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The ‘take to the streets’ narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so



The take to the streets narrative against Trump firing Mueller is meant to entice him to do so

If President Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller, it won’t be because his advisers are telling him to do so. It won’t be because his base is calling for it. The only reason he would do so is because the left has made it clear they don’t want it to happen. They’re daring him to do it, and based on the President’s history, that may be enough to make him do it. When liberals oppose something, that’s all the incentive he needs to act.

It would be a huge mistake, of course. It isn’t because of the optics, necessarily, but as Ben Shapiro noted, Mueller and the FBI are doing a fine job of spiting themselves:

Ben Shapiro on why Trump shouldn’t fire Mueller Trump supporters and allies are calling on the President to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, putting an end to his Russia investigation. They say it’s clear the investigation is going nowhere and may be too corrupted by Hillary Clinton supporters to yield an objective result to the investigation. Meanwhile, Democrats are threatening to “take to the streets” if Trump were to fire him.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote on the DailyWire why he believes it would be a big mistake if Trump were to do so. He ended his article with this:

“Trump doesn’t have to stop Mueller. Mueller has done a bang-up job stopping himself.”

For their own part, the left is working through a handful of different talking points. One of the popular ones was so clearly orchestrated it’s almost comical. See if you can notice a trend:

I get the feeling they want to take to the streets in protest.

How did this come about? How does the left coordinate such a message? Conservative Christian Jack Posobiec has a theory:

There are two different narratives at play here. The push by Trump supporters to fire Mueller is one with its heart in the right place but with a completely flawed strategy. The longer Mueller continues to investigate without bringing charges against people directly affiliated with the Trump campaign or the President himself that pertain to Russian tampering, the harder it will be for him to continue. He has brought charges forward, but they aren’t directly pertinent to his actual charter. Paul Manafort’s engagement was well before he was with the Trump campaign and Michael Flynn’s interaction with Russia happened during transition.

Lest we forget, the intent of this investigation was to sniff out Russian hacking of the election itself. So far, they’ve uncovered nothing in that regard.

There are only two reasons President Trump would want to fire Mueller. Either he’s worried about something coming to light or he gets egged on by the left. Since it’s not looking likely the former will happen, the left is hoping to make the latter happen. They need him to fire Mueller to justify their resistance. Otherwise, they haven’t had enough to protest since the travel ban. He forced the issue on DACA by calling for a legislative solution, something the left is unwilling to accept as a positive for some reason. He hasn’t repealed Obamacare. He hasn’t built the wall. He hasn’t blown up the world. If he doesn’t fire Mueller, all of these protests and screaming at the moon will have been demonstrably futile.

To fuel the flames pressing President Trump to fire Mueller, former Attorney General Eric Holder has entered the fray.

If anyone short of Hillary Clinton or John Kasich can get President Trump’s ire up, it’s Holder.

Progressives will defend Mueller’s investigation with everything they have, but many of them have false motives. Publicly, they oppose it, but deep down they would love nothing better than for Mueller’s fruitless investigation to be cut short by the President. Their worst case scenario is unfolding. If Mueller completes his investigation and doesn’t take down the President with it, liberals will be beside themselves with grief.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ed

    December 17, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    Is not Trump’s refusal to repeal Obamacare, stop Daca or build the wall sufficient reason to force Trump from office ?

    How about his recently announced, yet already failing efforts to “broker peace” in the ME ? The ME powderkeg is getting closer and closer to a shooting war daily while Trump has gone to war against his own Sec State, claiming that Tillerson does not speak for his administration.

    Sessions has recused himself as AG – had he not done so, Trump would have already ordered him to shut down the Mueller probe and Sessions would have caved to the pressure. As is, Rosenstein can take some amount of shelter under Sessions by not being in Trump’s DIRECT line of authority and also not politically beholden to Trump for his job appointment.

    Mueller knows he cannot take a direct approach to Trump or use an federal laws to engage Trump surrogates as leverage because he knows Trumps’ first response would be to pardon the Trump surrogates to remove the leverage and threaten them back into silence.

    Going after the Trump surrogates on state-level charges makes it harder to obtain the leverage Mueller needs to get the proof he needs to bring down the big power brokers and major Russian collusion culprits, but he seems to be making progress – despite Trump’s protestations to the contrary. As long as Mueller avoids any federal charges or ill-defined offenses like “treason” or “violation of national secrets act”, Trump cannot claim ignorance – one of the ways a slick liar like Trump will use to try to use the “letter of hte law” to avoid the “spirit of the law” (remember Clinton and the definition of hte word “is” ?).

