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People with Down Syndrome are indeed expensive in a socialist society



People with Down Syndrome are indeed expensive in a socialist society

If there is any warning to the people to stop listening to socialism siren’s song of “I will take care of you,” the needed deaths of the “unfit” should be that very reason to stop the socialist train and move back towards liberty and freedom.  However, a media hell bent on socialism would never point that out to you, unless they do a story on Iceland and show how great they are reducing the population of those who have any disabilities at all, especially Down Syndrome.

You have heard the stories, that when a pre-born child is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, usually the doctors recommend the mother to terminate the pregnancy, and most of the time down syndrome children are denied the God-given right to life.  Let us not forget how the UK government deemed one baby unfit to live, and left to die without even trying to make one possible attempt to maybe save it from a painful death for the child and the family as well.  Never forget that our media supported Hitler before they had to turn on him.  Truth of the matter is that progressives have been big supporters of eugenics until World War II humbled them, at least for awhile.

In a world of situational ethics in which flawed people try to make up the rules God already made, there will always be those who try to challenge God in their attempt to create heaven on earth.  In a socialist world, people with disabilities like Down Syndrome are costly to society, and eventually to keep the socialist scam going and its powerlords fat and rich, they will have to get rid of people that can’t produce the goods for them.  In God’s economy every human life is precious and wonderfully made.  Also, people that have disabilities like autism and Down Syndrome are part of God’s plan to always expose the so-called wise as the fools they enjoy being (1 Corinthians 1:27).


Grotesque: Watch as Down Syndrome Man told how “Expensive” he is to Society of the thing I am almost constantly having to deal with as one who maintains a steady watch on the news is heartbreak.

Whether the story is about abortion, mass murder, war, poverty, scandal, corruption, crime, or political disagreement, one thing is sure – there is much heartbreak in our world today.

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