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Sheriff David Clarke attacks fake news by issuing… fake news?



Sheriff David Clarke attacks fake news by issuing fake news

For the record, I love Sheriff David Clarke. I believe he exemplified the type of toughness we need in sheriffs’ offices across the country. He was even the guy I wanted to lead the Department of Homeland Security. With that said, his attacks on “fake news” media today were wrong.

First the backstory:

FBI Investigated Sheriff Clarke Over Plane Altercation FBI investigated former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke over a January incident with a passenger on a plane, according to a recently unsealed search warrant first spotted by the Detroit News. Clarke, a vocal Trump surrogate, had a minor disagreement with fellow passenger Dan Black on a Milwaukee-bound plane. Clarke texted one of his officers, asking him to detain Black when the plane landed. “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys,” Clarke texted, according to the FBI affidavit. Six officers and two police dogs met Black at the plane’s exit, Black wrote in an official complaint. The affidavit also reveals that Clarke emailed subordinates asking them to post “memes and messages” including one calling Black a “snowflake” on the official Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

I scoured every news site I could find to make sure there were no unfair stories that spun the facts to make it seem like Clarke was still under FBI investigation or that he was found guilty of any crimes. There were a few far-left blogs like Slate and Raw Story that put a spin on it, but everything those publications publish are spun. If President Trump saved a kitten from a burning house, they’d spin it as him contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

If there’s a story from a widely-read, respected publication that “smeared” Clarke, I couldn’t find it.

Now, let’s look at Clarke’s responses:

Is mainstream media corrupt? Yes. Do they spin everything they can towards liberalism? Yes. Are they the public relations division of the Democratic Party? Yes. Do they go after conservatives when it’s not warranted? Yes.

Last question: Is what they did to Sheriff Clarke an example of any of these problems with mainstream media? No.

They reported the facts. These weren’t smears. Clarke is throwing a fit over something that he should have laughed off the moment it broke. Instead, he reacted much like another man in power when “hit” by the media.

Stop crying “wolf”

Conservatives have a hard enough time fighting off fake news and liberal bias when our complaints are righteous. What Clarke has done is tap into the our battle against mainstream media’s false narratives by creating a false narrative of his own. Our only ally against mainstream media and their liberal puppet masters is the truth. We can’t afford representatives of the conservative movement like Clarke betraying the truth for the sake of promoting his latest book and merchandise.

Further Reading

Former Sheriff David Clarke: Make the media ‘taste their own blood’ Friday, multiple news organizations published reports on a FBI search warrant from March, related to an intimidation lawsuit, to look into the ex-sheriff’s personal email after the court filing was made public this week. These outlets, including the Washington Examiner, noted that the FBI probe closed in May.

Still, Clarke said reports of him being under FBI investigation are “fake news” being used as a tactic to silence him.

Former liberal who recently realized I've been a #Federalist the whole time. GOP fooled me into hating what I thought was conservatism. Now I see the light.

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Facebook’s plan to filter the news and blame users for the results



Facebooks plan to filter the news and blame users for the results

If there’s one thing Facebook has gotten much better at over the years, it’s in how they spin their policy changes. There was a time not too long ago when everything they did blew up in their face from public backlash as they fumbled through updates and changes. Today, they’ve learned how to paint the narrative the way they want us to see it.

The latest version of this is their “objective” way of determining which news sources get promoted and which get filtered out of timelines. Their methodology: rely on users to essentially vote on which sources to trust and which to pan. With a majority of users leaning left, it’s pretty easy for Facebook to be “objective” and still get the desired results.

Here’s the story from Daily Caller:

Facebook Fights Fake News By Letting Users To Rank News Sources

Facebook, which has taken heat for spreading misinformation, plans to start ranking news sources by how “trustworthy” users believe they are, according to a statement on the latest News Feed update. News sources will be evaluated on trustworthiness, how informative it is, and relevance, but Facebook will not be making decisions on news outlets itself. “We… (more…)

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David Letterman bounces back on Netflix



David Letterman bounces back on Netflix

We remember back in 2015 when CBS decided to part ways with David Letterman. As soon as he stepped down, CBS didn’t even want to rerun his old shows during his run with “that Crazy Eye.” Letterman was replaced with repeats of CBS’s top prime-time dramas, and that is what aired until Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show was up and running including the new set in the famed Ed Sullivan Theater.

Well, Letterman has committed to a six-episode (by the month) run of hour-long interviews called, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman;” with the first program featuring the progressive’s favorite president of all time (or is it the second fav I don’t know), Barack Obama. That program was released on January 12, 2017 on Netflix. The other guests in no certain order include; George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey, and Howard Stern.

I can’t blame Letterman for wanting to stay active, but can it be something else other than a TV talk program of some kind? Maybe working on another sitcom like “Everybody Love Raymond” or maybe trying your hand in investing in a drama? After Mr. Letterman, your pants apparently span the globe. Get it? “Worldwide Pants?”


Letterman Netflix series gets Obama as first guest: See trailer title suggests a show that’s setting a high bar for booking celebrities with name recognization and Letterman’s first guest certainly qualifies: The show will launch with the first post-presidency TV talk show interview with Barack Obama.

So the hour-long premiere will have two firsts: The former CBS Late Show host emerging from retirement and the former president giving his first on-camera talk-show chat of the Trump era.

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Fake medical news



Fake medical news

CNN won four – count ’em – four Fake News Awards. It’s unfortunate that Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s commentary on the President’s so-called heart disease wasn’t available when the awards were being selected. Then they would have won five. And on the way, they created a new category of Fake News: Fake Medical News.

