a warrant shall be issued. Which if done incorrectly carries the charge of perjury. All four must be met, every time, no exceptions in order to get a warrant. FISA does away with 4th Amendment protections and prerequisites for “probable cause” approving 99.7% of all FISA warrants applied for.

Again we have seen as a result of this usurpation FISA used as a weapon by the FBI and other agencies to take down its political enemies.

BW: It appears that President Trump May have himself been a victim of abuse of the FISA courts. How do you explain he and the GOP Congress reauthorizing it?

SH: I can’t. I think they should have released the Nunes memo before they voted, but either way, I can’t explain them reauthorizing it.

BW: You touched on immigration already but what else do you think needs to be done?

SH: Article I, Section 8 clause 4 of the Constitution gives the Federal government the power of naturalization. In the earliest days of the country, it was agreed that states shouldn’t be able to inflate their numbers with mass immigration for more power through votes in Congress. That’s what is happening now. We need to empower state and local governments to enforce federal immigration laws, not restrict them from doing so, and there needs to be consequences for cities and states who harbor illegals. Governors as executives to the contract between the states which is the Constitution need to make it extremely difficult for those governors who allow sanctuary cities in their states.

BW: Would you support the criminal prosecution of city and state officials who subvert immigration laws?

SH: Yes I would.

You can find it more about Shane Hazel at his website here.

Benjamin Wilhelm served as a commissioned officer in the United States military for 10 years, serving one combat tour in Afghanistan. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge among other military awards. Ben has worked in a variety of private sector businesses both large and small. He is a former military and civilian firearms instructor and an advocate for veterans issues. Ben is a strict Constitutionalist who sees the Federal government as an out of control leviathan, and the federal debt as a burden that will break the country. Ben is a divorced father of two boys.

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That tax-cut money Trump and the GOP gave you? They want it back!



When Paul Ryan shared a story on Twitter about a public-school secretary who would take home and additional $1.50/week in her paycheck thanks to the GOP tax overhaul, he took so much heat for his obvious display of cluelessness concerning the trials of average Americans that he was forced to delete.

Maybe Ryan should have left it posted because as we are beginning to see from Trump and his big-government GOP buddies in Congress, the average American will be lucky to pocket even that pittance after they’re through with their plans.

With deficit increases in the trillions of dollars already a certainty following the tax cut, the party that once advocated for smaller government and fiscal responsibility has taken steps to make it worse, thanks to the recent budget deal and Trump’s Obama-style infrastructure spending plans.

Of course, you can’t spend money you don’t have—well, unless you work in Washington—so, Trump and the GOP are gearing up to pay for their spending addiction through increased borrowing and higher taxes.

Let’s begin with their plan to raise money to pay for Trumps $1.5 trillion infrastructure Wall Street boondoggle via a $.25/gallon gas tax. Considered unthinkable only a month ago, Trump and the GOP are totally cool with reclaiming over $375 billion of your tax-cut to finance this unnecessary plan.

But gasoline is a small part of the overall economy, so Trump had to look for other ways to raise taxes. Not to worry, folks, he found it.

Speaking to the House Ways and Means Committee recently, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testified that Trump supports a national tax on internet sales. Though Mnuchin has indicated in the past that Trump was only moderately interested in the idea, he told the committee that Trump now “feels strongly” about creating an online tax.

Higher taxes aren’t the only way Trump and the GOP plan to deal with the budget; they’re also making plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. Citing the deficit as their motivation, House republicans consider these “entitlements” theirs to do with as they please and are making plans to reduce benefits.

While it is true that Social Security’s unfunded liabilities are enormous, Americans have paid into the Social Security program. It’s their money. Congress can’t be allowed to create deficits and then rob Americans of their benefits to pay for it.

That tax-cut money Trump and the GOP gave you because it was yours in the first place? They want it back.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is nationally syndicated with Salem Radio Network and can be heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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Guns and Crime

The Top 5 Reasons Gun Control is Dead.




Time to bury the non-functional authoritarian idea of people control that has been negated by circumstances and technology.

It’s the same pattern every time, within minutes of a mass murder attack, calls for Intergalactic Background Checks or Gun confiscation are heard throughout the media. To be clear, these repeated assaults against our common sense civil rights by those who are supposedly ‘Liberal’ are contrary to the very precepts of individual Liberty, but that has become all too commonplace these days.

One should be extremely suspicious of ‘solutions’ that have to be passed in the heat of the moment, on the basis of a ‘serious crisis’. Were these ‘solutions’ of good quality and worthy of rational support, they could be discussed in the context of an open debate without the inclusion of useless emotional appeals.

The fact is the world has passed by the gun grabbers without their notice. Americans today own an estimated 600 million guns, they also are wise to the incremental attacks on their fundamental liberties. Advancing technology and the fact that gun control has never worked have also contributed to the death of this old tyrannical idea. Finally, this common-sense civil right is an integral part of the truly Liberal philosophy of individual Liberty.

1). Millions of gun owners and millions of guns in circulation make the ultimate gun grabber goal of Confiscation impossible.

A few months ago The Washington Free Beacon ran an analysis using data from a recent poll and census data and determined that ‘Nearly 120 million Americans have a firearm in the home’

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of 1,200 adults found 48 percent of Americans said they or somebody else in their household owned a gun.

The United States Census Bureau estimates there are 249,454,440 adults currently living in America. If the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey is accurate, that equates to 119,738,131 Americans with a gun in their home.

In addition, the website ‘WeaponsMan’ ran an analysis of ATF and came up with an estimated 412-660 Million firearms.

2). Gun grabber mendacity over the issue of People Control.

