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MSM admits the middle class will benefit from the new tax law



MSM admits the middle class will benefit from the new tax law

For all the news on Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders talking about how the tax law is going to hurt the middle class, they keep acting like court jesters while trying to show how much they care about the middle and poorer classes. Never mind Sanders owning three or four houses; or Pelosi not allowing her own workers to form a labor union. It’s the typical do as I say, not what I do mentality. Nice to see the progressive news media with egg on their face for once. But knowing them, breaking them and humbling them, we have a long way to go.

Here is the piece from Guy Benson and Townhall:

Boom: CBS News Report, Bernie Sanders Comments Confirm Sweeping Benefits of GOP Tax Law’ve been having some fun at the expense of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party’s literally apocalyptic hyperbole and rhetorical overreach about the new tax reform law, showcasing examples of businesses — large and small — that are celebrating passage of the landmark legislation by paying out employee bonuses, raising wages, expanding, and making charitable investments. For what it’s worth, here are a few additional examples that have cropped up since our last pre-Christmas post on the matter. As we await more announcements from corporations and small businesses across the country in the new year, I’d like to go back and underscore two significant developments that Matt covered over the holidays — they’re both really important.

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