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The ‘take to the streets’ narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so



The take to the streets narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so

If President Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, it won’t be because his advisers are telling him to do so. It won’t be because his base is calling for it. The only reason he would do so is because the left has made it clear they don’t want it to happen. They’re daring him to do it, and based on the President’s history, that may be enough to make him do it. When liberals oppose something, that’s all the incentive he needs to act.

It would be a huge mistake, of course. It isn’t because of the optics, necessarily, but as Ben Shapiro noted, Mueller and the FBI are doing a fine job of spiting themselves:

Ben Shapiro on why Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller Trump supporters and allies are calling on the President to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, putting an end to his Russia investigation. They say it’s clear the investigation is going nowhere and may be too corrupted by Hillary Clinton supporters to yield an objective result to the investigation. Meanwhile, Democrats are threatening to “take to the streets” if Trump were to fire him.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote on the DailyWire why he believes it would be a big mistake if Trump were to do so. He ended his article with this:

“Trump doesn’t have to stop Mueller. Mueller has done a bang-up job stopping himself.”

For their own part, the left is working through a handful of different talking points. One of the popular ones was so clearly orchestrated it’s almost comical. See if you can notice a trend:

I get the feeling they want to take to the streets in protest.

How did this come about? How does the left coordinate such a message? Conservative Christian Jack Posobiec has a theory:

There are two different narratives at play here. The push by Trump supporters to fire Mueller is one with its heart in the right place but with a completely flawed strategy. The longer Mueller continues to investigate without bringing charges against people directly affiliated with the Trump campaign or the President himself that pertain to Russian tampering, the harder it will be for him to continue. He has brought charges forward, but they aren’t directly pertinent to his actual charter. Paul Manafort’s engagement was well before he was with the Trump campaign and Michael Flynn’s interaction with Russia happened during transition.

Lest we forget, the intent of this investigation was to sniff out Russian hacking of the election itself. So far, they’ve uncovered nothing in that regard.

There are only two reasons President Trump would want to fire Mueller. Either he’s worried about something coming to light or he gets egged on by the left. Since it’s not looking likely the former will happen, the left is hoping to make the latter happen. They need him to fire Mueller to justify their resistance. Otherwise, they haven’t had enough to protest since the travel ban. He forced the issue on DACA by calling for a legislative solution, something the left is unwilling to accept as a positive for some reason. He hasn’t repealed Obamacare. He hasn’t built the wall. He hasn’t blown up the world. If he doesn’t fire Mueller, all of these protests and screaming at the moon will have been demonstrably futile.

To fuel the flames pressing President Trump to fire Mueller, former Attorney General Eric Holder has entered the fray.

If anyone short of Hillary Clinton or John Kasich can get President Trump’s ire up, it’s Holder.

Progressives will defend Mueller’s investigation with everything they have, but many of them have false motives. Publicly, they oppose it, but deep down they would love nothing better than for Mueller’s fruitless investigation to be cut short by the President. Their worst case scenario is unfolding. If Mueller completes his investigation and doesn’t take down the President with it, liberals will be beside themselves with grief.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ed

    December 17, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Is not Trump’s refusal to repeal Obamacare, stop Daca or build the wall sufficient reason to force Trump from office ?

    How about his recently announced, yet already failing efforts to “broker peace” in the ME ? The ME powderkeg is getting closer and closer to a shooting war daily while Trump has gone to war against his own Sec State, claiming that Tillerson does not speak for his administration.

    Sessions has recused himself as AG – had he not done so, Trump would have already ordered him to shut down the Mueller probe and Sessions would have caved to the pressure. As is, Rosenstein can take some amount of shelter under Sessions by not being in Trump’s DIRECT line of authority and also not politically beholden to Trump for his job appointment.

    Mueller knows he cannot take a direct approach to Trump or use an federal laws to engage Trump surrogates as leverage because he knows Trumps’ first response would be to pardon the Trump surrogates to remove the leverage and threaten them back into silence.

    Going after the Trump surrogates on state-level charges makes it harder to obtain the leverage Mueller needs to get the proof he needs to bring down the big power brokers and major Russian collusion culprits, but he seems to be making progress – despite Trump’s protestations to the contrary. As long as Mueller avoids any federal charges or ill-defined offenses like “treason” or “violation of national secrets act”, Trump cannot claim ignorance – one of the ways a slick liar like Trump will use to try to use the “letter of hte law” to avoid the “spirit of the law” (remember Clinton and the definition of hte word “is” ?).

    Trump already has a history of lying in court depositions, so Mueller must not only get the goods on Trump and/or his family, but also sufficient evidence to disprove any theory whereby Trump can claim that he “does not remember”, “did now know what his campaign tema was doing”, did not “know the law”, or “was joking”. Such a comprehensive, air-tight case made solely with only state-laws (to avoid Trump pardons) and without giving away their game-plan to Trump’s attorneys or Trump’s red-hat media “liars club” requires patience, dedication, discipline, and integrity – characteristics Mueller has shown no indication he does not possess.

