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The United States of Amalek: And open borders for all



The United States of Amalek And open borders for all

There were boos in the chamber during Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, when President Trump announced his intent to target the practice of “chain migration.”

The same speech to which members of Congress, elected (presumably) by citizens, brought as invited guests, illegal immigrants.

Members of Congress, elected by Americans, but now pushing policies to help foreigners take away jobs from Americans, collect benefits paid for by Americans, and in short, to impoverish Americans.

This intellectual treason reflects the dominant view in elite opinion circles in the international institutions which dominate American academia, the news media AND Big Business, that illegal immigrants are a preferred class within this country, one enjoying a moral superiority, while American citizens (and skilled immigrants sponsored for visas, whose entry depends on merit) are treated as second-class. And since they are not accorded the same moral superiority, or even a moral equivalency, Americans and legal visa holders must accept the only remaining possible answer: that they are morally inferior!

The feeling that “Americans feel like foreigners in their own country” should not be dismissed as the quasi-racist discomfort at being around people “who don’t look like us” or speak a second language. It is the result of actual, tangible government action. Note that residents of many states may be required to show their passports to board domestic flights as soon as later in 2018, if their states do not make federally-mandated improvements (under the ostensibly anti-terrorism REAL ID Act) to their driver’s license and other official identification cards.

Now compare that to the strategies employed by many illegals for decades, who have boarded international flights to the United States with valid passports, which they then shred and discard while in the air. That way, they can arrive on American soil “without papers for inspection,” avoid being placed immediately on the return trip to the airport of origin because — you guessed it — they don’t have papers, and then avail themselves of our airport border patrol’s policy of “catch and release” into the general population.

Just ask yourself when you, an American citizen, ever got any attention from your elected representatives.

The idea that America must prove its greatness by unconditionally accepting unrestricted, no-questions-asked immigration, with soft bigotry (read: discrimination) towards arrivals from countries with cultures more similar to ours, and towards anyone with tangible skills, is an idea borne either of extreme naivete (in which case the moral argument must be made that resistance is required as our duty as citizens) or treasonous sentiments akin to seeking to overthrow the nation’s government.

The emotional arguments in favor of America Without Borders (and soon, Without Standards) boil down to one basic tenet: That America is inherently, morally inferior to the point of being irredeemable, a state from which one may never fully recover. Judaism has a word for this concept: Amalek.
This consignment is appalling and should be infuriating. It should be rejected without hesitation or apology, and banished to the fringes of political and intellectual discussion. Instead, America and the West have greeted it with weakness and a cowardice in allowing a self-described elite to fund and extend ill-gotten and entirely undeserved privileges to a few, for which the consequences are to be borne by the many.

In so doing, the West has shown its collective, cultural insecurity, its lack of confidence in its own righteousness. Those emotions have become ripe for exploitation.

The necessary response is resistance. The necessary imperative is the negative imperative: No!

The necessary argument is simple. Our country. Our culture. Our borders. Our rules. (The corollary is, if you don’t like it, then outvote us — but then you have to win those pesky things called free elections.)

Outside of the European Union and North America, this is how the rest of the world operates. There are countries where overstaying a five-day tourist visa risks prison, and we’re talking foreign prison. That isn’t any Club Fed.

If Americans aren’t strong enough to defend yourself and argue, this is ours, we’ve earned it, we’re not giving it up, then we are going to lose our country, our way of life and our liberty.


Honduran caravan is a direct result of Democrat talking points



Honduran caravan is a direct result of Democrat talking points

In Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the message from America is clear: “Around half of the population and politicians will protect you from ICE. Come to America and you won’t get deported, especially if you have children with you.”

The reason they believe this is because mainstream media in the United States has been pushing the Democrats’ narrative for months. News travels fast to Central America, but it doesn’t always retain its accuracy as it crosses the border. We can see this fact in the numbers.

