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How we can make MSM report on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal



How we can make MSM report on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal

Leftist mainstream media has a tactic it loves to use. It’s so widespread across nearly every news outlet that one might believe it’s coordinated. Conspiracy theorists say it is, but I tend to believe it’s more likely they’re just so like-minded in their ideology they don’t need to coordinate to know when to bury a story. They just keep refreshing their feeds from other mainstream media sources to make sure nobody’s breaking ranks.

The story in question is the bombshell piece from Politico that was echoed profusely by conservative media for several days. In it are details of a treasonous action by the Obama administration: covering up for a terrorist organization engaged in criminal activities that generated a billion dollars a year through the sale of drugs and weapons. Under normal circumstances, a law enforcement agency such as the DEA would do everything it could to stop these crimes. These weren’t normal circumstances. The President wanted a deal with Iran and Hezbollah is their proxy. Therefore, for the sake of a worthless agreement the Iranians were bound to break in order to cement his foreign policy legacy, President Obama betrayed America.

This is big news, at least it should be. Unfortunately, it’s big news that paints mainstream media’s messiah in a negative light. To them, this is no news at all. It’s something that must be buried, which is exactly what they did.

Over a week ago, David Harsanyi noted the media’s silence:

A deafening media silence on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal published a jaw-dropping, meticulously sourced investigative piece this week detailing how the Obama administration had secretly undermined US law enforcement agency efforts to shut down an international drug-trafficking ring run by the terror group Hezbollah. The effort was part of a wider push by the administration to placate Iran and ensure the signing of the nuclear deal.

Now swap out “Trump” for “Obama” and “Russia” for “Iran” and imagine the eruption these revelations would generate. Because, by any conceivable journalistic standard, this scandal should’ve triggered widespread coverage and been plastered on front pages across the country. By any historic standard, the scandal should elicit outrage regarding the corrosion of governing norms from pundits and editorial boards.

Today, they’re still silent. They’ve won. The story has come and gone. Nobody’s asking questions about it anymore. They weathered the storm that came from people like Harsanyi and others who called on mainstream media to do their job. In reality, they did exactly what they believe their job requires: covering for liberals while attacking conservatives.

How many Americans know about this story? Not nearly enough. We live in a world where headlines and sound bites rule the collective understanding of the news. When something doesn’t get enough attention, it doesn’t really exist. Nothing we do can make the media report it unless we can get someone on Capitol Hill to start asking questions. Technically, someone did start asking questions: Representative Ron DeSantis:

Lawmakers to investigate Obama efforts to derail campaign targeting Hezbollah to secure Iran nuclear deal“Congress will be investigating this thoroughly and my National Security subcommittee will be particularly interested in how such a decision came about and whether it was driven by key Iran deal architects such as Ben Rhodes,” DeSantis said, referring to the Obama national security adviser behind the Iran deal.

Sources told the Free Beacon congressional investigators are preparing letters to U.S. government agencies asking for more information on the scheme.

“It was potentially criminal,” a senior congressional source told the Free Beacon. “Congress absolutely has a responsibility to get to the bottom of this.”

That’s big news, right? Well, no. I like DeSantis, but he should be hammering away at this on the airwaves instead of basking in the glow of recent praise by President Trump. He should also be getting more on Capitol Hill to be blasting this out to the public. Considering what the Obama administration did is a total betrayal against Americans who are now less safe as a result, it should be a top priority of the GOP to make this prominent in the news. It behooves them to do so at a time when President Trump is still under scrutiny over alleged Russian election hacking.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is looking into it, but even that isn’t enough to make many waves in mainstream media:

Under investigation: Obama’s favors for Hezbollah General Jeff Sessions is reviewing Project Cassandra, a highly classified law enforcement program by the Drug Enforcement Administration during the Obama administration, because of claims the drug-smuggling activities of the terrorist group Hezbollah got a pass from the president, according to reports.

The Jerusalem Post reported Sessions is looking into Project Cassandra after Politico reported the Obama administration “derailed” the law enforcement efforts “in its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.”

Notice the start of the second paragraph in the story above. “The Jerusalem Post reported…” Why are we hearing about this from the Jerusalem Post? Granted, it’s a quality news outlet, but the fact WND had to pull from a foreign source to get this news is telling.

If we let this pass, it will pass. If we demand from our representatives a bullhorn response that puts a spotlight on an administration that derailed an investigation into drugs, weapons, and terrorism, then maybe the media will be forced to cover it. Otherwise, this will be a footnote from a bygone news cycle.


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