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The Year of the Donald, for conservatives? Really?



The Year of the Donald for conservatives Really

This opinion column by a leading Northeastern conservative columnist, Paul Mulshine, argues that for conservatives, 2017 was “The Year of the Donald.”

It was the Year of The Donald for conservatives was in office for just six months in 1981 when the air-traffic controllers went on strike in violation of federal law. The Beltway crowd expected a settlement would come after a bit of tussling between the two sides.

Nope. Reagan fired all 11,345 of them. After that, everyone knew the new president didn’t play by the rules of Washington.

Donald Trump has shown the same attitude. The only difference is that he’s chalked up a  longer list of accomplishments.

President Trump has had his share of policy successes, which we’ve endeavored to recognize here at NOQReport. Yet elation at a few policy successes of President Trump hardly makes this nominally-Republican President a valid standard-bearer of conservatism. However, these successes are modest at best, and to cite them as evidence of the dawn of a new Reaganesque “Morning in America” is to diminish the achievements of prior Republican Administrations and drop the measuring stick for conservatism all the way to the ground.

If anything is noteworthy about Trump’s first year, beyond the White House’s dismissal of Omarosa Manigault, it is his refusal so far to cave in to prevailing coastal-elite pressure to be more “moderate” or “progressive.”

The Mad Left has pushed the Democratic Party farther to the Leftist/Marxist fringe of the political spectrum. The radicals’ boldness, defiance and hubris have sparked a reaction among much of the rest of the electorate, whether you call them “deplorables” or simply, the “Others.”  The depth of the degree to which the Mad Left detests Trump (and in fact, anyone with whom they disagree) both politically and personally has allowed him to enhance and deepen his support among his socioeconomic (if not necessarily Republican or conservative) base which rightfully feels under constant social and economic attack.

Unlike Republican voters of past generations, current Republicans don’t merely disagree with the Left. They resent the Left. They also fear the Left.

And when politics become (if they aren’t always are) personal, when politics become seen as a matter of economic survival, such resentment is a powerful fuel for voter turnout.

Yet, self-described conservatives’ support for Trump does not make Trump a conservative. It just means conservatives are engaging — finally! — in a strategic alliance. It’s an alliance borne of desperation, as conservatives (and many others) see themselves suddenly in the maelstrom of an all-but-declared cultural war which threatens a way of life and even the legitimacy of our economic and political systems.

Such a strategic alliance is similar to the alliance the United States formed with Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union in World War II, in the face of the Nazi-led Axis.

That alliance hardly made “the Greatest Generation” of Americans pro-Communist, did it?

Likewise, today’s alliance of desperation with Trump should not be taken to mean that conservatives condone, much less endorse, Trump’s many personal character defects and discipline deficits. The alliance does not require turning the proverbial blind eye towards these major flaws, either.

Trump’s future electoral prospects are strong and will remain as such, as long as his support among his core supporters remains rabid, if not necessarily wide. He would be a likely favorite to win re-election in 2020, particularly if his general election opponent has wide but tepid support, like Hillary Clinton.

However, should Trump’s opponent match him in the ferocity of his or her core support (especially if that opponent is an overt “progressive”), it may be a real struggle to get to 270 electoral votes.

Such a scenario could threaten America with the prospects of a federal government where each branch of government could be dominated by redistributionist, totalitarian, social justice acolytes. That outcome would reveal the Trump years to be nothing more than a historical accident, the Buster Douglas lucky-punch-knockout of Mike Tyson, the exception to the larger, leftward trend.

If Trump should prove to be nothing more than a brief, accidental interruption in the nation’s embrace of secularism, socialism and social justice, conservatives will regret their abandonment of that one bedrock characteristic of philosophical and cultural conservatism.


Now that would be — Sad!

Conservative corporate lawyer, commentator, blockchain technology patent holder and entrepreneur. Headquartered in a red light district in the middle of a deep blue People's Republic.

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  1. Don McCullen

    December 31, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Well Eric they did not abandon character in Alabama. That is why Roy Moore lost.

  2. ed

    December 31, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    As the red-hats continue threatening and insulting the true conservatives (those that DO care about character but were persuaded to vote for Trump against Hillary because of the “binary choice” argument), they alienate the very voters they will need in 2018 and 2020 to prevent the very takeover of government that you are attempting to fear-monger with.

