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Democrats are more interested in appeasing the teachers’ unions



Democrats are more interested in appeasing the teachers unions

Texas Senator Ted Cruz proposed a provision in the tax reform bill for homeschoolers allowing for 529 expense accounts, but thanks to the Democrats loyalty to the teachers’ unions and their efforts to keep their failing public education system still standing on its feet, it was struck from the bill and thus the filibuster was averted.  Cruz was correct in the remarks that he made.

What every Democrat is standing up to do right now is saying, ‘we’re going to discriminate against home-schoolers. We’re going to cut you out.’ Why? Because the Democratic Party can’t stand the audacity of a parent who would take it upon himself or herself to educate their child free of centralized control.

The key prahse here is “centralized control” of our education system, and if we can’t have vouchers or the fear of vouchers allowing the federal government to control the curriculum; then what really needs to be done is get the federal government out of education and quite likely the state government as well. Return that power to local communities and private organisations.  The public education system is nothing but a work placement program for the adults that run it.  The children are nothing more than pawns with the sole purpose of running them through the system, and regardless if they are educated well or not, throw them out on the streets once the processing through the public education factory is done at around 18 years of age.  However, these children will likely become the useful idiots for the progressives as they continue to seek more power over the America people.  Let us not forget that the millennials became fond of Bernie Sanders’ messaging of how socialism is great, and if he lives long enough to run again he just might get the nomination and win.

So taking “young skulls full of mush” (as Rush Limbaugh put it for many years) and indoctrinating them with a progressive worldview is vital to the Democratic Party and its agenda and goals.  However, Senator Cruz, parents and other liberty activists are not taking this lying down, and some have paid the price for their whistle-blowing.  Nor should they, and just accept this status quo.  Our children are too precious to be taking advantage by these greedy dogs.

Public education as a collective and the teachers’ unions work hand and hand with the Democratic Party.  Public Education indoctrinates its children with a leftist progressive worldview. The teachers’ unions fight for higher taxes and bond measures until their local body politic gets squeezed and more.  Teacher’s pay the union dues and the teachers’ union themselves spend their money on candidates (mostly Democrats) that will keep the gravy train going.  The public education system and teachers will get more money but will still be incompetent either because they truly can’t be competent and/or maintain the smokescreen so that too many people will never catch on to their legal scam.  For all the talk that teachers are not paid enough, they are paid well more than an average private school teacher.  Yet they demand our respect because they are teachers.  That is a whole different piece of itself.

The Democrats and the teachers’ unions also want to do away with homeschooling and even private education and force all children into the public school system.  That would be something similar to what they did in the Soviet Union or what is currently done in Cuba.  The Democratic Party is seeking its own payout with their partnership with public education and the teachers’ unions.  Votes, elections, and power to ‘fundamentally transform America.’  All I can say to that is Matthew 18:6.

P.S. The Democrats were always good at discrimination.

Further Reading

Homeschool Families Suffer From Senate Democrats’ Tax Reform Tantrum the Republican Party edged closer to passing historic tax reform, Democrats in the U.S. Senate used a last-minute procedural protest to attack homeschool families. Their petty complaint struck the short title of the tax reform bill, one provision of the endowment tax, and the extension of college savings plans to homeschool expenses.

The homeschool attack proved particularly revealing. The Republican tax bill would extend the use of 529 tax-advantaged saving plans — originally intended to foster saving for college tuition — to K-12 public and private schools, as well as homeschooling. Rather than complaining that 529s should only be for college, the Democrats struck the homeschool provision, leaving the K-12 school extension in place.


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