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Ambassador to Panama resigned before Trump ‘s***hole’ comments



Ambassador to Panama resigned before Trump shole comments

Mainstream media is painting the resignation of the U.S. Ambassador to Panama, John Feeley, as a reaction to President Trump’s comments about allowing people from “s***hole” countries to come into the United States. Unless the Ambassador could see into the future, this could not be true. The Obama appointee submitted his resignation before the comments.

Granted, the Ambassador, who is departing in March, cited “principle” and an inability to work with the Trump administration, but it wasn’t a reaction to the comments as many in the media are instantly painting it.


Yes, the Ambassador to Panama Resigned but Not for the Reason MSNBC Says US ambassador to Panama has resigned.

The Ambassador is a career foreign service officer named John Feeley. Feeley was appointed by Obama in 2015 and had stayed on in the new administration.

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