    I have a hope that when Mueller DOES go public with his results, that it will spell the end of a LOT of corrupt politicians in DC – not just Trump and his clan, but perhaps many of the senior GOP Party hacks as well that would have had to turn a blind eye – if not actively participate – to make any collaboration actually work.

    If Trump gets away with shutting down the Mueller probe, I do not see anything else stopping him and his nepotism / narcissism / GOP power-brokers from using the MAGA derangement without our society to complete a coup of the US government and declare our Constitution worthless and outdated, making Trump the first US Emperor and formally establishing the Trump Family Dynasy.

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Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty – Part II




Our List of Demands for the Conservation of Liberty Part II

Leftists incessantly issue lists of demands for the restriction of Liberty, It’s time to reverse the trend towards freedom.

This is our second part of our series of what we on the Pro-Liberty Right want for the preservation of Liberty. Part I is here.

6. The Left needs to stop trying to control private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. [aka ‘enhanced’ or ‘Universal’]

If there is one constant in the Liberty grabber universe, it’s that half of them are incessantly calling for gun confiscation while the rest deny they are calling for gun confiscation. They also love to parrot the line that it would be impossible to round-up everyone’s guns as a way of deflecting the issue. Except that those on the Pro-liberty side thought the same thing in the UK and Australia. Their Liberty grabber nightmare began with gun registration, under the solemn promise that it wouldn’t lead to gun confiscation. [Sound familiar?] Then of course at the next occasion of a serious crisis, this registration data was used for gun confiscation.

The fact is gun confiscation takes several precursor steps, the most critical being the assertion of government control over private property with Intergalactic Background Checks. Curiously enough, the Liberty grabbers tend to want language inserted into these laws mandating the reportage of lost or stolen firearms. Those types of rules are of primary importance only if the point of these measures is to turn them into a registration scheme.

7. The Liberty Grabber Left needs to stop pushing for even more controls on freedom.

It is also axiomatic that Leftists will exploit any opportunity to start ever-expansive controls over Liberty. The Left is a virtual fountainhead of new and more creative ways of clamping down on freedom. Having run out of new and improved ways of making it difficult, embarrassing and expensive to buy a firearm [While also lying about it at the same time] the Left has moved on to imposing controls over the purchase of ammunition. Then of course they also are making demands on how these are stored.

8. Stop attacking those who only wish to defend themselves.

There is nothing more loathsome than Leftists who excel at hurling insults at the country’s estimated 150 Million innocent gun owners. We’ve been labelled with almost everything from being Terrorists to baby killers for wanting nothing more than to be able to defend our families and ourselves.

Those who incessantly work overtime to demonize the innocent should keep one word in mind: Deterrence. The widespread ownership of weapons in most areas deters criminals since they don’t know who can fight back. This also explains why places with tight controls on Liberty tend to have higher crime rates. Curiously enough, for people who love the term ‘Commonsense’ they certainly don’t seem to well versed in it.

9. The Left needs to become educated about that which they want to control.

Granted, it might be too much to expect the Liberty Grabbers from knowing the difference between a direct impingement and gas piston actuation, but they should at least know the difference between a semi-auto and select fire. Nothing screams uninformed more than someone who confuses a clip with a magazine or some who uses them interchangeably in a claim that one can fire off 30 rounds in half a second.

Lack of knowedge is usually a negative in most cases, but in the realm of Liberty Control, the Leftists wear it as a badge of honour.

10. The Left needs to stop lying about guns.

We made these two separate items to prove a point. While some gaffes of the Liberty grabber elite are relatively harmless, there are those that are a danger to Liberty. It should go without saying that we live in an age in which the knowledge of the world is literally at one’s fingertips. There is no rational excuse for a lack of knowledge on the most rudimentary aspects of certain subjects. By the same token, there is no excuse for the propagation of deliberate false impressions and Lies particularly on the subject of self-defense.

One of the most infamous examples stems from the creation the phrase “Assault Weapon”:

The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.

The Takeaway.

The nation’s Left has gone on for years demanding compromises on the part of the Pro-Liberty Right. It is time that they step up to the plate and show they can be ‘bi-partisan’ for once. These steps aren’t really that extraordinary, in fact they merely bolster Liberty. Some Leftists still purport to be Liberal, supporting these items would go a long way in showing that is truly the case.

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Idiotic mainstream media feeds Trump the goodwill motherload



Idiotic mainstream media feeds Trump the goodwill motherload

The tenacity by which mainstream media wants to stop President Trump is comical. It’s even dangerous at times. Sadly, they keep shooting themselves in the foot by giving their target all the ammunition he needs to continue taking them down.

Their latest attempt at defending freedom of the press and bashing the President for attacking it comes in the form of a coordinated attack. That statement alone is enough to make more people realize their bias and justify Trump’s claims that the press is the enemy. They can attempt to spin it any way they want, but the results will be the same. They’re helping Trump.

