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The most important races of 2018: Part 2



The most important races of 2018 Part 2

This article on the 2018 election will largely focus on which races impact political parties and movements the most. In Part 1, the races that were deemed most important were determined on their ability to put fourth strong candidates whether conservative or liberal. And so we saw a lot of Senate races such as the Missouri Senate race that has has the chance to send the next Rand Paul to DC. This is a more difficult metric to explain. Part 2 has a greater focus on races that will impact elections to come. Consequentially, we will see fewer Senate races than in Part 1 and more gubernatorial races. Part 2 focuses more on local control and state party ambitions that ultimately effect national party politics.

Governor – Maryland

While Maryland is a deep blue state, this race is a rare must-win for Democrats. The consequences of losing are great, potentially lasting decades. Confusing? Every ten years the US conducts a census. After 2010, Governor Martin O’Malley gerrymandered Maryland even more. And Marylanders, being uninformed, voted in favor of the redistricting in 2012. Democrats used gerrymandering to acquire a stranglehold on Maryland politics. The bicameral state legislature are two glorified houses, as the Maryland Senate isn’t actually a Senate. Maryland, I would argue, is the most gerrymandered state in the country.

No, Maryland is not the most gerrymandered state. There is ...

Maryland congressional districts however are designed to maintain this stranglehold mixing different regions into the same district just to limit Republicans to D-1 which they made more Republican. Governor Hogan won the governorship in 2014 on a limited issues campaign. Marylanders didn’t want to knowingly vote for continued increase in taxes. Larry Hogan wanted to redraw the district lines but the legislature refused him, so he needs to get reelected to have a chance at redrawing the lines or wait for the SCOTUS to act in his favor on the issue. In redrawing the lines he could not only, ungerrymander Maryland from a congressional standpoint but also from a legislative standpoint. As previously stated, the Maryland Senate is a second House of Delegates. The democrats masterfully hold a super majority in Annapolis and can override a veto. Hogan could redraw the district lines to take away this supermajority thus making Maryland a more fairly represented state. Republicans can expect at very least one Congressmen if Hogan succeeds.

In opposition, Democrats have various candidates in a slow but soon to heat up primary battle. It’s a tough race for them as Hogan is well-liked.

US Senate – West Virginia

West Virginia is a very blue collar state. Once upon a time, Democrats championed the blue collar working class. As noted by Glenn Beck, Democrats have abandoned this in favor of identity politics, a strategy that has lost them several seats. Still Virginia in 2012 reelected their likable Joe Manchin. West Virginia elected Manchin and Capito with over 60% of the vote on election day. Likability and authenticity matter in West Virginia more than other places. That being said, they love Trump there, and Manchin’s opposition to Trump puts his seat at risk.

The two most serious contenders are Evan Jenkins and Patrick Morrisey. Morrisey was Bannon-backed and has been called on by Jenkins to disavow the his support. This should be a heated primary battle but the steaks are high for both parties in this race. If the Democrats lose, it could be because their brand is so tainted on a national level. This could cost them a Senate seat for decades to come. If the Republicans win, they can more easily hold on to for decades. All it takes is authenticity and a seriously tainted Democrat brand. Democrats losing this race would signal their loss of support among regular working class people, something, if they are smart, would not want to lose.

Governor – New Hampshire

On a state level, New Hampshire is a battleground between Republicans and Democrats. During a presidential election, it narrowly votes Democratic. This battle is a test of party strength and organization. The blue patch that is the north east could see a red fungus emerge and spread to Maine and Vermont. That fungus could be New Hampshire. This race leans in favor of Chris Sununu being reelected. If successful, New Hampshire could become a red state in years to come, especially as Democrats revert to a more identity politics strategy. I would argue that identity politics is not a winning strategy in a state that is 93% white. It’s an ambitious task to make New Hampshire red but well worth it to break the Democrat monotony in the north, especially as these states are sending some of the most liberal candidates to DC.

Statewide – Texas

The Census is just around the corner and it looks like Texas stands to gain the most representation in Congress. Texas could see two or even three new representatives for the 2022 elections. In Texas, the state legislature is tasked with drawing district lines. Republicans hold firm grip on Texas, and that is unlikely to change. Governor Abbott will likely be reelected, but will Democrats make enough gains in the state legislature to disrupt the redistricting? Likely not. Still, the possibility of three new districts should make Texas a priority for Republican/ Conservative. The “Blue Wave” will likely be shortlived, if it even exists, partially due to reapportionment among states.

Statewide – Florida

In keeping with the theme discussed in Texas, Florida also stands to be the benefactor of reapportionment among states. They stand to gain one or two. In Florida, the legislature draws both the Congressional and state legislative districts. Only the Congressional lines are subject to Governor veto. Now this isn’t an argument in favor of gerrymandering. In fact, as noted by MCIMaps, Florida’s current map is more fair than the prior. But with an extra district, the question arises as to how to divide Florida’s population as evenly as possible.