    I am an ex-Republican conservative that cares about character and leadership. As a result of 2016 GOP convention hostilities that originated with and were carried out by the team and of the death threats against Republican delegates, state reps & voters by red-hatters, and other Trump operatives, I have decided to that the Republican party under Trump is no different from the Democrats and deserves the same disdain as the Democrat party.

    As to Trump so-called “accomplishments”:
    Trump claims that he ended DACA. Not True. He punted the decision to Congress to write a bill permanently granting DACA amnesty. He EO was nothing but noise as it repealed nothing, established no new policies, established no new limits on illegal immigration or DACA/Dreamer status, nor made any other changes – other than the photo-op it provided for Trump.

    Trump claims to have moved the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but he signed the waiver to NOT move the Embassy for another 6 months. His “announcement” was simply that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel – an announcement / policy set by the Senate and Congress in the 1990s – again lots of noise – no action.

    Trump claims credit for the “roaring economy” and points to the DOW average – an average that rose almost every year of Obama’s term and was quickly isolated to the Quantitative Easing and all the money being pumped into Wall Street by the Feds with nowhere to go because businesses were not hiring. Trump’s unemployment rate is about what Obama kept posting and Trump is using the same numbers as Obama – always to be revised downward (quietly) a couple months after the initial much-ballyhoo’d announcement.

    Trump STILL has not started building the wall, nor is Mexico paying for it. We now have articles being posted about how illegal immigration border crossings have been rising since April and are now HIGHER than Obama’s averages. Trump claims that he increased the size of the BP, but he only AUTHORIZED more hiring (funding permitting) – then never fought for (or re-allocated) additional funding to actually HIRE the new BP agents his photo-op EO “AUTHORIZED”.

    Trump’s “successes” with Carrier ahve turned to out to be false (jobs STILL went to Mexico except for those that were going to be kept BEFORE Trump/Pence “got involved”).

    The “tax relief” is growing in UNpopularity as people finally see what’s actually in the bill.

    Trump’s “Obamacare Mandate Repeal” was no such thing. The ACA was not modified to remove the mandate at all. The only action Congress did was to set the penalty to zero. The law still requires purchase of insurance, still provides – and now has been given new funding for the tax-payer-subsidized premiums, and the next Democrat Congress can (and likely will) re-impose the non-zero financial penalty – but at higher levels than before. This is a net loss because Trump has energized the Democrat base while discouraging the conservative & Republican bases that have historically voted for full repeal.

    Trump’s wild, incoherent, and reckless tweeting have all but started another war with NK/China and his attacks on NATO have only encouraged Russian aggression while discouraging and angering our allies in Europe and GB. Nations that no longer want to Trump in-country and that used to be good trading partners (customers) for US-made goods, but whose people will increasingly not want goods associated with Trump’s America – especially if Trump continues his insults of the people of those countries.

    Trump’s juvenile tweets and belligerency – far from appearing to the world as “strength” screams out “weakness, insecurity, immaturity” from those that serve in our government.

    I’m of the personal belief that Gen Mattis, Gen Kelley, and Sec Tillerson have banded together to limit Trump’s access to his staff, to outside information that might upset him, and to the levers of power and military control normally wielded by the POTUS because they recognizes the symptoms of Trump’s increasing dementia and his degrading mental faculties. I see fewer articles about Jared Kushner doing Sec State functions and almost nothing about Ivanka’s previously out-sized role in the WH – Perhaps because of the limits Gen Kelley has placed on Trump’s information intake – this is a good thing as it “controls” Trump’s worse nature, but a BAD thing because it means the President of the US has likely become a figurehead controlled by the “puppet-master” team of Kelley/Tillerson/Mattis. If we now have a team of people behind the scenes actually making the decisions and feeding them to Trump for regugitation that sounds too close to a “shadow government” or “politburo” for my comfort. (It DOES explain why the GOP establishment seems to have embraced Trump’s goals recently however – especially if they believe they have a role in “running” the President.

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Culture and Religion

In UK, Ancient Heathenism Reigns Supreme



Several minutes had passed since the medical examination of the newborn had begun. They stood inspective over the infant, occasionally murmuring to one another in a hushed tone.  The babe’s father stood nearby, pacing: his eyes intractably fixed on the small group of elders in a desperate attempt to interpret each subtle lift of an eyebrow or pinch of the lips.