Coast to coast, and in between, local news is standing up to Trump’s press attacks The Martha’s Vineyard Times to the Dallas Morning News… from the Yankton County Observer in South Dakota to the Bangor Daily News in Maine… the papers will all run editorials as part of an effort first proposed by the Boston Globe earlier this month.

Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy editorial page editor, told CNN that more papers were still “signing on” for the effort as of Wednesday afternoon.

This smells bad. I’m not a Trump supporter, yet I grimace at the attempt by mainstream media to take him down. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve it; it isn’t his place to lead the charge against mainstream media. That’s my job, and yours. Instead, the President should be spending time gaining a better understanding of the effects of tariffs and learning how to handle foreign affairs like a statesman. Unhinged journalists and kneeling football players are below the office of the President of the United States.

Nevertheless, he attacks. They attack back. Rinse. Repeat.

This is very similar to what National Review attempted in early 2016 when they gathered a bunch of respected conservative journalists to speak out against the President. Titled “Against Trump,” the issue had dozens of conservatives giving their reasons why we shouldn’t support Trump to be the Republican nominee. It failed miserably. His popularity skyrocketed and it helped to seal the fate of candidates who tried to prevent his ascension.

The current situation is worse. Instead of dozens, it’s hundreds of editorial writers and publications making a concerted effort to expose Trump and his backwards perspectives on freedom of the press. Instead of pulling the nation against him, they will only plant people more firmly in their own beliefs. Trump detractors will get a false sense of victory while Trump supporters will say, “See, he was right all along.”

No minds will be changed by these hundreds of articles. Worldviews will be solidified. More attacks from the White House against mainstream media will be justified. Valid complaints about the President by all journalists will be tainted. In short, the media is handing the President the best present they can give him. They’re proving his point.

Goodwill is generated for people who are perceived as being treated unfairly. By “ganging up” on Trump with coordinated attacks, mainstream media is making even lukewarm Trump supporters much more sympathetic towards him.

The worst part about all this is there are legitimate complaints about the President that will be diminished by mainstream media’s coordinated attacks. They are adding fuel to the fake news fire. Maybe it makes them feel good now, but it’s counterproductive at best.

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Omarosa is a victim, but not the way she paints it



Omarosa is a victim but not the way she paints it

If one were to listen to Omarosa Manigault Newman’s narrative about her time at the White House and take it at face value, she’s just another person cashing in on her 15 minutes by trying to sell books. She’s been all across the airwaves playing the victim card. Unfortunately for her, the card she’s playing isn’t the card most people are reading.

Republicans and conservative media are painting her as a disgruntled former employee selling nothingburgers while Democrats and mainstream media view her as a betrayer who got betrayed and now wants back into the left-wing clubhouse. Neither side is giving her much room to rant, often calling out her claims as not being clear cut evidence of any wrongdoing on the administration’s part.

Omarosa releases recording of her firing, looks worse as a result leftist journalist Chuck Todd had to point out there’s nothing out of the ordinary with a Chief of Staff running the staff, as they’re supposed to do.

One portion the media is latching onto for headlines is her claim that President Trump is “mentally declined.”

Her latest attempt to stay in the headlines is a recording of the President’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who allegedly tried to bribe her with a high-paying job on President Trump’s reelection campaign. It was almost certainly an attempt at a payout, though one that can easily be dismissed as business-as-usual in the Trump inner circle. It’s not a coincidence that many former White House employees who now work for Trump in some form or fashion.

Omarosa Drops New Tape To Bolster Claim Trump Offered $15K/Month For Silence time, Omarosa took to MSNBC to unveil a recording she said was made on December 16 of last year, within a couple days of being fired from her White House job by Chief of Staff John Kelly. In the recording President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law/campaign adviser Lara Trump appears to offer Omarosa a position on Trump’s re-election campaign.

So where does that leave Omarosa? Is her tale of being the victim a legitimate story? Yes. The problem is that she’s not a victim of Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly, or anyone in the administration.

She’s a victim of her own failures.

When the campaign added her, she joined knowing she would gain personally from it. She didn’t share the ideas that candidate Trump was espousing. She changed her personal views to fit in with the only campaign that would take her based on her past experience as a reality TV star in hopes that she’d get a good job at the White House.

It worked for a time. Instead of counting her blessings and playing her cards right, she dramatically overplayed her hand. The importance she held in the White House never matched her own perception of where she really stood. Reports of her leaving shoes in many rooms of the White House while walking around without them gave many the perception she was too comfortable without maintaining professionalism.

With all this, the biggest flaw in how she has behaved and continues to behave is her ego. She’s the victim of her own lack of humility. This is why she feels it necessary to record so many conversations. She’s always on the lookout for a smoking gun she can use against people because in her mind she’s so important, of course everyone’s out to get her. It’s a combination of paranoia and narcissism that leads her to believe she needs to protect herself by catching others saying bad things to her.

Can anyone every have a conversation with her without wondering if their words are being recorded? She should Mirandize everyone before starting a conversation with them. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion.”

We shouldn’t bash Omarosa. She’s not important enough. Instead, we should pity her for being unhinged and not even realizing it.

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