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Guns and Crime

Is gun violence actually rising?



Is gun violence actually rising

The Los Angeles Times’ Kurtis Lee declares that it can’t really understand while accidental gunshot deaths are falling while gun violence is increasing. On its face, this seems like a reasonable question, but given the LA Times’ history of reporting on guns is about as accurate as a penalty kick with a torn ACL, we have to delve a bit deeper.

The opening sentence waves a red flag, calling for the bulls to run at the specter of well-publicized shootings in Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Sutherland Springs. These are “clearly” part of a trend to higher gun crime. As for accidental deaths, Lee claims, following the Washington Post, that one reason accidents are decreasing is that fewer homes have guns. But the Pew Research Center says that gun ownership is rising! And if we look further, ABC/Washington Post polling shows a very stable 43+% rate of homes with guns over the last 18 years.

To those who know and handle guns regularly, the large public shootings are events that speak to the evil of the perpetrators, not the instrument of destruction. But this talisman is supposed to keep us from understanding that over decades there are two trends that cannot be mistaken.

First, the overall gun homicide rate in the US is in a steady decline. Second, gun ownership in the US is steadily rising. The National Instant Check system run by the Federal Government shows a doubling of gun purchases from 2008 to 2015. Concealed carry permits have increased from 2.7 million in 1999 to over 14.5 million in 2016.

We can admit that for two years gun homicides have had an upturn. But when the Left presents a single answer for a complicated problem, we can be pretty certain that they are wrong. (Ditto for the Right!) There are multiple factors that can lead to a rise in gun deaths. Yes, Las Vegas is one. But it pales in comparison to Chicago and Baltimore. And we should consider common features there.

Those two metro areas have been under unified Democrat rule for decades. As a result, their poverty rates are notably higher than many other cities. This is known to breed crime. Next, these areas share features with a couple of other places: San Bernardino and the Pulse Night Club. They are legally “gun-free zones.” The list could be much longer, but virtually every public mass firearm murder is in a “gun-free zone.”

Just ask why grandmothers in Chicago want guns. Are they target shooters in withdrawal? No! They want to be able to protect their grandkids from the gangs that rule the streets. Yes, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away. If they come at all. Since Ferguson, community policing has largely disappeared, so now Chicago plants a resident every eighteen hours.

We must dive just a bit deeper into this cesspool.

The Cesspool

69% of US counties have no more than one murder per year, and account for 20% of the population but only 4% of the murders. The worst 1% of counties have 19% of the population and 37% of the murders. These (red) counties are generally metropolitan, with long-term Democrat governance and highly restrictive gun laws. That is, criminals get guns, but law-abiding citizens have a very hard time defending themselves.

Finally, when we look at another site Lee uses,, we find that Lee neglects a key point we’ve already noted. Crime accounts for most of the rise in gunshot deaths. This is not something that is likely to be changed by trying to adjust the behavior of the law-abiding. And that is what the Left consistently fails to understand.

Concealed carry permit holders are six times less likely than police to misuse their weapons. But gang-bangers in un-policed cities will use their illegal guns frequently, as Chicago and Baltimore prove.

Yes, accidental deaths due to firearms are falling. That’s a good thing. But it has nothing to do with reduced gun ownership. Lawful gun owners are just as concerned with keeping their kids alive as anyone else. They may be more focused on it. That’s why they take their kids shooting and train them in the safe use of guns. We should be doing far more of this.

There has yet to be a gun law that reduced crime. By definition, criminals break the law. But private gun ownership has been proven again and again to be a force for good, with many thousands of lives saved each year. We should be shouting that from the rooftops.

Ted Noel MD is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience. He produces a video blog on current political subjects weekly at

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David M. Bennett

    January 3, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    “A shoot-out is better than a massacre!”

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Guns and Crime

Will Elon Musk face criminal charges over his Tweet?



Will Elon Musk face criminal charges over his Tweet

Elon Musk is in deep trouble over a Tweet. Nine little words could land him in court and possibly even in jail.

By Tweeting in the middle of the day, it’s a red flag to the SEC. The other, more important question that Musk must answer is whether or not he committed fraud by claiming he had the funds to buy the shares. He didn’t, and that alone could make his Tweet criminal.

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Culture and Religion

Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty – Part I




Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty - Part I

Leftists incessantly issue lists of demands for the restriction of Liberty. It’s time to reverse the trend towards freedom.

Every ‘serious crisis’ involving firearms sees the same pattern of exploitation by the Liberty grabber Left. They immediately mount their gun confiscation hobbyhorse issuing lists of demands for restrictions on freedom. As soon as they get these new limitations, Leftists reset the rhetoric for the next go around. The pattern has always been one of compromise on behalf of the Pro-Liberty Right, only to see new demands made whenever the Left can exploit any new crisis.

Now is the time to reverse the trend of the incessant attacks on Liberty.

Millions of innocent gun owners in the country deserve a break in seeing ever tightening restrictions on their freedom because of the actions of criminals or terrorists. There are estimated to be 150 Million innocent gun owners that have upwards of 400 to 600 million firearms with trillions of rounds of ammunition. As the saying goes, if they were a problem, we would have known it by now. Despite the oft-repeated emotional argument foisted by the Liberty grabber Left, It is patently obvious that more guns in the hands of the innocent means less crime or governmental tyranny.

