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Daniel Horowitz recaps the biggest progressive court rulings of 2017



Daniel Horowitz recaps the biggest progressive court rulings of 2017

In an age when the courts can overrule the Commander-in-Chief, you know that we have become a judicial oligarchy. It does not matter who you vote in and out, cause most of our courts have judges appointed for a lifetime and many intend to say on the bench until they buy the farm, kick the bucket, drop dead. It does matter how you describe death, but it proves the old saying true about “No Rest for the Wicked.”

This is why the progressives love and relies on our judicial system, because if they can’t get the legislative and executive branches of government to allow their agenda to move forward; then the judicial branch swoops in and progressive leftist Marxist statists goals triumph.

If we get a Convention of States rolling big time, the biggest thing that must be a priority if not THE priority is making the judicial branch of our government the weakest of the three-ring government once again.

Otherwise get ready for another list of “insane court rulings” at the end of 2018.

For now here is CR’s Daniel Horowitz and his listing of the most insane court rulings of 2017.


Dirty Dozen: The 12 most insane court rulings of 2017 generations will see 2017 as the year our sovereignty was stolen by the federal courts. This year, district judges decided that they can nullify commander-in-chief powers, national sovereignty, national security, and societal norms — and apply their edicts instantaneously nationwide. Indeed, this was the year when lower court judges were crowned supreme over all other branches of government.

To review this year’s stolen sovereignty and all-around insanity by the runaway judiciary, we recap the 12 most destructive and radical court decisions of the year.


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