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Southern Poverty Law Center is getting very rich in their fight against hate



Thank goodness for John Stossel. He has dared to take on the progressive mainstream media juggernaut and win the respect of people like myself who doubt the mass media at large. This was back in the days of working for mostly progressive minded ABC News. Stossel is libertarian in his views but is a proven advocate of free market capitalism and limited government.

Stossel is not afraid to take on leftist groups who have gotten away with profiting off tagging certain groups and organizations that don’t conform to the progressive mindset. In the video he did for Reason TV, he exposed the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center has raised lots and I mean LOTS of money in order fight the so-called ‘fight against hatred and bigotry.’

Stossel once supported this “premier group” that holds so-called “hate groups” accountable. They’ve become nothing but a left-wing hate group themselves. They feather and tar well-meaning people and organizations who just will not accept the collective progressive worldview. Out of the 917 groups SPLC lists, many of them don’t belong on the list. Either that or we must call the SPLC a dangerous progressive activist organization and that is exactly what they are.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali suffered genital mutilation under the faith of radical Islam, Maajid Nawaz was once a Muslim radical himself and now speaks out against it. Both have been blacklisted by the SPLC and were labeled as “anti-muslim” extremists.

Of course, you speak out against the LGBTQ/Rainbow Jihad you know you’re going to feel the wrath of the SPLC. I can name you three groups on the list. Two were mentioned by Stossel; those being the Family Research Council and the Ruth Institution out of California. Both have paid great consequences in certain degrees for their stance against the agenda of the LGBTQ and the SPLC blacklisting. FRC had to deal with a shooter who went to their headquarters in DC to knock off as many of the people who worked for them that he could. The shooter, however, was stopped before he could do any harm to others and himself. Meanwhile at the Ruth Institution once the SPLC put them on the blacklist, got a notice from their bank that they will no longer do business with them. The third one that I can name personally is Generations out of Elizabeth, Colorado. If you followed my posts here at NOQ Report I have featured several of the ministry’s podcasts from its founder and director Kevin Swanson. Swanson is passionate in educating Christian families with a Christian worldview, and his curriculum for homeschooling families is a work in progress. Because of his Christian worldview on homosexuality and having the courage to speak that worldview, his ministry is on the SPLC’s hate list. This is just the tip of the iceberg and as stated before, many of the 917 groups don’t belong on their blacklist, but because they oppose the progressives culture and social agenda, they are on SPLC’s radar.

People who have been blacklisted by the SPLC, should look into the bank account of the organization as well as the bank accounts of those who lead the organization. The SPLC has lots of rich donors (Stossel points out that Apple Inc. gave SPLC $1 Million) they can rely on, and its leaders are quite well off. If the blacklisting of FRC, and them some brings in millions of money, so be it.

Morris Dees who founded SPLC has an annual salary that is more than the annual budget of the Ruth Institution. The SPLC’s endowment has reached to amount of $320 million. The FRC looked at their IRS 990 tax forms, and need I mention that Dees and company have offshore accounts. I doubt the IRS is going to do something about it unless there is enough outrage from NOT JUST the likes of Tony Perkins and General Jerry Boykin of FRC and Kevin Swanson of Generations. The SPLC is the wealthiest so-called civil rights group in America, and need to be taken down no differently than the Christian swindlers like Robert Tilton, Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn and hopefully someday Joel Osteen.

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Culture and Religion

Church administrator and wife, David and Connie Reiter, accused of stealing $1.2 million for personal gain



Church administrator and wife David and Connie Reiter accused of stealing 12 million for personal ga

The former church administrator for Westminster Presbyterian Church in Upper St. Clair township in Pennsylvania has been arrested along with his wife for allegedly stealing $1.2 million of church funds over a 17-year period.

David Reiter, 50, has been charged with theft, forgery and receiving stolen property, while his wife Connie, 44, faces two counts of receiving stolen property, according to Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office. The couple allegedly faked an auditor and manipulated church accounting records in order to have money for vacations, sporting events, and other personal benefits.

My Take

Churches and other religious institutions have a hard enough time fighting corruption outside of their congregations. When the corruption is happening from within, it not only stings even more for the church body but also adds to the fodder for anti-Christian voices to use in their calls for changes.

Already on social media, the story is getting attention as another example of why churches should be taxed. Mixed into the discussion are calls of hypocrisy and bad faith within the faith itself.

In these times, it’s important to expose those who use their positions in church or their claimed faith as reasons to commit crimes. Whether it’s simple stealing, sex abuse, or any number of other crimes associated with “religious” people, the necessity to live as an example to the world has never been greater.

The scoffers will scoff whether they’re given reason to or not. But when the attacks are unjustified, their scoffing is less effective. This is why we need to cleanse the church of people like the Reiters if they did, indeed, do as charged.


