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The terrifying prospects of government thinking someone’s IQ is too low to be a parent



The terrifying prospects of government thinking someones IQ is too low to be a parent

Imagine having your children taken away by the state. Now, imagine they weren’t taken away for abuse, neglect, or demonstrable fears for the child’s safety based upon actions, but because you’re deemed to not be intelligent enough to care for them. That’s what happened to Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler earlier this year.

Now, their youngest child is coming home:

State of Oregon returns one child to low-IQ parents Oregon family whose children were removed from their home earlier this year due to their “limited cognitive abilities” have received some good news this holiday season: the State of Oregon has returned one of their two children to their home.

As TheBlaze reported in August, the State of Oregon alleges that Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler suffer from cognitive impairment that makes them unfit to care for their two children. In an interview with Glenn Beck, Fabbrini stated that her son Christopher was taken into state custody nearly four years ago, and her son Hunter was taken from her just two days after he was born.

It’s good that one child is coming home, but the other remains in foster care.

Clear government overreach

There’s a terrifying precedent being set with this case. In recent years, the state has been erring on the side of caution even when risks are extremely small. That’s the case here, as the couple have done nothing to provoke this happening against their children. They have high school diplomas and no history of violence. They ask a lot of questions, as the judge noted, but are often told they ask too many.

To me, this is one of those cases that seem to be increasing in frequency when the state starts to interfere in lives of those who do not need it. When the state starts judging people based upon IQ, when will they start judging based upon other things? I won’t go into those, nor will I expand this particular opinion piece much. I have many opinions on the subject, but let’s leave it where it is for now. It’s better for you to take what’s already known and expand your perspectives from there.

This is just another reason I’m a Federalist.

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