Then came that dreaded nod…

The tormented father wept as the judge read the decision aloud: “as thinking it neither good for the child itself…” the child must die.

The above description is not a reference to the United Kingdom’s government-ordered killing of little Alfie Evans, nor the United Kingdom’s government-ordered killing of little Charlie Gard.

The infant’s death-order, described above, was merely the price of societal perfection for his father, living in the Statist abyss of Ancient Sparta.

In Lives: Lycurgus 16, Greek historian Plutarch (48-122 A.D.) wrote of the medical inspections of infants by “elders,” and of the state-ordered murder of infants in Ancient Sparta under the rule Lycurgus, a tyrannical central-planner:

“Nor was it in the power of the father to dispose of the child as he saw fit (as was his right in most heathen societies). He was obliged to carry (the newborn) child before certain men at a place called Lesche; these men were some of the elders of the tribe to which the child belonged; their business was to carefully view the infant, and, if they found it stout and well made, they gave order for its rearing and allotted to it one of the nine thousand shares of land above mentioned for its maintenance, but, if they found it puny and ill-shaped, ordered it to be taken to what was called the Apothetae (“depository”), a (large cave) under Mt. Taygetus (in the Peloponnese); as thinking it neither for the good of the child itself, nor for the public interest, that it should be brought up, if it did not, from the very outset, appear to be healthy and vigorous.” (emphasis mine)

Undesirable Infants – those either deemed unfit in some way, were conceived through rape, were unwanted, or were female – were often exposed, meaning that these infants were tossed into pits or over cliffs, or were abandoned in the wilderness and then left to starve or to be eaten by wild animals.

Such was life in the pagan purgatories of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Such has life begun to be again, today, in the United Kingdom.

As I type, a toddler lies in the hospital, a prisoner, detained by the pagan pride of evil monsters, by his own Statist government.

The “elders” in the UK have sentenced little Alfie Evans to die, “as thinking it neither for the good of the child itself. Alfie may not be alone in the wilderness, but he is being exposed by the sword of starvation.

Right now, a tormented father weeps for his child.

The cruel winds of an evil-ridden history are circling ’round again.


Once Christianity came upon the scene, Christians began to regularly rescue exposed infants.

As Tertullian stated, “Christians sought out the tiny bodies of newborn babies from the refuse and dung heaps and raised them as their own or tended to them before they died or gave them a decent burial” (Early Church History).

“The Christian idea that each individual person has worth because they were created by God was foreign to the lies of pagan society where the State, the tribe, the collective was the only value they knew” (Early Church History).

One can even visit these once abandoned babes at the Catacomb of Praetextatus. “The catacombs are filled with very tiny graves with the epitaph ‘adopted daughter of…’ or ‘adopted son of…’ inscribed on them. These inscriptions refer to the many babies and young children Christians rescued from the trash over the centuries” (Early Church History).

Unlike during the times of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, however, today’s United Kingdom prevents Christians from aiding Britain’s exposed children.

Christians from across the globe have offered aid and open arms to little Alfie Evans. Pope Francis has faithfully attempted to save the ailing child, arranging medical transportation for Alfie so that he might fly via air ambulance to the Vatican’s hospital.

Still, the prideful “elders” cling mercilessly to their pagan heathenism, determined to deny any and all Christian charity for little Alfie.


Alas! One thing is now crystal clear: in the United Kingdom, ancient heathenism reigns supreme.

For a glimpse of the future, listen to these famous voices from the past:

In On the Laws 3.8, Cicero (106-43 BC) states:

“Deformed infants shall be killed.”

Posidippus, a Greek poet, wrote:

“Everybody raises a son even if he is poor, but exposes a daughter even if he is rich.”

In On Anger 1.15, Seneca (4 BC-65 AD) wrote:

“…mad dogs we knock on the head…unnatural progeny we destroy; we drown even children at birth who are weakly and abnormal.”

In Politics 7.1335b, Aristotle (364 BC-322 BC) wrote:

“As to exposing or rearing the children born, let there be a law that no deformed child shall be reared;  but on the ground of number of children, if the regular customs hinder any of those born being exposed, there must be a limit fixed to the procreation of offspring, and if any people have a child as a result of intercourse in contravention of these regulations, abortion must be practiced on it (the child).”

