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Roy Moore and the need for forgiveness



One thing the progressives have been better at than conservatives is the act of forgiveness.  Right now, certain progressives have been thrown under the bus as of late such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.  With the loss of Roy Moore, I wonder if the likes of Al Franken will get their forgiveness.  The Clinton’s for sure will get their pardon of sorts…again.

Now when it comes to us who call ourselves Republican and conservative, why are we not as forgiving as the progressives?  Are we pushing for perfection in ourselves? Are we so disgusted with the pagans that we want to be sinless?  Are we afraid of the progressives and their pressure on us to hold up our standards while they try to destroy them?  The answer is a combination of the above.  The establishment GOP along with liberty warriors Ted Cruz and Mike Lee basically left Roy Moore to sink or swim.

The allegations were not proven beyond reasonable doubt.  Yet the voters of Alabama have chosen to take their chances with Doug Jones, who is a rabid progressive supporting the socialist agenda of the Democrat Party as well as the pre-born baby murders and the LGBTQ jihad.  You can thank that independent voter in the state who is not active in politics for believing a mainstream media bent on supporting a progressive agenda at all costs.  When push comes to shove you know that they will favor what the ‘objective’ news media tells them.  It is that ‘objective’ media that has helped the progressive agenda move forward with the less active political voter as their useful idiot.

The Republicans and Democrats both live under Duverger’s law.  They only seek to win and win on behalf of their agenda.  Since the Republican establishment is for crony capitalism and preserving any government program that the Democrats have created, these will be the Republicans that they will seek after and put their money into.  So any Republican that falls out of this crony capitalist/socialist partnership agenda will have a tough time winning any elected office, as it was proven with Moore/Jones race.

I honestly believe that Cruz and Lee secretly supported Roy Moore.  They had to play the rigged game of politics, knowing all too well that the progressives deal the cards.  I said I would stand by Moore until it was proven he was smuck. He was just proven to be a flawed candidate, nothing more and nothing less…just like every other ‘perfect’ candidate. Will Moore admit that he is a schmuck now?  We shall see.  Meanwhile, conservatives and especially those that call themselves Christians need to understand the need for forgiveness and the process of restoring the sinner on the path to redemption.

I do believe that Moore made his mistakes when it came to refuting the scandal that was brought upon him and I plan to deal with that in a future post.  While there needs to be discipline for the consequences of bad choices, there needs to be a spiritual rehabilitation/restoration concurring.  Moore presented the law of God in his courtrooms and halls for many years.  Now we need to present the flip side of that law without downplaying it.  The law of grace.  It is a great balance that Christians need to learn once more.  In the future, conservatives and federalists must stand by their candidates until proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are amoral, and not go on allegations alone.

The progressives have so many wicked people in high places and their disciples and admirers are very loyal to a fault.  Their crimes have been proven to be true, but they are let off easy, because of their commitment to a progressive brave new world.  Right now they are sitting back waiting to make that final strike against an enemy that will eat its own.  The progressives have taken a few out, but now with the aftermath of the Alabama special election, they will be back to their old selves.  Defending their immoral players for the greater good of a Marxist/Alinsky utopia.

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