Let’s get one thing clear here. This isn’t the distance diagnosis of Trump’s “mental illness” that Dr. Bandy Lee, a formerly licensed psychiatrist made. That sort of diagnosis requires that evidence be manufactured. No, this is the process of taking existing evidence and twisting it into something that it isn’t. Of course, that’s standard fare for the Left, so we really shouldn’t be surprised.

Trump Health

The first is the trend of the President’s Agatston Coronary Calcium Score. This is the data. And it’s factually correct. So far, no problem. But right below the data is a false statement.
This graphic, which CNN put up twice during their interview segment with Dr. Gupta has several clear statements. We can’t go Democrat and twist them, so we have to take them at face value. After all, that’s exactly what CNN wants us to do.

“A score of 100+ = High Risk of Heart Attack or Heart Disease Within 3-5 Years”

During the interview, Dr. Gupta admitted that this score is about average for 71 year old men in the US. If the caption was true, then the average 71 year old man in the US is at “high risk” for a heart attack in the next three to five years, and that’s, to quote Rush Limbaugh, “Barbra Streisand!” Yes, they have the “get out of jail free” line “or Heart Disease,” but it doesn’t change the way CNN used the data. They wanted us to believe that the President is on death’s door due to heart disease.

Yes, Dr Gupta flatly declared “The President HAS heart disease.” Had he actually spent time reviewing how cardiac tests are properly used, he wouldn’t have been able to say that. So after consultation with the former Chief of Cardiology at a major metropolitan medical center, we can now properly understand this data.

President Trump is 71 years old. You expect calcium in his coronary arteries at this age. But we don’t know where that calcium is, and that makes a difference. If it’s all in one spot that means something very different from a little here and a little there. Further, CNN flatly lied in their graphic. The proper outlook should have been “moderate risk,” not “high risk.” And with just the Agatston score, you can’t determine the presence or absence of heart disease. It’s only a screening test, and even if your score is over 2,000 – Trump’s is only 133 –  there’s still a 13% chance that you don’t have any coronary disease.

Dr. Gupta could have discovered this information with a simple internet search. It’s all out there. So Gupta’s statement that “Trump has cardiac disease” is coming from either an idiot or a liar… You pick.

At age 71, there’s no reason to even look at a calcium score. All the calcium score tells you is that you need a functional test. What’s that? A stress test! And you may want to add an echocardiogram. But at age 71, those would be routine, so there’s no point in looking at a calcium score. At age 65 I had both, just like the President, and we didn’t bother with an Agatston score. And just like the President, mine are NORMAL. What does this mean?

A normal stress test in a 71 year old male means that the President has a very low risk of any sort of cardiac event for at least the next two years. But Gupta got all excited about risk factor modification. Let’s get real. If his lifestyle has worked for Donald Trump for 71 years and he’s at low risk, what does he really need to change? There’s very little chance that he will ever develop coronary disease.

What things are they recommending? Diet and exercise. Give me a break. Yes, the President could lose a few pounds. That would improve his golf game and make him look better when he’s standing next to Melania. But the calorie restriction high carb diet they’ll prescribe will make things worse, not better. There’s a better way, and Dr. Jason Fung and Nina Teicholz have proved it.[i] Exercise is good for some things, but it won’t help his weight. And the only thing wrong with Donald Trump’s cheeseburgers is the bun. He should get rid of it.

One other part of the problem is that they are pushing statins on him. Statins can lower cholesterol, but it turns out that doing that can easily affect your thinking, since cholesterol is a YUUGE part of the cell membranes in the brain. We also should recall that all those studies that appear to say that lowering cholesterol is good for you seem to ignore all the bad things that the drugs do. In short, if the President just gave up carbs, he’d lose weight and wouldn’t have any need for statins.

So what’s really going on here? We have a neurosurgeon who works for a network that wants to destroy the President giving a message that matches the Left’s party line. He couldn’t be bothered to do his homework and discover that the President’s doctor is right. Trump’s heart is in great shape. And while we’re at it, let’s look at that other thing – the echocardiogram.

Echocardiography lets us get a view of how the heart muscle and valves work. Trump’s echo was – drum roll please – normal. That means that his heart valves are fine. But there’s something more important here. If you have blocked arteries in your heart, areas of heart muscle won’t get enough blood flow and won’t contract properly. They’re called “segmental wall motion abnormalities,” and you’ll see them on the echo. If you don’t have those, you don’t have blocked arteries. That’s called “normal.”

But we’re not done. The Left is grasping at straws. A number of docs are arguing in print that high cholesterol will kill him. As I said before, it’s time to re-read all those old studies. And for the rest of us, read “The Big Fat Surprise.” The actual data simply does not support those claims. A researcher named Ancel Keys simply lied about a host of studies and managed to get his views established as the gospel truth. Only now we are starting to learn why Eskimos and the Masai were able to live for millennia on very high fat diets with zero heart disease, zero cancer, zero high blood pressure, zero obesity, or any of our other modern health problems.

But Dr. Gupta is not the only liar on the Left. Trump takes finasteride to prevent hair loss. Numerous commentators are dropping hints that its documented side effects of sexual dysfunction and depression may be in play. They have no data, but are happy to drop hints about a possible “sudden onset of mental illness.”[ii]

Let’s wrap this up. Donald Trump is in excellent health. Frankly, the only diet change he should make is to dump the buns from his cheeseburgers. And he should dump the statins with them. As Dr. Malcolm Kendrick notes, “Statins might alter what is written on your death certificate, but they are extremely unlikely to change the date.”[iii] We might even suggest that he drop the Finasteride and switch to Rogaine.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta should go back to neurosurgery, a field where he is respected. But don’t count on that happening. CNN likes his way of presenting lies about Trump’s health. So all we can really do is to laugh at them on inauguration day in 2024 when President Trump watches Mike Pence take the Oath of Office.

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