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Can corporate America buy the midterm elections for Republicans?



Can corporate America buy the midterm elections for Republicans

The short answer is, “no.”

As more big companies like Comcast, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and AT&T react positively to the Republican tax law, proponents have been basking in the windfall of positive press. By “windfall,” I mean that they’re getting one in five articles saying semi-nice things about the plan, which is a dramatic improvement. Most in mainstream media are still fuming over it. They’re using standard leftist rallying cries to give liberals enough ammunition for their debates with conservative family members at the Christmas dinner table. I’ve seen headlines invoking “massive corporate profits” and “betrayal to working people.” One headline in particular was comical from WaPo: “In another country, we would call this ‘corruption’.”

That’s one of the reasons the tax cuts alone won’t keep the GOP majorities intact. The media won’t allow the truthful narrative that corporate tax cuts benefit corporations, employees, and consumers because they assume Americans are generally stupid and can’t apply basic math to their critical thinking.

The bigger reason this isn’t going to be a huge impact for the midterms is because it’s already done. Democrats aren’t going to run on reversing taxes, so as a whole it becomes a non-issue for them. They’ll cherry-pick individual components in order to attack specific Republican candidates, but they aren’t going to pitch America with “elect us so we can raise your taxes back to where they were.”

Republicans will be able to herald the cuts, but elections aren’t won by what you’ve done. They’re won by what you’re going to do. Democrats tried to run on protecting Obamacare and it didn’t work out for them. Republicans don’t even need to protect the tax law.

This was a feather in their cap. It was also a way to get spirits lifted for voters and donors who have been frustrated by the lack of movement in their first year with the House, Senate, and White House. They couldn’t afford a goose egg in 2017. Now, they’re officially on the board.

I’ve been critical of the new tax law because it doesn’t address the bigger issues. Tax cuts are good. Corporate tax cuts are great. Now, couple those with massive spending cuts, a full-blown tax reform initiative, and a plan to reverse the national debt trend. Then we’d have a solid foundation through which we can truly start dismantling the gargantuan national government monstrosity. The Constitution was designed for limited government, not the behemoth we have today.

If the GOP can use the tax law as a starting point to springboard onto bigger and better things, they have a chance of retaining one or both of their majorities. If they continue to fail on repealing Obamacare, funding the wall, and defunding Planned Parenthood, having some corporations giving out raises and Christmas bonuses won’t save them.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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