    Trump already has a history of lying in court depositions, so Mueller must not only get the goods on Trump and/or his family, but also sufficient evidence to disprove any theory whereby Trump can claim that he “does not remember”, “did now know what his campaign tema was doing”, did not “know the law”, or “was joking”. Such a comprehensive, air-tight case made solely with only state-laws (to avoid Trump pardons) and without giving away their game-plan to Trump’s attorneys or Trump’s red-hat media “liars club” requires patience, dedication, discipline, and integrity – characteristics Mueller has shown no indication he does not possess.

    I have a hope that when Mueller DOES go public with his results, that it will spell the end of a LOT of corrupt politicians in DC – not just Trump and his clan, but perhaps many of the senior GOP Party hacks as well that would have had to turn a blind eye – if not actively participate – to make any collaboration actually work.

    If Trump gets away with shutting down the Mueller probe, I do not see anything else stopping him and his nepotism / narcissism / GOP power-brokers from using the MAGA derangement without our society to complete a coup of the US government and declare our Constitution worthless and outdated, making Trump the first US Emperor and formally establishing the Trump Family Dynasy.

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Veronique de Rugy: Green New Deal would be hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars in federal commitment



Veronique de Rugy Green New Deal would be hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars in federal commitment

If there’s a word that’s not necessarily negative one could use to describe the Green New Deal, it would be “ambitious.” The deal has so much wrapped into it that it’s hard to tell which components are designed to save the environment and which ones are intended to destroy the economy.

Estimates put costs for the “green side” of the resolution at somewhere between $12-$20 trillion. Then, there’s the Medicare-for-All component that is estimated at $32 trillion over a decade.

And that’s just the start.

This isn’t just a “green” deal. It’s a hodgepodge of policy proposals that include massively growing the welfare state, inserting government even more into the job markets, and a universal basic income that they refuse to actually call a universal basic income. The much-maligned FAQ that was posted and quickly removed from the website of sponsor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) mentioned paying people who were unable or even “unwilling” to work.

“Even in the best case scenario where you substitute a UBI for all the other forms of welfare, it’s insane,” said Veronique de Rugy, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, on ReasonTV.

But here’s the problem. The Green New Deal doesn’t substitute a universal basic income for other welfare programs. In the Green New Deal, the programs recommended are supposed to be additions, not substitutions.

“It’s a really hard system to support even in its ideal form,” de Rugy continued. “Then there’s this Green New Deal version which doesn’t even seem to entertain this notion of actually substituting for all the rest, so it’s on top of what we have now.”

This site is 100% crowdfunded by readers like YOU. Please consider donating and keeping the right side of news going strong.

The real question we need to ask is whether or not the Democratic Party is actually going to support this. In its current form, the Green New Deal is a fantasy, and perhaps that’s what the more-sane Democrats are shooting for by supporting it. By giving it their attention now, they can work their way down to more reasonable proposals for everything from environmental protection to job creation programs to different versions of socialism.

In other words, they may be using the hyper-leftism of the Green New Deal as a gateway to get to the palatable leftism of what’s quickly becoming mainstream socialism.

The Green New Deal shouldn’t scare conservatives because it can’t happen. What should concern us is the end result negotiated down from this starting point. Given the GOP’s negotiating track record lately, we don’t know what we’re going to get when the Green New Deal is trimmed down to reality.


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Trump administration is optimistic about failing economic policies



Trump administration is optimistic about failing economic policies

In an article I wrote last week following Trump’s campaign rally disguised as a State of the Union Address, I documented how his claim that his trade war and tax cuts had produced “the hottest economy in the world” were merely the rhetorical ramblings of a failed “Republican” running for re-election.

Trump’s trade war has created an economic hell that will take years to recover from, and his tax cuts have failed to provide tax relief for the middle class. In addition, when you throw Trump’s big-government spending into the mix, the federal deficit now exceeds $22 trillion.

The stock market fell late in 2018 and all gains made in the year were wiped out, a crash the administration blamed on Democrats and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

While the slide on Wall Street was dismissed as a market correction, recently released economic data from the Commerce Department shows that the overall economy ended the year much worse than the White House would have you believe.

U.S. retail sales recorded their biggest drop in more than nine years in December of 2018 as receipts fell 1.2 percent across the board. This is the largest decline in retail sales since Sept. 2009 when the economy was in a recession.

Trump brags about low unemployment numbers, but according to a Department of Labor report released yesterday, unemployment claims increased by 4,000 to a seasonally adjusted 239,000 for the week ending Feb. 9th.

While it’s tempting for some to dismiss yesterday’s report as an anomaly, let’s take a look at the data from another angle.

