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The ‘take to the streets’ narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so



The take to the streets narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so

If President Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, it won’t be because his advisers are telling him to do so. It won’t be because his base is calling for it. The only reason he would do so is because the left has made it clear they don’t want it to happen. They’re daring him to do it, and based on the President’s history, that may be enough to make him do it. When liberals oppose something, that’s all the incentive he needs to act.

It would be a huge mistake, of course. It isn’t because of the optics, necessarily, but as Ben Shapiro noted, Mueller and the FBI are doing a fine job of spiting themselves:

Ben Shapiro on why Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller Trump supporters and allies are calling on the President to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, putting an end to his Russia investigation. They say it’s clear the investigation is going nowhere and may be too corrupted by Hillary Clinton supporters to yield an objective result to the investigation. Meanwhile, Democrats are threatening to “take to the streets” if Trump were to fire him.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote on the DailyWire why he believes it would be a big mistake if Trump were to do so. He ended his article with this:

“Trump doesn’t have to stop Mueller. Mueller has done a bang-up job stopping himself.”

For their own part, the left is working through a handful of different talking points. One of the popular ones was so clearly orchestrated it’s almost comical. See if you can notice a trend:

I get the feeling they want to take to the streets in protest.

How did this come about? How does the left coordinate such a message? Conservative Christian Jack Posobiec has a theory:

There are two different narratives at play here. The push by Trump supporters to fire Mueller is one with its heart in the right place but with a completely flawed strategy. The longer Mueller continues to investigate without bringing charges against people directly affiliated with the Trump campaign or the President himself that pertain to Russian tampering, the harder it will be for him to continue. He has brought charges forward, but they aren’t directly pertinent to his actual charter. Paul Manafort’s engagement was well before he was with the Trump campaign and Michael Flynn’s interaction with Russia happened during transition.

Lest we forget, the intent of this investigation was to sniff out Russian hacking of the election itself. So far, they’ve uncovered nothing in that regard.

There are only two reasons President Trump would want to fire Mueller. Either he’s worried about something coming to light or he gets egged on by the left. Since it’s not looking likely the former will happen, the left is hoping to make the latter happen. They need him to fire Mueller to justify their resistance. Otherwise, they haven’t had enough to protest since the travel ban. He forced the issue on DACA by calling for a legislative solution, something the left is unwilling to accept as a positive for some reason. He hasn’t repealed Obamacare. He hasn’t built the wall. He hasn’t blown up the world. If he doesn’t fire Mueller, all of these protests and screaming at the moon will have been demonstrably futile.

To fuel the flames pressing President Trump to fire Mueller, former Attorney General Eric Holder has entered the fray.

If anyone short of Hillary Clinton or John Kasich can get President Trump’s ire up, it’s Holder.

Progressives will defend Mueller’s investigation with everything they have, but many of them have false motives. Publicly, they oppose it, but deep down they would love nothing better than for Mueller’s fruitless investigation to be cut short by the President. Their worst case scenario is unfolding. If Mueller completes his investigation and doesn’t take down the President with it, liberals will be beside themselves with grief.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ed

    December 17, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Is not Trump’s refusal to repeal Obamacare, stop Daca or build the wall sufficient reason to force Trump from office ?

    How about his recently announced, yet already failing efforts to “broker peace” in the ME ? The ME powderkeg is getting closer and closer to a shooting war daily while Trump has gone to war against his own Sec State, claiming that Tillerson does not speak for his administration.

    Sessions has recused himself as AG – had he not done so, Trump would have already ordered him to shut down the Mueller probe and Sessions would have caved to the pressure. As is, Rosenstein can take some amount of shelter under Sessions by not being in Trump’s DIRECT line of authority and also not politically beholden to Trump for his job appointment.

    Mueller knows he cannot take a direct approach to Trump or use an federal laws to engage Trump surrogates as leverage because he knows Trumps’ first response would be to pardon the Trump surrogates to remove the leverage and threaten them back into silence.

    Going after the Trump surrogates on state-level charges makes it harder to obtain the leverage Mueller needs to get the proof he needs to bring down the big power brokers and major Russian collusion culprits, but he seems to be making progress – despite Trump’s protestations to the contrary. As long as Mueller avoids any federal charges or ill-defined offenses like “treason” or “violation of national secrets act”, Trump cannot claim ignorance – one of the ways a slick liar like Trump will use to try to use the “letter of hte law” to avoid the “spirit of the law” (remember Clinton and the definition of hte word “is” ?).