While redistricting may not result in a GOP gain, the GOP should be invested in maintaining a swing state that Trump won especially as Democrats alienate themselves with middle America. The Democratic hold on minorities, specifically hispanics isn’t nearly as strong ballot-down as evident in D-26 and D-27. Republicans hold a key advantage and should seek invest heavily in turning this swing state red.

US Senate – Tennessee

The Washington Post published an article entitled “The Democratic Party is basically on life support in these 10 states” where it explains that the GOP dominates ten states on an extreme level. Tennessee is one of those states. The Democrats may, however, have a savior in Tennessee. As noted by NOQ’s Paige Rogers, this race is winnable for Democrats:

How popular is Phil Bredesen? He secured his second term as governor winning 100% of the counties in Tennessee. So, then, what might his odds of be at winning a Senate seat? Consider a 2011 Nashville poll. Bob Corker was currently running for re-election (2012 election cycle) to the Senate. The poll sought to weigh the odds of a hypothetical contest between the then-outgoing governor (Phil Bredesen) and the current Senator Bob Corker for Corker’s own Senate seat. The poll’s sampled voters chose Phil Bredesen over Bob Corker by 46 to 41 percent. Given voters’ overall distrust of career Republicans, a distrust to which Bob Corker undoubtedly contributed, coupled with Bredesen’s authenticity and conservative record, he may very well be the golden ticket.

Although this race also fits the metric used in Part 1, the distress the Democrats face in Tennessee makes this race important on both metrics. Democrats ought to skip the primary and throw all their chips in with Bredesen.

US Senate – North Dakota

This seat is held by Democrat Heidi Heitkamp in a state where, like Tennessee, the Democrats are also on life support. For Democrats, this seat is sort of a must win, if they want to keep a foothold in middle America and North Dakota. The GOP on the other hand would like to stick a fork in their opposition and this seat presents the best way to accomplish that in North Dakota. Heitkamp is well funded going into this race signalling that her supporters see the dire situation as well. States that voted Trump are somewhat hostile territory for liberal Senators. The GOP is much more organized and dominant on a local and state level which goes to show just how bad 2012 was for them. To Conservatives, this is one of several races to correct the Romney-Republican errors. To Democrats, it’s about not being pushed into New York and California. Heitkamp is one of their most winnable contests in Trump states come 2018 election. They really cannot afford to lose especially as the Senate is priming for Conservatives. For Democrats, this is a must win.


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Culture and Religion

The Collective Irony of the Left.




While the nation’s Socialist Left deviously pretends to be ‘Liberal’ or ‘Democratic’ it actually functions undemocratically against Liberty.

For all of their pretence about being ‘Liberal’ or ‘for the people’, the Left is extremely oligarchical. Examine the Left’s Socialist national agenda, taking note many of its beliefs that are handed down from a select few that are to be accepted by the rank and file without question. Also, consider what happens to those who stray from Leftist orthodoxy.

Contrast this authoritarianism of the nation’s Left with the free-thinking albeit chaotic nature of the Pro-Liberty, Conservatarian-Right. While the Left will all parrot the same talking points for the outrage of the week. It’s extremely difficult to convince those on the Right to use the proper word in describing the opposition. [ Leftist in place of Liberal to be exact ]

Leftists ‘Independently’ marching to the exact same music.

Look at the protest marches sponsored by the usual suspects of the oligarchical Left, events from around the nation will feature the same talking points emblazoned on the signs, the same slogans, down to the very same headwear.

Then look at what happens to those who may stray from the Left’s authoritarian plantation. Hollywood is supposedly all-inclusive of every viewpoint, except those who espouse Conservatarian, Pro-Liberty ideals.

This is the larger point inspired by a column by Dennis Prager in The Daily Wire were he first makes the point recurring point that it’s leftism — not liberalism – that is the problem here. He goes on to talk about Whatever The Left Touches It Ruins.  This is endemic to cases of a small cadre of Leftists deciding what is artistic or how the country’s history should be taught.

The only way to save Western civilization is to convince more people that leftism — not liberalism — is a nihilistic force. Quite literally, whatever the left touches it ruins.

So, here is a partial listing of the damage done by the left and the Democratic Party:

The most obvious — and, therefore, the one more and Americans can resonate with — is the near destruction of most American universities as places of learning.

When you attend an American university, you are taught to have contempt for America and its founders, to prefer socialism to capitalism, to divide human beings by race and ethnicity. You are taught to shut down those who differ with you, to not debate them. And you are taught to place feelings over reason — which is a guaranteed route to eventual evil.

So, too, one cannot watch late-night television if one desires to simply be entertained before drifting off to sleep. Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and other hosts have changed late-night TV into left-night TV. Why merely be funny when you can use your monologues to advance your left-wing views?

