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Nunes is having a Contempt of Congress resolution drafted against FBI Director and Deputy Attorney General



Nunes is having a Contempt of Congress resolution drafted against FBI Director and Deputy Attorney G

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is fed up with the FBI and Justice Department. Despite repeated attempts to get basic information from them regarding the Steele Dossier, they simply are not complying.

“At this point it seems the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves,” Nunes said.

Subpoenas from August have been disregarded. Now, Nunes is demanding they produce all documents and schedule meetings with several people who have been part of the investigation by January 3.

“As a result of the numerous delays and discrepancies that have hampered the process of subpoena compliance, the committee no longer credits the representations made by DOJ and/or the FBI regarding these matters,” Nunes said.

The last resort is being prepared: Contempt of Congress resolutions against FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If the demands of the committee are not met, it’s assumed the resolutions will be issued, putting both the DOJ and FBI in peculiar situations.

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Nunes blasts DOJ, FBI for ‘failure’ to produce records relating to anti-Trump dossier | Fox News the information being sought by the committee are reports that summarize meetings between FBI confidential human sources and FBI officials about the Steele dossier.

It also wants to interview DOJ and FBI officials, Ohr, Strzok, FBI Attorney James Baker, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, FBI Attorney Sally Moyer and FBI Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs Greg Brower.

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  1. ed

    December 28, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Sounds like the latest attempt by Trump’s cronies to circumvent our laws and shut down the Mueller investigation.

    Should Trump succeed in shutting down the Mueller investigation before it completes, he deserves impeachment on the grounds of treason and attempting a coup of the US government.

    He has already tried to shut down the Judiciary branch with his attacks on all Judicial credibility and their authority to question his edicts.

    He has attacked (and continues to attack) Congressional authority and credibility.

    Now he’s using his tame Congressional lapdogs (already discredited for improperly sharing classified information with the subject of an investigation and for attempting to bias (or end) congressional investigations into Trump’s behavior) to attempt to discredit and disgrace the FBI and his own DOJ.

    If Trump succeeds in discrediting the Federal law enforcement agencies as he’s attempted to discredit our intelligence agencies, our courts, and our Congress, that will leave ONLY Trump in a position of authority and de facto dictator of the US (at least in his mind and the minds of his red-hat followers).

    It’s no wonder Trump’s credibility continues to fall both domestically and internationally and why he is becoming the most loathed president in history.

    People once thought Obama would go down as the worst president in history. As people continue to wake up to Trump’s actions, Trump is on-track to surpass Obama’s illegitimacy and destruction of the US before his first mid-terms.

    This is not hatred of Trump speaking (though I have no respect for a man with Trump’s proven and demonstrated lack of morals, ethics or humanity) – this is my love of country and my rejection of a President (no matter how he was put into office) – that is systematically destorying the institutions that form the basis of the trust and faith the American people have in our government while turning American against American by appealing to the worst elements of human nature: greed, sloth, envy, hatred, ignorance, and intolerance.

    • Susan Sylvia

      December 31, 2017 at 2:14 am

      Are you really not aware of all of the crimes that are being uncovered, using solid documentation and testimony evidence, of what has gone on in the DOJ and FBI under Obama? The corruption in the Obama administration was systemic at the upper levels, and this will be a huge scandal, encompassing Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, the email scandal, the FBI’s obstruction of justice, the Clinton campaign’s complicity in the dossier, the FBI’s illegal use of opposition research to secure a FISA warrant to spy on the other party’s candidate and the transition team, the illegal unmasking and leaking of names to the media by Obama officials, and I could go on. This is not an attempt to stop Mueller. It’s an attempt to restore the integrity of our most powerful legal and law enforcement organizations, and to prevent such powerful organizations from turning that power against private citizens and a sitting president, as has been done. Trump is staying out of this. It’s Congress, Inspector General Horowitz (an Obama appointee), AG Sessions and FBI director Wray who are spearheading these investigations, not Trump.

      If you’re getting your news from CNN and MSNBC, you definitely need to head over to Fox News for a few days and get your eyes opened, because the kind of conspiracy stuff you’re talking about has nothing to do with reality. Shutting down the judiciary? Attacking the Congress?? Did you not see the celebration of the tax bill at the WH last week? Trump and the congress are doing just fine, and are already planning their next steps for 2018. And I’m not sure how a president ‘shuts down’ the judiciary. We have a thing called the Constitution that prevents that. And just so you know, the president can’t realistically lead a coup against himself and his administration–that has to come from outside.

      Seriously, get yourself some real news.

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Guns and Crime

ICE gets media beating for taking illegal immigrant into custody over Mexican homicide warrant



ICE gets media beating for taking illegal immigrant into custody over Mexican homicide warrant

It’s the type of story the media craves. An illegal immigrant, Joel Arrona-Lara, who “hasn’t done anything wrong” was detained by ICE agents while transporting his pregnant wife to the hospital. She ended up having to drive herself the rest of the way before delivering their son.

The spin is predictable. They skim over the fact that he has an arrest warrant in Mexico for homicide while putting all the focus on his wife’s dilemma. They even attempt to cast doubt on the warrant because the lawyer for the family says he couldn’t find a record of the warrant. This last part is most peculiar because it would be simple for a major media outlet to confirm the existence of the warrant. They did, of course, but they won’t report that when they have a better quote from the lawyer denying its existence.

Eventually details will emerge about the warrant, but not until the media inflicts as much damage as possible on ICE and anyone in favor of legal immigration being the proper way to enter the country.