    Trump already has a history of lying in court depositions, so Mueller must not only get the goods on Trump and/or his family, but also sufficient evidence to disprove any theory whereby Trump can claim that he “does not remember”, “did now know what his campaign tema was doing”, did not “know the law”, or “was joking”. Such a comprehensive, air-tight case made solely with only state-laws (to avoid Trump pardons) and without giving away their game-plan to Trump’s attorneys or Trump’s red-hat media “liars club” requires patience, dedication, discipline, and integrity – characteristics Mueller has shown no indication he does not possess.

    I have a hope that when Mueller DOES go public with his results, that it will spell the end of a LOT of corrupt politicians in DC – not just Trump and his clan, but perhaps many of the senior GOP Party hacks as well that would have had to turn a blind eye – if not actively participate – to make any collaboration actually work.

    If Trump gets away with shutting down the Mueller probe, I do not see anything else stopping him and his nepotism / narcissism / GOP power-brokers from using the MAGA derangement without our society to complete a coup of the US government and declare our Constitution worthless and outdated, making Trump the first US Emperor and formally establishing the Trump Family Dynasy.

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5 reasons President Trump should consider Allen West for Chief of Staff



5 reasons President Trump should consider Allen West for Chief of Staff

It’s not a secret I’m a fan of Lt. Gen. Allen West. From his time in Congress when I first started following his career to his post-DC days when he became even more influential through speeches and writing, I’ve seen West as a guy I’d love to see in the White House. There seems to be a spot coming open soon. West is the guy to insert into the position.

Here are five reasons he’s the perfect choice:

No-Nonsense leader

John Kelly is also a non-nonsense leader. It was his greatest strength in the position and the reason why many things were cleaned up in the White House within weeks after he took over the role. The President doesn’t need to completely change those things that were working. West will continue (and likely improve) the smooth running among White House staff.

Actual conservative credentials

There really isn’t a whole lot to add. West is a conservative. He values the strengths within our Republic and will honorably defend the Constitution until his final breath is taken. If the White House can use anything, it’s an infusion of conservatism.

Loyalty to a pro-American agenda

President Trump wants to make America great again. Lt. Col. West has worked most of his adult life to make that dream come true. He is a true patriot who wants the best for America and Americans.

He’ll challenge the President privately

If the President is looking for a “yes man,” he should probably skip West. He has never been one to simply go with the flow without voicing his opinion. This is one of the reasons he left DC in the first place. It’s also a trait that will serve the President well leading up to the 2020 election. If the President really wants someone who isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, he’ll find that in West.

He’ll support the President publicly

Unlike many who have passed through the White House in the last two years, West is not a gossip. He isn’t going to badmouth the President to journalists, pen anonymous articles for the New York Times, or tolerate leaks from anyone on the staff. Even if he disagrees with the President, you won’t find a hint of that in the press.

There are few people in the world who would serve the nation in the role of White House Chief of Staff better than Allen West. If President Trump wants an honorable and intelligent person by his side, he should get on the phone with West immediately.

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Trump, GOP will work with Dems to add global warming legislation to infrastructure spending



Trump GOP will work with Dems to add global warming legislation to infrastructure spending

As 2018 winds to a close and the failed two-year experiment giving Trump, McConnell, and Ryan complete control of Washington breathes its last, Democrats have been busy charting a course correction after having their agenda temporarily knocked off course in 2016.

I wrote last week about how Democrats would be placing a new focus on their Democratic Socialist-inspired agenda in a host of areas from gun control to global warming. In that piece, I introduced you to the Green New Deal, a plan being promoted by Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic Socialist from New York.

The goal of the Green New Deal is to pass laws in Washington forcing the United States to become 100 percent dependent on so-called green energy. And while it’s tempting to write-off Ocasio-Cortez’s plan to create an environmental Xanadu as nothing more than the naïve rantings of a textbook left-wing loon — which she is, by the way — the reality is that Al Gore’s Church of Global Warming is about to experience a revival.

Since the Democrats will control the House, it’s a given that the global warming agenda will be advanced under Nancy Pelosi’s “leadership.” But what about the Senate?

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wrote in an open letter to Donald Trump on Friday that the United States’ transition to renewable energy “must” be included in the infrastructure spending debate expected to take place in 2019.

“It is crucial that we immediately enact legislation to combat climate change and create millions of jobs. Therefore, any clean infrastructure package considered in 2019 must include policies and funding to transition to a clean energy economy and mitigate risks that the United States is already facing due to climate change.”

So, who cares? Right? After all, the Senate is still under GOP control and Trump could always veto the bill even if it makes it through the Senate.