If you treasure American and Western civilization, fighting the left — something all liberals and conservatives need to do — is the greatest good you can engage in at this time.

This is what happens when an ever-shrinking band of authoritarian Leftists decide that art should be scatological instead of uplifting. Or the example of small groups of ‘Comedians’ deciding that we have to be made to care about their ‘progressive’ agenda. Then there is the case of the corporate leadership of Citibank or Bank of America arbitrarily deciding the limitations of our basic human Liberty of self-preservation. [Note that Wells Fargo is bucking the trend standing up for Liberty] These are all examples of a Leftist ‘elite’ making decisions from their virtual mount Olympus for everyone else to follow.

The Take Away

While the Left likes to keep up the pretence of being ‘Democratic’ or ‘Liberal’ for that matter, they are neither. This is why we must do everything we can to expose the Left’s deceptions whenever possible.

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Political warfare: Here’s why Trump should NOT fire Mueller, Rosenstein



Whether you like it or not, Americans are in the midst of a civil war, a war between incompatible, opposing ideologies; each side vying for political power to wield over the entire country.

Unfortunately, when it comes to political war, Constitution-loving Americans have one tragic commonality: tactical naiveté.

This should come as no surprise. After all, we are comprised of those who appreciate law and order, of those who play by the rules, revere fair and just referees, and prize good sportsmanship. To a fault, we aim to play fair, projecting our own values upon the millions of our fellow countrymen.

Wake up!

It’s time to get real…


The highly-motivated and heavily-funded Regressives – those who have secured political power on the left and who now pull the Democratic Party’s strings – are exceedingly organized, are remarkably skilled in the art of anticipatory synchronization of mass action, are adept at behavioral manipulation tactics, and are equipped with a fleet of public relations power players.

Like leaches, the Regressives have strategically acquired positions of power within their host animal – the American bureaucratic, governmental machine – and act only in their own ideological and political interests, even if that means the death of their weakened, unsuspecting host.

The Regressives play to win, fight dirty, and are not bound by scruples or honor codes. Their singular goal is to win at all costs.

Every action by these subversive schemers is carefully choreographed and implemented in service of their unholy cause. Case in point: the Mueller team’s recent raids of President Trump’s personal lawyer’s office, home, and hotel room.


Like many on our side of America’s political civil war, I am alarmed by Special Counsel Mueller’s ever-expanding, “Russia probe,” especially the FBI raid upon the President’s personal lawyer.

Understandably, I’ve observed the chorus of calls for President Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as the DOJ’s Rosenstein. An ever-growing number of people on our side has begun to put pressure on the President to take actions toward these ends.

 This is a mistake: the Regressives are playing us like a violin.

For months and months, our political opponents have been engaged in organized, subversive, provocative efforts in hopes of goading the President into firing Robert Mueller and/or Rosenstein. If President Trump were to in fact proceed in doing so, it would be a dream come true for the devious Democrats. has even been promoting a “Mueller Firing Pledge,” in cunningly strategic and proactive, yet sleazy anticipation.

Make no mistake. The raids on the President’s longtime, personal lawyer was a strategic move, judiciously designed to evoke a reactionary decision from the President.

Political war is war.

Deploying a Malevolent Militia:

Months ago, Democratic operatives established organizations, websites, and campaigns for precisely this occasion… should President Trump proceed in firing Robert Mueller. Thanks to their awe-worthy, disciplined efforts at recruitment, the Regressives have successfully enlisted an estimable 200,000 “troops.” All are on notice and battle-ready, prepared mass assembly within a matter of moments.

Their battle plan is simple and has been proven effective: utilize large numbers and pure showmanship to transform America’s streets into a stomping ground for the dissemination of propaganda.

Their slogan: “Nobody is above the law.”

Their battle: the “March for Truth.”

Back in December of 2017, after the President made an off the cuff remark about Robert Mueller, Newsweek published an article entitled, “If Trump Fires Mueller, More Than 170,000 Plan to Protest.” The Regressive enlistees were eagerly awaiting their call to arms, anxiously hoping that our President would fire Mueller: finally, this single act would validate their increasingly unhinged ideations of an America entrapped by a justice-obstructing, dictatorial villain.

The Newsweek article spoke of the well-organized, heroic plans and grandeur plans of the Regressives should Trump fire Robert Muller:

The plan to respond to a potential Mueller firing builds off previous protests since Trump took office, such as the Women’s March and the demonstrations at airports after the proposed travel ban. But the recent attacks on Mueller—including tweets by Trump as well as efforts by Republicans to investigate the FBI’s supposed anti-Trump bias—have added urgency to the “Nobody Is Above the Law” effort.