Nothing epitomized the sheer lack of honesty on the part of the gun grabbers on the nation’s Socialist-Left than statistic supposedly showing 18 school shootings this year or that the New York Times reported 430 People Have Been Shot in 239 School Shootings.

If they truly had a righteous cause that made sense, they would have no need to lie about it.

The plain fact is that most, if not all people control proposals are predicated on trust. For example, there really is no justifiable reason for Intergalactic Background Checks other than to force citizens to get permission to exercise their Civil rights and as a precursor to gun confiscation. But the gun grabbers will solemnly attest that this further infringement will not lead to that obvious end result. We are supposed to trust them not to use purchase data to create a registration and confiscation database. Well, they are perfectly willing to Lie about school shootings as well as other issues, so what is to stop them from doing so in this case?

3). Gun Control has Never Worked as advertised.

Gun control has never worked – as is most, if not all of the Left’s Socialist national agenda. There are plenty of examples that range from Chicago to Caracas. Basic logic will inform those who thoughtfully consider the issue. People control laws only impact those who obey it anyway. These are people who don’t really pose a threat, so these impositions on personal liberty only serve to help criminals and the government.

Of course, a further analysis of these measures would show that they were never meant to work in the first place. They merely set up the next infringement without ever solving the problem, as intended.

In recent years the gun grabber set has openly and freely admitted their goal of Gun confiscation – whether they dress it up in euphemisms of ‘Gun buy backs’, Gun bans or merely getting rid of the 2nd amendment. They all mean the same thing.
It should be clear that any proposals to ‘Just do something about guns’ are but precursors to gun confiscation, whether it’s Intergalactic Background Checks or Registration. It’s ‘All or nothing’ with the anti-civil rights crowd, so they get nothing.

4). The Rapidly advancing technologies CNC machine tools and 3D printing will make gun control impossible.

The authoritarian ideas of gun control are almost as old as the guns themselves. As soon as the common man was able to get a means of self-defense, potential tyrants tried to keep this from taking place. Back then, not many had access to the technologies to manufacture their own weapons. In recent years, this has drastically changed to the point that almost anyone can manufacture a firearm completely free from governmental control. Reason recently profiled the pioneers in this field and how it has rendered a death knell to any hope of controlling guns.

For those who may be logically challenged, please try to follow along: It is becoming easier and easier to make weapons. Thus any restrictions on our common sense civil will only have an impact on the innocent. So any future attempts at people control will be negated by everyone and anyone manufacturing their own without government interference. But of course, we have outlined this issue on these pages as well.

5). The Common Sense Civil Right of Armed Self-defence is an integral part of the cause of Individual liberty.

There is a reason the Liberal founding fathers set out the Civil Right of Armed Self-defence at the top of the Bill of rights. They had just fought and won a war where the possession of the common ‘weapons of war’ was crucial to victory. In fact, the possession of these arms by the colonials was the spark that set off the American revolution. The founders knew that the possession of firearms was the only way the new nation would be able to maintain it’s security. These were the ‘weapons of war’ commonly held by the infantrymen: The ubiquitous AR-15 of today as was the musket of the colonial time period.

The Right to keep and bear arms was also an integral part of the philosophy of individual rights. The right to ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is meaningless without a self-defense capability.

There also a reason that the Liberal founding fathers used the word ‘unalienable’ – meaning they cannot be taken or given away by the possessor of these rights. In other words, even if people were persuaded by slick marketing or Leftists, they could not give up the right to life and by extension, the common sense civil right of self-defense.

The Takeaway

Therefore, it should be quite clear that millions of gun owners, possessing millions of guns will not fall for Leftist lies or their fantasy world of safety by disarmament. Furthermore, it should be clear that advancing technologies and civil rights that cannot be given away signifies that gun control has metaphorically drawn its last tyrannical breaths.

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Mitt Romney will run to replace Orrin Hatch in the DC swamp



In an announcement as obvious as hearing that the sun rose in the east this morning, Mitt Romney let America know that he’s running for the US Senate seat being vacated by a man who attended the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Okay, not really, but he is a poster child for term limits after “serving” in Washington longer than any Republican in history.

Mitt’s decision to run has been a given since Hatch announced his retirement last month, which followed months of talk between the two about how to conduct Operation Switcheroo in a way where it wouldn’t be seen as political nepotism. They failed miserably.

The Mitch McConnell-led GOP establishment is nearly orgasmic over the prospects of having the Massachusetts liberal—who tried to convince America that he was “severely conservative” during his 2012 campaign for president—join the swamp. However, there are those who are none too happy about Romney’s carpetbagger campaign including Utah GOP Chairman Rob Anderson.

“I think he’s keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let’s face it, Mitt Romney doesn’t live here, his kids weren’t born here, he doesn’t shop here,” Anderson said in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune.

While I sympathize with Mr. Anderson, I don’t feel sorry for him because he isn’t talking about true conservatives. Mr. Anderson is a Trumpservative which is to say he wants a pro-Trump Republican going to Washington. Again, from the article:

“(Romney) has never been a Trump supporter. I just want somebody to support the party platforms.”

What’s it going to be, Mr. Anderson? Trump supporter or party platform supporter? You can’t have both.

GOP establishment concerns over Romney’s opposition to Trump are overblown. Heck, he blames the media and conservatives for the woes of the GOP just like Trump does. Based on his service as governor and his senatorial campaign against Ted Kennedy in his home state of Massachusetts, Romney has proven that he’ll be whatever and whoever he needs to be in the name of political self-preservation.

Unfortunately, that makes Romney a perfect fit for Washington; it’s a swamp filled with people just like that.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is nationally syndicated with Salem Radio Network and can be heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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