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Carolina Panthers owner selling team after reports of sexual harassment, racial slurs



Two years removed from a Super Bowl loss, the Carolina Panthers will soon have a new owner. The team made multiple confidential payouts for workplace misconduct by owner Jerry Richardson that included sexual harassment and the use of a racial slur. Richardson will be selling the team at the end of the season.

The team is reportedly worth around $2.3 billion. With franchise quarterback Cam Newton signed through 2020 and a probably playoff berth this season, they have an upside now that they’re on the market.

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Jerry Richardson: New details on allegations against Panthers owner was Jeans Day, when most staffers at the Carolina Panthers team offices would wear denim to work. The female employees knew what that meant. As the team’s owner, Jerry Richardson, made his rounds on the way to his spacious office, he would ask women to turn around so he could admire their backsides. Then, in his rolling Southern drawl, he’d offer comment, drawing from a store of one-liners he’d recycle each week. Among those in heaviest rotation: Show me how you wiggle to get those jeans up. I bet you had to lay down on your bed to fit into those jeans. Did you step into those jeans or did you have to jump into them?

Panthers owner selling team upon reports of sexual misconduct – Axios Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said on Sunday he would be selling his NFL team at the end of this season, according to Sports Illustrated.

Why it matters: The announcement comes hours after a Sports Illustrated report that the Panthers were opening an internal investigation into “workplace misconduct” claims against Richardson. Among these is an alleged racial slur against an African American employee, and repeated sexual harassment against female employees.


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