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Baker Mayfield would play if both arms were broken



Baker Mayfield would play if both arms were broken

It’s no secret I’m an Oklahoma Sooners fan. I’ve covered them off and on this year and as they head into the college football playoffs semi-finals against the Georgia Bulldogs, I’m more excited than I’ve been about sports in years.

Now, reports are surfacing that Mayfield is sick. It’s even causing a small shift in Vegas odds, giving the Bulldogs a slight advantage. I’d take that action.

Mayfield is the epitome of a competitor. Nothing can keep him off the field as long as someone’s willing to give him a chance. If coach Lincoln Riley tried to bench him, there’s a good chance his quarterback may countermand the order… and his teammates might agree.

Sickness or no sickness, Mayfield will play on Monday. He will play at a higher level than other quarterbacks who aren’t sick. He’ll fight for the biggest win of his life. Then, he’ll fight for an even bigger win a week later against Clemson or Alabama.

Don’t let the news concern you.

Concern potentially brewing for Oklahoma as Heisman winner Baker Mayfield missed third straight day of team activities

The Oklahoma Sooners have a tall task ahead on New Year’s Day, as the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs have the defensive talent to give Baker Mayfield and company fits in the College Football Playoff semi-final. With that as the backdrop, Lincoln Riley and company may need a superhuman effort from Mayfield in order to pull off…

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