In August of this year, 12,700 parents and children were apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. August of last year saw only 4,193 similar apprehensions. We can also see it when looking at all illegal immigrants with 37,544 apprehended in August of this year. A month later, the number grew over 10% to nearly 42,000.

Democrats have been spreading the word through their campaigns that they will protect illegal immigrants. In an election year, it’s imperative for them that they get Hispanic voters to come out, so they’ve crafted a narrative that appeals to them.

Unfortunately, it also appeals to people such as the 4,000 currently marching their caravan towards the United States border.

Honduran migrant caravan grows to 4,000 amid spike in U.S. border crossings and churches along the border have been flooded as a result of the surge as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been releasing hundreds of migrants from detention at a time.

Many of the Hondurans traveling in the caravan are children, some traveling with their parents and some without their parents, according to the documents. Because children are afforded special protections in the U.S., their arrival is creating anxiety within the Trump administration that has pledged to decrease illegal immigration. President Donald Trump said last week that he would consider separating migrant families at the border once again, after reversing his controversial “zero tolerance” policy in June.

The Trump administration is trying to dissuade the caravan from invading the United States. President Trump has even threatened to stop aid from being sent to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The best hope for stopping the caravan before it reaches the United States is for Mexico to stop them at their southern border. Over 500 additional federal officers have been sent to the border to stop the caravan.

My Take

I am a huge proponent of legal immigration and a hawk when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. Congress didn’t fund the border wall yet, so we have to rely on the brave men and women of ICE and border patrol to close the flood gates.

The situations in Central America and Mexico are horrendous. The people fear for their lives from crime, malnutrition, and disease. They need help. That’s why we’re sending aid. Perhaps we should get more directly involved, but either way we cannot let their situation make us turn a blind eye towards our own problems with illegal immigration.

The surge in illegal immigration should be blamed wholeheartedly on the Democrats who spread false information that entices people to come. Imagine what would happen if they got control of the House, Senate, or both.

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Daniel Horowitz on illegal immigrant birth rates



Daniel Horowitz on illegal immigrant birth rates

There’s more to the illegal immigration debate than just how to stop them from coming over. Once here, they’re figuring out how to stick around and grow as a future influence on the United States.

Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz sent this out on Twitter:

This is more than a problem we’re facing now. It’s becoming generational.

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Harley Rouda claims he never said he’d expand MediCal to adult illegal immigrants. This is a lie.



Harley Rouda claims he never said hed expand MediCal to adult illegal immigrants This is a lie

Orange County, California, has an interesting choice to make. One of the hottest Congressional races in the nation pits incumbent Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) against Democrat Harley Rouda. Orange County has been one of the only Republican strongholds in the liberal state, but a district that voted for Hillary Clinton may also switch to have a Democrat representing them on Capitol Hill.

The problem with Rouda is that his version of the truth doesn’t always match the actual truth. A glaring example of this is how he handled two questions regarding providing health care to adult illegal immigrants.

When vying for the Democratic nomination, he appealed to the leftist view that “Medicare for all” should be expanded to “for all residents of the United States” regardless if they’re citizens or here illegally.

Now that the primary is over and he’s on to the general election, he’s denying that he ever said that.

Harley Rouda Supported Medicaid for Illegal Immigrants but Now Denies It“Rohrabacher has said that you want to give MediCal to undocumented immigrants and that this goes against what the district wants,” editors from the publication said. “How would you respond to this idea that you don’t know what the district wants?”

MediCal is California’s Medicaid program for low income individuals and families.

“I’ve never said that,” Rouda responded. “The fact is, you could argue the United States has already paid for universal health care in the least efficient way possible—in the emergency room instead of through preventive care. We need to have basic levels of medical services available to all. Addressing undocumented immigrants in our country shouldn’t be done by withholding life-saving medication or healthcare services.”

Will one of the last bastions for rational conservative ideologies in California fall for a man who says one thing to his Democrats but change his story when speaking to a broader audience? Orange County needs Dana Rohrabacher to keep his seat.

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