Here’s the story. If you click through, you’ll even get a link at the bottom to the family’s new GoFundMe page:

ICE Detains Man Driving Pregnant Wife To Deliver Baby, Says He Is Wanted For Homicide In Mexico husband Joel Arrona-Lara was driving his wife to the hospital for a scheduled Cesarean section Wednesday afternoon when they had to stop to get gas. That’s when their car was approached by two SUVs. Maria said they were officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The mother of five was then asked to show her identification and complied. When the agents asked Arrona-Lara, the couple said he didn’t have the ID on him, but that they lived nearby and could go get it for them. The agents then asked Arrona-Lara to exit the vehicle, searched the car for weapons, and put Arrona into custody, leaving Maria alone at the gas station.

My take

There’s no doubt the circumstances surrounding all of this are unfortunate. Pregnant wives should not have to drive themselves to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. On the other hand, suspected murderers shouldn’t be entering the country in the first place. That point won’t be mentioned by mainstream media.

ICE has a responsibility to take people like Arrona-Lara into custody so it can be determined whether or not they should be deported. There may have even been a certain degree of leeway given had there been no records other than his status as an illegal immigrant, but being a suspected murderer with an arrest warrant took away any chance at leeway. The ICE agents did the right thing.

As a legal immigrant, I have no sympathy for those who cheat the system and break our laws. Blaming the ICE agents for doing their job correctly in order to keep us safe is the type of insanity mainstream media loves to sell us.

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Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty – Part II




Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty Part II

Leftists incessantly issue lists of demands for the restriction of Liberty, It’s time to reverse the trend towards freedom.

This is our second part of our series of what we on the Pro-Liberty Right want for the preservation of Liberty. Part I is here.

6. The Left needs to stop trying to control private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. [aka ‘enhanced’ or ‘Universal’]

If there is one constant in the Liberty grabber universe, it’s that half of them are incessantly calling for gun confiscation while the rest deny they are calling for gun confiscation. They also love to parrot the line that it would be impossible to round-up everyone’s guns as a way of deflecting the issue. Except that those on the Pro-liberty side thought the same thing in the UK and Australia. Their Liberty grabber nightmare began with gun registration, under the solemn promise that it wouldn’t lead to gun confiscation. [Sound familiar?] Then of course at the next occasion of a serious crisis, this registration data was used for gun confiscation.

The fact is gun confiscation takes several precursor steps, the most critical being the assertion of government control over private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. Curiously enough, the Liberty grabbers tend to want language inserted into these laws mandating the reportage of lost or stolen firearms. Those types of rules are of primary importance only if the point of these measures is to turn them into a registration scheme.

7. The Liberty Grabber Left needs to stop pushing for even more controls on freedom.

It is also axiomatic that Leftists will exploit any opportunity to start ever-expansive controls over Liberty. The Left is a virtual fountainhead of new and more creative ways of clamping down on freedom. Having run out of new and improved ways of making it difficult, embarrassing and expensive to buy a firearm [While also lying about it at the same time] the Left has moved on to imposing controls over the purchase of ammunition. Then of course they also are making demands on how these are stored.

8. Stop attacking those who only wish to defend themselves.

There is nothing more loathsome than Leftists who excel at hurling insults at the country’s estimated 150 Million innocent gun owners. We’ve been labelled with almost everything from being Terrorists to baby killers for wanting nothing more than to be able to defend our families and ourselves.

Those who incessantly work overtime to demonize the innocent should keep one word in mind: Deterrence. The widespread ownership of weapons in most areas deters criminals since they don’t know who can fight back. This also explains why places with tight controls on Liberty tend to have higher crime rates. Curiously enough, for people who love the term ‘Commonsense’ they certainly don’t seem to well versed in it.

9. The Left needs to become educated about that which they want to control.

Granted, it might be too much to expect the Liberty Grabbers from knowing the difference between a direct impingement and gas piston actuation, but they should at least know the difference between a semi-auto and select fire. Nothing screams uninformed more than someone who confuses a clip with a magazine or some who uses them interchangeably in a claim that one can fire off 30 rounds in half a second.

Lack of knowedge is usually a negative in most cases, but in the realm of Liberty Control, the Leftists wear it as a badge of honour.

10. The Left needs to stop lying about guns.

We made these two separate items to prove a point. While some gaffes of the Liberty grabber elite are relatively harmless, there are those that are a danger to Liberty. It should go without saying that we live in an age in which the knowledge of the world is literally at one’s fingertips. There is no rational excuse for a lack of knowledge on the most rudimentary aspects of certain subjects. By the same token, there is no excuse for the propagation of deliberate false impressions and Lies particularly on the subject of self-defense.

One of the most infamous examples stems from the creation the phrase “Assault Weapon”:

The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.

The Takeaway.

The nation’s Left has gone on for years demanding compromises on the part of the Pro-Liberty Right. It is time that they step up to the plate and show they can be ‘bi-partisan’ for once. These steps aren’t really that extraordinary, in fact they merely bolster Liberty. Some Leftists still purport to be Liberal, supporting these items would go a long way in showing that is truly the case.

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Guns and Crime

Will Elon Musk face criminal charges over his Tweet?



Will Elon Musk face criminal charges over his Tweet

Elon Musk is in deep trouble over a Tweet. Nine little words could land him in court and possibly even in jail.

By Tweeting in the middle of the day, it’s a red flag to the SEC. The other, more important question that Musk must answer is whether or not he committed fraud by claiming he had the funds to buy the shares. He didn’t, and that alone could make his Tweet criminal.

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