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I was wrong to leave the s***hole #NeverTrump camp



I was wrong to leave the shole NeverTrump camp

A little less than a month ago, I wrote why I went from being a NeverTrumper to now supporting the President. While I do still support much of his agenda, I now realize I was wrong to believe that this man can effectively be President of the United States. His “s***hole” comments reminded me of why I was so concerned about him in the first place.

I was #NeverTrump. I’ve changed my mind. may change. He may start doing some of the things I feared. He could put out a peace agreement that includes a two-state solution. He might even move forward with his (or really Chuck Schumer’s) atrocious infrastructure scheme. If those things happen, I’ll reevaluate. Until then, I support the President of the United States. Now, if we could only get Congress to do something.

I didn’t go into detail in my original article about my character concerns with the President. I mentioned “Access Hollywood” but didn’t discuss the underlying problem that people like Donald Trump pose to the office of the President. His worldview, shaped from a life of privilege from the moment he was born, left no room for true understanding of what it means to struggle. That’s not to say he didn’t have any ups or downs in his life, but from birth he’s never had to cope with wondering how he’ll afford rent, find his next meal, or evade the persecution that many in and outside of America face.

Off-the-cuff comments almost got him into trouble during the election. Almost. They weren’t quite bad enough to make him worse than Hillary Clinton. Now, he’s taken it up a notch by insulting nations who have done nothing wrong other than being impoverished. It’s one thing to get aggressive with North Korea, Russia, China, or Iran who all pose true threats to the United States. It’s even acceptable to go after Mexico or the European Union for having imbalanced relationships with us. To insult people from “s***hole” nations is not something a President should do.

I won’t go so far as to say I wish Clinton had won. I thank God for not allowing that disaster to happen, but I’m also very worried that we’ve put ourselves into a situation with a man who doesn’t possess the slightest modicum of a filter. The President of the United States needs a filter of civility at the very least and Donald Trump doesn’t have that.

Conservative Christian. I write, love cars, and love my country. Retired in Oceanside, California, where it's not okay to be a conservative. They deal with me, though. I have all the guns.

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