Well, besides the fact that Trump has NEVER used his veto pen — probably because he’s been busy using his executive order pen to destroy the Second Amendment — he and the GOP love big-government spending as much as the Democrats.

You may recall that Trump announced in his first State of the Union address — and repeated in his second — plans to spend $1 trillion or more on infrastructure. On top of that, Republicans in the House released an infrastructure-spending plan back in July when they were busy trying to buy votes in the hope that it would save their majority.

By the way, the GOP would pay for their Obama-esque infrastructure plan by raising gasoline taxes by 15-cents-a-gallon and diesel taxes by 20-cents-a-gallon. It would also raise taxes on a host of “green transportation” alternatives, such as: bikes, bicycle tires, and car batteries. All of these tax increases are supported by Trump.

I can hear the cult now; “Trump said last week that he doesn’t believe in global warming, and he called on the world to end the ‘ridiculous‘ Paris climate agreement that he withdrew the U.S. from last summer.”

As is usually the case when it comes to Donald Trump, nothing he says can be counted on.

First, Trump has pretty much made Ivanka his climate czar and she’s a devotee to Al Gore’s global warming religion. Second, Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement was in-name-only. In the same speech where he announced the withdrawal, Trump made a commitment to negotiate a way to get back in it. Third, to borrow a phrase from Al Gore, we have the “inconvenient truth” that only days after his 2016 victory, Trump said in an interview that he believes there is “some connectivity” between humans and climate change.

The Democrats will control the agenda in 2019. And when you add Trump’s lack of any firm convictions, his past commitment to work with “Chuck and Nancy,” his 2020 aspirations, and his love of big government, then a budget-busting infrastructure bill that includes some or all of the Green New Deal is pretty much a done deal.

Originally posted on


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

Subscribe to receive podcasts of radio commentaries: iTunes | Stitcher | Tune In | RSS

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Binge-worthy show: The Night Manager shows why Tom Hiddleston should be the next James Bond



Binge-worthy show The Night Manager shows why Tom Hiddleston should be the next James Bond

He’s too posh. He’s too pretty. He isn’t intimidating. He’s too big as a Marvel character. There are many reasons people have dismissed the notion of Tom Hiddleston playing the role of James Bond in the famed series. All of these reasons can be dismissed by watching The Night Manager.

Available on Amazon, the AMC-BBC collaboration is six episodes long. There are reports that it could be brought back for another series, but if it never comes back, rest assured the single series is still worth a watch. The funny part is that Hiddleston might be the main draw, but he’s not even the best overall performance. That honor goes to Hugh Laurie, the well-mannered villain of the show.

As usual, no spoilers.

Much effort is put into making the beautiful people look as beautiful as possible in lovely settings even when things get crazy. It opens with Hiddleston cutting through a crowd of protesters just prior to the ousting of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. He’s on his way to work to engage in his craft as a manager at a high-end hotel in Cairo. Even through the chaos, Hiddleston holds an air of separation from both the protesters and the military holding them back. And he does all this while wearing cargo pants and an untucked linen dress shirt.

This is where the presence of Hiddleston comes into play and demonstrates why he would be able to play James Bond. His sharp eyes announce he’s not to be reckoned with while simultaneously charming the observer. As one character later notes, “Everybody is attracted to you.”

The men want to be on his side and the women (and one man) want him to be by their side.

His impish grin may have been perfect for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it takes a more menacing turn in The Night Manager. We realize there’s grit behind his boyish looks that betrays two tours in Iraq and a personal grudge he’s held with him for years. If Daniel Craig brought emotionless chills to the Bond character, Hiddleston would bring an emotional fortitude. He’s only truly happy when he’s doing the right thing, which may go against the stereotypes associated with a world-class assassin, but luckily we’re in a world where stereotypes are being broken.

There’s another reason Hiddleston would be the right person for the role. Unfortunately, it’s a political one. Some are pushing for a minority or a woman to take the role to the next level. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as it’s done with the most qualified person in mind and not just to make a political statement about inclusion. With Hiddleston, it’s an opportunity to use the same formula while mitigating the damage that is sure to come if they don’t select a minority or a woman. Everyone likes Hiddleston. He’ll make the passing on a controversial choice easier to swallow.

There’s even a scene when he orders a vodka martini at a bar in Cairo. It was the most obvious nod to the Bond franchise they could have made without asking for the drink to be shaken.

If you only watch The Night Manager to verify my Bond assertions, so be it. If you watch it for its great acting, engaging espionage, and brilliant storyline, well that’s even better. Either way, get your six-hour binging snacks ready.

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