The four-week moving average of claims — considered a better measure of labor market trends because it irons out week-to-week volatility — was 231,750, an increase of 6,750 from the previous week’s revised average. This is the highest level for this average since January 27, 2018 when it was 234,000. The previous week’s average was revised up by 250 from 224,750 to 225,000.

Of course, the administration famous for identifying unfavorable news as “fake” went right to work trying to spin these economic failures into policy victories.

Saying that he was still “optimistic” about the economy, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow called the retail sales number a “glitch,” and he invited the feds to “step aside” while praising the president for “ending the war on business.” He then parroted SOTU talking points about how the overall economy was “very strong” despite these recent reports.

There are those who label me a pessimist because I refuse to whitewash the political graffiti of optimism Trump and the GOP spray paint on their crumbling wall of lies and broken promises, but in the words of C. Joybell C.: “Some people are optimists. Some people are pessimists. I’m just a realist who believes that some things are worth fighting for.”

Originally posted on


David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

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Losers all around: Untangling the border bill that benefits literally zero Americans



Losers all around Untangling the border bill that benefits literally zero Americans

The Senate and House just put a bill on the President’s desk that he intends to sign. This bill will keep the government funded for most of the year and has many components worth discussing within its 1200 pages. For this discussion, let’s look specifically at the border security components because there seems to be losers across the board without a single winner in sight… at least not from this country.

First, let’s look at the two parties.

Democrats lose the political clout that would have come from a bipartisan agreement to fund the border wall. While most on the left see it as a win that they were able to put together a bill that snuck in so many atrocious immigration loopholes (which we’ll cover below), those loopholes will be used to demonstrate how bad their border policy really is.

But it would all be worth it to them if the wall never got built, at least politically speaking for 2020. The wall is President Trump’s post-midterm achievement if he can get a good chunk of it built, so stopping him from doing so would have been a win. There’s still a chance it can be a win for the Democrats if the White House doesn’t play their cards right. The national emergency declaration may or may not get the wall started before the election, so they’ll need to invoke 10 U.S.C. 284 to get it going sooner rather than later.

Of course, the biggest loss for Democrats is their own policies. It may not have the immediate negative impact necessary to affect them in 2020, but it will have a negative impact nonetheless. As drug cartels and criminal illegal immigrants benefit from the insane policies they put in the bill, the only defense the Democrats will have is that a majority of Republicans backed it as well.

Republicans lose because this deal demonstrates their weakness. They were too weak to fight the border wall battle when they had control of the House, Senate, and White House simultaneously. There’s no reason to expect them to have grown a backbone since the midterms, and this bill proves they did not.

They folded on the border wall dollars. They folded on the restrictions placed on the border wall itself. They folded on the number of beds set aside for detained illegal immigrants. They folded on the allowance of what can only be construed as amnesty for future illegal border crossing unaccompanied minor sponsors (it’s a mouthful, but we’ll get into those protections a bit later).

In short, they folded on nearly everything and put the President in a position where his only viable option was to declare the national emergency. Sadly, it means the GOP not only accomplished nothing since the shutdown began, but also demonstrated the shutdown could have easily been avoided by simply caving then instead of waiting two months to cave.

Now, let’s look at everyone other than the parties themselves.

President Trump loses because this deal makes the shutdown look meaningless. It also exposes him to the wrath of conservatives who are both unhappy with the deal itself and infuriated by the massive overreach the national emergency declaration represents.

The only possible way for him to make it out of this mess with chances still intact for a reelection win are if three very specific things happen:

  1. He has to get a good chunk of the wall built before the election.
  2. Crime and illegal immigration numbers must go down before the election.
  3. Somehow, the negative components of this deal cannot come back to haunt him, though that seems unlikely at this point because the negatives are so numerous and utterly horrendous.

But the worst loss of all for the President is that it will be very hard for him to spin the use of a national emergency and creative appropriations to build a wall when he said literally hundreds of times that Mexico was going to pay for it. Yes, this catchy line helped him win the primaries and possibly even the general election, but it’s turning into such an inaccurate campaign promise that it can’t even be called a broken promise anymore. At this point, it appears to be a bald-faced campaign lie.

Most of all, the American people lose, This will be demonstrated on so many levels over the next couple of years that it will be hard to keep track of every instance that this bill makes us less safe, wastes our money, steals from our prosperity potential, and undercuts our sovereignty.

I’ll let Twitter explain this even further:

And the winner is…

Drug cartels, criminal illegal immigrants, and anyone willing and able to take advantage of Washington DC’s stupidity are the only winners from the border omnibus deal. National emergency declarations cannot take away from how bad this is. In fact, it may make it worse.


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