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Southern Poverty Law Center is getting very rich in their fight against hate



Thank goodness for John Stossel. He has dared to take on the progressive mainstream media juggernaut and win the respect of people like myself who doubt the mass media at large. This was back in the days of working for mostly progressive minded ABC News. Stossel is libertarian in his views but is a proven advocate of free market capitalism and limited government.

Stossel is not afraid to take on leftist groups who have gotten away with profiting off tagging certain groups and organizations that don’t conform to the progressive mindset. In the video he did for Reason TV, he exposed the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center has raised lots and I mean LOTS of money in order fight the so-called ‘fight against hatred and bigotry.’

Stossel once supported this “premier group” that holds so-called “hate groups” accountable. They’ve become nothing but a left-wing hate group themselves. They feather and tar well-meaning people and organizations who just will not accept the collective progressive worldview. Out of the 917 groups SPLC lists, many of them don’t belong on the list. Either that or we must call the SPLC a dangerous progressive activist organization and that is exactly what they are.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali suffered genital mutilation under the faith of radical Islam, Maajid Nawaz was once a Muslim radical himself and now speaks out against it. Both have been blacklisted by the SPLC and were labeled as “anti-muslim” extremists.

Of course, you speak out against the LGBTQ/Rainbow Jihad you know you’re going to feel the wrath of the SPLC. I can name you three groups on the list. Two were mentioned by Stossel; those being the Family Research Council and the Ruth Institution out of California. Both have paid great consequences in certain degrees for their stance against the agenda of the LGBTQ and the SPLC blacklisting. FRC had to deal with a shooter who went to their headquarters in DC to knock off as many of the people who worked for them that he could. The shooter, however, was stopped before he could do any harm to others and himself. Meanwhile at the Ruth Institution once the SPLC put them on the blacklist, got a notice from their bank that they will no longer do business with them. The third one that I can name personally is Generations out of Elizabeth, Colorado. If you followed my posts here at NOQ Report I have featured several of the ministry’s podcasts from its founder and director Kevin Swanson. Swanson is passionate in educating Christian families with a Christian worldview, and his curriculum for homeschooling families is a work in progress. Because of his Christian worldview on homosexuality and having the courage to speak that worldview, his ministry is on the SPLC’s hate list. This is just the tip of the iceberg and as stated before, many of the 917 groups don’t belong on their blacklist, but because they oppose the progressives culture and social agenda, they are on SPLC’s radar.

People who have been blacklisted by the SPLC, should look into the bank account of the organization as well as the bank accounts of those who lead the organization. The SPLC has lots of rich donors (Stossel points out that Apple Inc. gave SPLC $1 Million) they can rely on, and its leaders are quite well off. If the blacklisting of FRC, and them some brings in millions of money, so be it.

Morris Dees who founded SPLC has an annual salary that is more than the annual budget of the Ruth Institution. The SPLC’s endowment has reached to amount of $320 million. The FRC looked at their IRS 990 tax forms, and need I mention that Dees and company have offshore accounts. I doubt the IRS is going to do something about it unless there is enough outrage from NOT JUST the likes of Tony Perkins and General Jerry Boykin of FRC and Kevin Swanson of Generations. The SPLC is the wealthiest so-called civil rights group in America, and need to be taken down no differently than the Christian swindlers like Robert Tilton, Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn and hopefully someday Joel Osteen.

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