… dozens of protests are planned to address what organizers at groups including MoveOn, March For Truth and Indivisible call “a constitutional crisis for our country.”

Ever since the Cohen raids, the frivolous fleet of public relations orks has been eagerly spreading the word…





Thus, at this very moment, hordes of anti-Social inJustice Warriors, tweaking for their next crisis-induced dopamine fix, impatiently yearn for the psychological high that ideological validation brings.

Awaken! This is war.

Our opponents don’t play nice, and they don’t play by our rules. There is no fair play. Every move is plotted with delicate, sinister, unscrupulous care. We live in a dog eat dog world. The winner takes all.

The monsters lie in wait for their feast… just as a perched spider patiently anticipates an unsuspecting fly to become entrapped in her sticky, silk web.

President Trump must resist the Regressives’ carefully laid trap.

We must not feed the beasts.

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Culture and Religion

The Nation’s Left has become Irredeemably Socialist, it’s time it came out of the Authoritarian closet.




There was a time when the nation’s Socialist Left at least made the pretence of defending Liberty, but that time has passed.

Being true to oneself is always a good moral standard, even if one does not have moral standards. False pretence only works for a limited time period until its falsity becomes obvious to all. Such is the case of the nation’s Socialist Left.

Consider the following recent developments in the ‘progress’ of the nation’s Left:

In summation, it has become the party wanting to obsessively control people’s lives. It needs to come out of the authoritarian closet, becoming true to itself and everyone else.

Robert A. Heinlein had a very interesting point that illustrates the distinction between Left and Right:

“Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.” – Robert A. Heinlein

One could say that the desire to control people is a demarcation line between the Socialist-Left and the Conservative-Right. While there are some exceptions, for the most part this tends to explain the difference in underlying philosophy between the two sides of the political spectrum. The items mentioned are very illustrative of this divide.

The Party of Gun Confiscation.

Despite it’s incessant lies on the subject, the nation’s Socialist Left has made it entirely obvious that it wants a monopoly on the use of force. While it revels in exploiting children to further this authoritarian goal, the result will be empowerment for themselves.

It is also indicative of the underlying collectivist mindset of the Left. To them, individuals are only useful as a collective body of people, whose value is dependent on this use.

The Party of censorship and the suppression of free-speech.

This is another area in which the Left plays it’s little word games over whether it’s actions to suppress speech violate the first amendment. This actually isn’t the case here, although it has made moves in this direction campaign finance reform. No, the question is whether the nation’s Left has attempted to suppress free-speech regardless of it’s Constitutional implications.

Granted, there are certain private entities can do whatever they want in running their concerns. The real issue is whether they are truly supporters of Liberty ( With their supposedly being ‘Liberals’… ahem ) or are they authoritarian at heart. Recent events should make it clear they are of the latter more than the former. Witness the nation’s Socialist Left attempts at “Deplatforming” those who which they disagree. Or the many examples of the government indoctrination centre’s suppression of opposition voices.

In their zeal to clamp down on the fundamental human right of self-preservation, the nation’s Left has also suppressed certain types of videos discussing Constitutionally protected entities . As well as trying to use the finance industry to hamstring the commerce in these items

The party of wealth redistribution and High Taxation.

Recent days have seen the nation’s Left come out fully for the imposition of higher taxes on the people. The Left’s obsession with a fundamental part of Marxist doctrine is at the level of it’s DNA. It’s tired, time-worn talking point “Tax breaks for the wealthy” is a staple of Leftist demagoguery. Even it’s most cherished version of “Progress”, the Obamacare incremental move towards national socialist health care was couched as wealth redistribution. But only after the law was passed.

Government suppression of opposition voices.

Then there is the case of the Internal Revenue Service abuse of the Tea Party groups during the Obama administration. In classic form, the nation’s Left used a powerful government agency to suppress these groups. Still further, it used time-tested methods to slow down the investigation of these abuses to dissipate the damage it itself when these abuses were revealed.

The nation’s Left needs to admit to it’s true Socialist authoritarian nature.

All of these examples are indicative of a movement that is becoming increasingly authoritarian. The nation’s Left is following in the footsteps of totalitarians of the past in wanting to carry out these measures to have strict control over society. Authoritarians of the past have also denied becoming so, as has the Left of modern times. Thus a good explanation of the Left’s desire to control free-speech as well as monopolize freedom of the press.

It’s said that the first step in solving an obsessive personality disorder is to admit to the problem on the road to recovery. Perhaps the nation’s Left should consider this advice before it takes this authoritarian inclination to far.

Righteousness, honesty as well as truth in advertising should see the nation’s Left ‘come clean’ on its base ideology. It should freely admit that it wants to confiscate guns, control free-speech, raise taxes and ‘punish its enemies’.  It may not win any more elections if the people were fully apprised of the truth. But at least it could hold it’s head high in knowing that it had been honest for once.

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