In Theaetetus, the Greek philosopher Plato (quoting Socrates) wrote of the important societal task of killing infirm infants:

“For we must take care that we don’t overlook some defect in this thing that is entering into life; it may be something not worth bringing up, a wind-egg, a falsehood. What do you say? Is it your opinion that your child ought in any case to be brought up and not exposed to die? Can you bear to see it found fault with and not get into a rage if your first-born is stolen away from you?”

In Ad Nationes, Tertullian (155-220 A.D.) recorded the frequency of pagan infanticide in the Roman Empire during the late 100’s and early 200’s A.D.:

“…because, although you are forbidden by the laws to slay new-born infants, it so happens that no laws are evaded with more impunity or greater safety, with the deliberate knowledge of the public, and the suffrages of this entire age…But then you make away with them in a more cruel manner, because you expose them to the cold and hunger, and to wild beasts, or else you get rid of them by the slower death of drowning.”

In Book 3 of Instructor, Clement of Alexandria (150-215 A.D.) wrote of Roman women caring more for animals than for children:

“And though maintaining parrots and curlews, they do not receive the orphan child; but they expose children that are born at home, and take up the young of birds, and prefer irrational to rational creatures.”


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Culture and Religion

Remember what’s important in life



We all deserve forgiveness, the benefit of the doubt, and need to be reminded of what really matters from time to time. When you encounter someone who does something rude or mean or bad, avoid labeling them as a rude or bad person. Instead, give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just having a bad day/week/year and they are in a place where they have forgotten about what really matters in this life.

That it’s not about wealth and acquiring stuff. It’s about relationships and how we spend our time together. It’s about lifting each other up.

Have you ever gotten into that rut, where you have been hyper-focused on your job, or your hobby, or self-improvement? You were doing really well! You’ve gotten ahead, acquired a lot of great, new things; you make more money now, and you’ve gotten really good at whatever it is you were working on.

But then… You watch a show, a movie, maybe hear a song or a sermon, or read a story about humanity and how short this life is; About how we treat each other when we are trying to acquire too much… and it’s never enough; it’s never big enough; it never satisfies us.

But when you get that message again from that show… You recognize it, and you wake up. You stand up in the room, and you look around, and you see that all over the room everyone else still has their heads down. And very few are standing with you. But you see it now, and you say to yourself, “Why was I so focused on that? That doesn’t matter! My kids are growing up! My parents are aging, my grandparents dying. And I’ve been missing all of it… For what? For a house that’s 1000 sq. feet bigger? For a car that can drive a little faster?”

We all get sidetracked and stuck on this misleading path. That’s why we need to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Try not to label people as “bad guy” just because they did something once or twice, and recognize that people deserve forgiveness, and just need to be woken up again.

Remind them. Remind me when I forget. Please. It’s about Love. Family. Friends. Relationships.

Sell everything you own if it’s blinding you. Buy experiences instead- Experiences that you can share with one another. Hug. Laugh. Cry. Touch. Share. And remember. Remember what it’s all about.

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Culture and Religion

A Memo to the Liberty Grabbers of the Left from the Pro-Liberty Right.




Hat Tip: Nazis Are Socialists (Meso)

A dose of reality for you Leftists opposing freedom on behalf of the gun owners of America.

Seeing that we gun owners been your rhetorical punching bag for several weeks, there are a few things we would like to point out to you folks opposed to the most essential of Liberties. You’ve spent all manner of airtime talking down to us, dictating what we ‘need’ with regard to our basic human rights. So now it is time for you to listen to a couple of brutal truths in the matter. These aren’t going to be ‘politically correct’, by any means, but such is usually not the case with cold hard reality.

From your ever so self laudatory language, you Liberty grabbers on the Left like to think of yourselves as noble warriors, out there ‘changing the world’ for the ‘Common good’ [Gemeinnutz in the German vernacular]. Fighting for Socialister. Social ‘Justice’ and all manner of flowery folderol [Cue mournful violin music]. Yes, you think of yourselves as ‘sacrificing’ for the ‘the children*’ no matter what that entails. Whether it’s all manner of fame on Youtube or Facebook, to endless praise from your echo chamber, there are no limits as to your willingness to signal your virtue to everyone.
*Unborn children excluded

Well, sorry to break it to you, but in the words of the Marchers: “We call BS!”