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Culture and Religion

Returning to sanity, the greatest benefit of limited government




Returning to sanity the greatest benefit of limited government

The ever-expansive government born of collectivism results in power for the elite and insanity for everyone else.

How did we get to this point? How did we get to a situation where reading the news is akin to trying to drink from a fire hose in attempting to take in the events of the day?

There were times in the not so distant past were this wasn’t the case, when we could go about our business not having to waste time with such concerns. This is clearly a vestige of a political movement that wants to impose expansive government on every aspect of our lives. The elite of the collectivist Left would prefer a society driven to distraction intimately involved in everyone’s private life. The only way we can survive this is by reversing course back to a point where government and society doesn’t control every aspect of our lives.

Colleague JD Rucker started this conversation with his article on limited government in continuation to the insane situation we find ourselves. Two important points being that we need dispense with tribalism and that Liberty can only survive when the government is limited.

Individualism vs. Collectivism, Limited vs. Expansive government, Liberty vs. Tyranny

In the engineering field, any analysis of a situation begins with basic equations and principles. In this case we begin with the two primary sides of politics, the individual and collectivist mindsets corresponding to Limited and Expansive government models.

  • Those trying to conserve Liberty: Libertarians, Conservatives and true Liberals are on the political Right of the individualist mindset.
  • Those trying to expand government for their own benefit in property and power: Leftists, socialists, communists, fascists, Statists, etc. are of the collectivist mindset.

To be sure, there are those who would prefer to keep these discussions in a far more complicated realm. Their motivation showing a desire to confuse the issue and obscure their actions. One cannot analyse any form of technology without delving down to the underlying equations and the same holds true for politics. If the examination shows one side is motivated by a desire for power, then this is the conclusion, no matter how certain factions would like this to be concealed.

Liberty is maximized when government is minimized

The critical point in this analysis is that expansive government is antithetical to freedom.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”
Thomas Jefferson

This theoretical expression is borne out by practical reality. Authoritarian systems are clearly bereft of freedom. One would be hard pressed to demonstrate that national socialist worker’s party Germany or the old USSR were paragons of Liberty and human rights. Even the present day examples of socialist Venezuela or communist North Korea are more akin to open air penitentiaries than places of freedom.

Supposedly the argument is that free college, free housing, free health care, free food, free childcare and even free money is ‘freeing’ to some – but not all. The problem is that all of this is funded at some point by other people’s money, with the bite hitting ‘progressively’ lower and lower as people of the higher classes figure out methods to stop their property from being stolen. None the less, there will be those who will effectively be reduced to involuntary servitude, the opposite of being ‘Liberated’.

The problem has always been one of those who wish to get something for nothing and those who desire power no matter how it’s obtained. Without strict limitations on government, such people will always find a way to empower themselves at the expense of everyone else. Therefore, those people have to be constantly monitored, else they implement some new program here or a new tax there.

It becomes a rhetorical law of attrition, were people just become worn out trying to keep the power hungry in check. They may get upset at one issue, only to overlook another that crops up somewhere else.

Do you trust the government?

This is the critical questions of our time. Most people will answer that they don’t, albeit for differing reasons. However the central theme still remains.

  • If one does not trust the government, then why would anyone want it larger with expanded power?
  • If one does not trust the government, then why would anyone want it in control of one’s health care?
  • If one does not trust the government, then why would anyone want it to have a monopoly on the use of force?

We could go on and on, but the point is clear, a government that is inherently untrustworthy should only have limited power. This is why the strict limitations on government reveal the sheer genius of the founding fathers and the superiority of the American system of limited government.

The preservation of sanity by limited government

A government with strict limitations as to it’s proper functions [such as formulating and imposing budgetary restraints on itself] as well as what it cannot do doesn’t have to be watched 24/7. The citizens can be assured that they can go about their business without worrying that the government will grow out of control.

This is why we need to get back to a government that lives within its bounds and budget. This is why politicians of all stripes should have limited power in a limited governmental system. That is the only way to conserve Liberty and our sanity.


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Culture and Religion

A look at modern-day Capernaum



A look at modern-day Capernaum

Much of what is written about Jesus Christ in the New Testament took place in the city of Capernaum on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. It is here where Peter’s mother-in-law lived and was healed by Jesus. It is also here where our Lord and Savior performed many miracles.

Today, the ruins of ancient Capernaum can be visited by tourists, though it’s really not a major attraction. You won’t find the standard touristy amenities here such as hotels or large-scale guided tours. Instead, you will find a pair of churches and a park that acts as an information center for the people who visit this beautiful land.

A YouTube channel I recently found takes us on a brief but lovely tour of modern day Capernaum. Those who are blessed to visit Israel should consider making a stop in this important city in Biblical history.


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