The past few years have seen record-setting gun sales, while that type of violence has diminished. The story has always been one of the Pro-Liberty Right compromising, while the Socialist-Left responds with new demands. It is time that they ‘gave back’ (to coin a phrase), for once they should be the ones making the making the compromises.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” Thomas Jefferson

The degradation of Liberty should in no way be considered to be ‘progress’ or ‘progressive’. Those who claim to be ‘Liberal’ should be advocating Liberty instead of tearing it down. It should also be patently obvious that depriving the people of their means of self-defense does nothing to protect them.

Recent events here here and here, should also make it patently obvious that people will find a way to inflict violence on others. The ever-increasing limitations on Liberty pushed by people who are supposedly ‘Liberal’ on serves to make the situation far worse, with an example of an attack  in a place with severe restrictions on the possession of firearms.

Our List of Demands to reverse the trend towards Liberty.

In light of the recent ‘serious crisis’ that clearly demonstrated that Liberty Control only serves to endanger the innocent, this is our list of demands for the Conservation of Liberty.

1. Background checks should only be on the purchaser, leaving off the data on the firearm.

Ostensibly, the purpose of a Federal background check is to ‘Keep guns out of the hands’ of a laundry list of prohibited persons. So why does the 4473 form include information on the gun being purchased?

If this is supposedly only for the buyer of a gun, why do they need that information? If it is a true ‘background check’ on the purchaser, the information on the gun should be irrelevant. And yet that information is collected under tight controls, why?

Federal law “specifically forbids the government from creating a national registry of gun ownership”,  so why are they collecting that data? Unless they are lying about the purpose of the program.  It is time for the government to be finally true to it’s word, a Background check on a purchaser should just a Background check on a purchaser, nothing more.

2. The Left needs to stop wasting everyone’s time on provisions that violate the commonsense human right of self-preservation.

This includes trying to repeal or virtually rewrite the 2nd amendment based on their twisted interpretation of it’s wording. The Liberty grabber Left needs to be aware of two important points:
One, the 2nd amendment isn’t going anywhere.
Two, it only affirms the common sense human right of self-defence. This means that even if it were to carry out the Herculean task of repealing the 2nd amendment, it would have no effect.

3. Media: Stop pretending snapshot polls taken at the height of hysteria represents steady state opinions.

Any news coverage of a ‘serious crisis’ will invariably include some sort of instant poll, exploiting the raw emotion of the moment that will have ‘90%’ supporting Intergalactic Background Checks or some other restriction on Liberty. It should be obvious that a snap shot glimpse into the psyche of the moment will have wildly inaccurate results, but these are subsequently trotted out to show that ‘everyone’ wants just about every limitation on Liberty under the sun. It is also axiomatic that polls taken during normal periods that don’t exhibit the desired results will be ignored.

4. Liberty grabber Leftists need to acknowledge that background checks already exist.

Those notorious instant polls will also display the anomaly of high polling numbers on ‘background checks’. Often times this vague phraseology will be used to exploit confusion on the issue. This provides an entry for the Liberty grabber Left to interpret this to mean that just about everyone (even NRA members) are demanding Intergalactic Background Checks [Or whatever terms the Left uses to exploit this issue – enhanced, universal, etc].

In point of fact, Federal Background checks have been around for over 25 years, so when a pollster asks about ‘background checks’ many will answer in the affirmative since they know they already exist. While many on the Left will answer the same, not knowing that fact, but are desirous of even more controls on Liberty.

5. Implement the reforms on suppressors.

Despite all the research they’ve done on the subject in the movie theatres, guns with suppressors do not emit a soft ‘Phft’ with each shot. While they cut some of the noise associated with the discharge of combustion gases in the firing of a weapon, they do nothing for the mechanical noise of the cycling of the weapon or the noise emanating from the passage of the round through the air.

So while they can’t turn every handgun into a silent killer, they do protect the hearing of those practising their marksmanship as well as keep the ancillary noise level down for the neighbours of firing ranges. This is why there is no reason to restrict the sales of essentially a muffler for a firearm .

Part II will detail the rest of the items to reverse the trend away from Liberty.


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Culture and Religion

Man protecting daughter from alleged predator charged with murder



Man protecting daughter from alleged predator charged with murder

Playing armchair judge and jury is usually a bad idea. One cannot glean enough facts from a news story to pass appropriate judgment, but in today’s society that’s so quick to judgment anyway, why not play around with it ourselves. The case in question involves a father who may have gone too far in protecting his teenage daughter.

The short version is a man tried to enter the locked stall of a 16-year-old girl at a convenience store. The father of the girl reported it to security. When security did not handle the situation sufficiently, the father confronted the man outside. The man allegedly took a swing at the father, who proceeded to beat him to death.

Here’s the longer version if you want more details:

Father accused of fatally beating man who tried to enter bathroom occupied by teen daughter security guard told Melvin Harris he would take care of it. However, cops say that Harris got back into his vehicle and pulled it into a gravel area near where Leon Leevon Armstrong was. Harris is accused of punching Armstrong in the face, and he allegedly hit him repeatedly while the victim was on the ground.

Armstrong suffered swelling to the brain and had a nasal fracture. Armstrong died from his injuries.

Was he right in killing the man? No. That part is obvious. Given the circumstances, should he be charged with 2nd degree murder? If charged, convicted? These the questions that may be answered in a courtroom in the near future.

This is relevant in an age where public restrooms are potentially more dangerous than ever before. They’ve never been truly safe, but the gender non-identity movement has changed things. There have already been multiple reports of abuse by those using society’s new-found tolerance for men in women’s restrooms and dressing areas to their advantage. While this case does not appear to be such a case, it brings to light the question that many parents have asked themselves: If the law isn’t going to protect us and our families, how far must we go to protect ourselves?

I don’t have an answer. Does anyone?

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