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Operation Rescue gives President Trump their annual ‘Malachi Award’



Operation Rescue gives President Trump their annual Malachi Award

According to a post made by Doug Giles and Clash Daily, the Pro-Life group Operation Rescue has given President Donald Trump their annual ‘Malachi Award.’ I shall give Trump credit for denying public money to abortion providers around the world and opening a case against Planned Parenthood for their illegal sale of baby parts. He’s also trying to defend the consciences of people of faith and their objections to ObamaCare’s birth control mandates.

I still have doubts over Justice Neil Gorsuch but hope to see a clear vision of who Gorsuch is once we get to June of this year. We can only hope that he is 80 to 100 percent constitution when it comes to his own rulings.

But I shall never be a pseudo-Trumpket or full-blown Trumpket. I may not support the GOP elite or their lapdogs like Bill Kristol and George Will, but I have the backs of Trump skeptics like Steve Deace, Ben Shapiro, and our own David Leach and JD Rucker who are for a conservative and/or Federalist agenda and will not let any cheerleader or pseudo-cheerleader sway them. Regardless if I agree or not with them in lockstep, which I don’t think any of us do.

Now Mr. Trump how about you taking a leap of faith and pushing the idea of personhood for the unborn child? So what about Roe Vs. Wade, should we have just accepted slavery back in the day? I don’t think so. Let the pro-baby-murder ghouls challenge this attempt to make abortion a crime once more. Let us put the Supreme Court on the hot seat and force them to declare whether or not the unborn baby is or is not a person.


Yo, NeverTrumpkins: Trump Awarded ‘Pro-Life Person of the Year’ for 2017 – How Does Crow Taste? of the nation’s leading Pro-Life organizations — Operation Rescue — has given Trump their annual ‘Malachi Award’ for his efforts in defending the lives of, in their terms, the pre-born.

The Malachi Award is their ‘Pro-life person of the year’.

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