The fact is there is nothing more selfish than demanding that others be deprived of their ‘essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety’ for yourselves. You want others to sacrifice their freedom for some mythical gains in your perceived security. It would be one thing for you to give up your Liberty, but that isn’t the case is it? You are marching to demand that the basic human rights of others be stripped from them, that is self-centred in the extreme.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” ― Abraham Lincoln

Empathy is a very important human quality, so perhaps you should consider giving up some of your essential liberties to understand what is at stake for those of us on the Pro-Liberty side of the aisle. Maybe you should demand that you be stripped of your First amendment rights? Or perhaps Liberty Grabbers groups should be licensed before they can demand that others be deprived of their rights?

Oh, what’s that you say? You have a Constitutional right to free-speech or freedom of the press? That those rights ‘Shall not be infringed’? [to coin a phrase] Or that the slightest amount will lead to a slippery slope towards the loss of them all. Welcome to our world, where every time a Leftist lunatic decides to go on a mass murder spree, our Constitutional rights are suddenly on the chopping block. With it just being a question of how much of those rights we’re going to lose – if not everything.

Can we dictate what you ‘need’ in exercising your Rights?

Can we demand that you justify the keeping of your liberties? Can we arbitrarily decree that certain modes of speech are ‘Militaristic’ in style? Do you really ‘need’ to appear on the Tele 30 times a day? Do you really need a ‘high capacity’ smart phone? Do you really need to fire off 5 tweets in a minute just to kill off a basic human right?

Hypocrisy on parade: Liberty Grabbers have guns to protect themselves while denying that right to others.

Please note that the people in the Liberty Grabber movement you idolize are also complete hypocrites in that while they work tirelessly to take away our property and our Liberty, they are safe and secure surrounded by ARMED security. Yes, think about it, the people who rail against guns have no problem being protected by them. Were they to be true to their words, they would disarm their security details. If Citibank and Bank of America didn’t care to be hypocrites they would dismiss their armed security and announce it to the world. Oh, they have to deal with threats? So do the rest of us – and yet they want to make everyone else vulnerable to those threats while they stay safe and secure.

Here’s a hard dose of reality for you: We gun owners protect everyone, even you Liberty Grabbers.

The truth is that while you uselessly virtue signal your inestimable magnanimity, it is those of us on the Pro-liberty side who work to keep you people safe. This may come as a shock, but if you live in one of the states or localities that value Liberty, you are around concealed weapons every time you go out in public. Yes, you might find this to be too scary to think about, but every day you are protected by the deterrence effect of ordinary folks just like you [aside from their cherishing freedom that is] carrying around *Gasp* Firearms hidden from view.

Consequently, you don’t know who might be carrying a gun…. and neither do the criminals. Thus the value of an armed citizenry. They don’t know who may have the means to defend themselves, so they don’t know who to victimize, therefore everyone is protected.

The exception being The “Gun-Free” zone, that vestige of the Utopian fantasy world of the Left. Most mass shootings take place where the innocent are denied their basic human Liberty of self-defence. So what does that mean for you Leftists of the so-called “Party of Science”? It means that your absurd idea that a sign will stop a mass murder results in dead children. That is what you want everywhere, how does that even reach the threshold of rationality?

If you aren’t going to thank us for keeping you safe, could you at least leave us alone?

So why is all of this important? Because the people you have demonisd for weeks are the ones keeping you safe. Those you label as terrorist, splattered in blood are the people providing for your security. How is that for irony?

  • We’re the ones who take the time endure the draconian hurdles put in the way of our basic human rights.
  • We’re the ones who take the time to select the proper firearm and holster to carry concealed out in public.
  • We’re the ones who practice with our weapons in case an emergency arises.
  • We’re the ones who carry a cellphone and extra magazines for that potential emergency.
  • And We’re the ones who will most likely have to deal myriad legal problem and legal fees for merely protecting ourselves, our families and even you people should it be necessary.

Now, we don’t expect you people to grateful for this protection you are afforded. Goodness knows you wouldn’t lower yourself to talk to those of us on the Pro-liberty side. But could you at least acknowledge the effort and perhaps stop obsessing over taking away our Liberty that keeps you safe?


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