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I have female anatomy, vote for me



The feminists did not want to be judged on female anatomy.  But that appears to be just a lie.  Whatever advances the feminists agenda.  That is what matters and if my lovely lady lumps, humps, and other parts can advance it; so be it.  Steve Deace claims that the ad highlighted undo’s that Betty Friedan envisioned or was it?

I will not be spending my money and time on these Jezebels.

Someone who wants to be a voice for liberty and freedom. Telecom (Radio/TV) Pikes Peak Community College 1993-1998, BS Journalism, minor Political Science, Colorado State University-Pueblo 1999-2004

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Inside the Mitch McConnell circus



Inside tMitch McConnell circus

The sad thing is, it is truly a circus.  The grassroots want Mitch McConnell out of the Senate, and he is telling loud and clear that the answer is No.  It’s no different than the “mouse” trying to get the “wolf’ in their place and make a break for it.  Hey, it’s simply just cold outside you know.

There is a group of conservatives that will always protest the likes of McConnell and they were around when Hoover, Ford, and Bush 41 screwed things up.  There just simply is not enough of them.  For real change to happen all Republicans must unite with the good guys and gals that work hard to do what is right, and winning elections regardless is not one of them.


King Mitch is the star of the stupidest show on Earth a circus! Everything to tantalize the senses from hearing the pompous moralites, to witnessing a Goldman Sachs carnival barker, to smelling the odor coming from the trunk-to-tail-linked highest echelons of the Republican Party. Listen to that calliope play!

And sex? We got it. Anything you want, allegations abound, and we can spend months talking about it, putting everyone’s focus on it, tweeting hot takes about it — all to make the race a sideshow about who is more moral and ethical. Because that’s how you put on the stupidest show on earth.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eyeing 2020 with Puerto Rico visit



New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eyeing 2020 with Puerto Rico visit

The newly-elected, progressive Governor of New Jersey (ex-Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy) is already eyeing 2020.

Murphy led a delegation yesterday to visit Puerto Rico, three months after Hurricane Maria. Digging further, a press release listed an extensive delegation including some curious choices, like appointed health officials from small towns with heavy Spanish-speaking (though not necessarily Puerto Rican-heavy) populations. It also includes the head of a leading Northeastern utility, PSE&G.

Last I checked, PSE&G has absolutely no business in Puerto Rico.

Ostensibly, this is for “relief efforts.” But no source document I could find, including that mentions actual relief efforts. No mention of what’s being brought down there. I suspect that’s because they probably aren’t bringing any relief supplies, no medicine, no equipment. Nothing. It’s just meetings, optics, maybe “fact finding.”

It should be obvious what’s really going on here.

Mainland public officials are going to Puerto Rico to recruit people — Puerto Ricans are birthright American citizens, have been since 1917 — to move to the mainland.

Upon arrival, those Puerto Ricans can legally claim “domicile” and register to vote (that is, if they were citizens to begin with) within any of our 50 states.

But Murphy’s team is looking to pack his state — a deep blue New Jersey which went for Hillary by a 55%-42% margin last year — and other likely settlement destinations (count on them also being blue states) with even more likely Democratic voters.

Murphy just got elected by a double-digit margin in New Jersey, ending eight years of term-limited and integrity-limited Republican Chris Christie’s bad beach manners. He does not take office until January 16, 2018.

Murphy does not need more help in re-election.

This is about the next presidential election.

The progressives are already packing the voter rolls.

But this trip is, very likely, using public funds, whether from Murphy’s transition budget or elsewhere. Given New Jersey’s legendary and current budget problems,

Call this what it is: A taxpayer-funded, Democratic voter-registration drive.

This guy is running for President. He’s already working on votes.

And bet that his delegation is recruiting Puerto Ricans to move to the mainland. Of course, those Puerto Ricans — already citizens — would become eligible to vote in the next Presidential election.

How that use of taxpayer money is legally suspect. These expenditures are subjects that are within the jurisdiction of the Justice Department (which has used its discretion to investigate matters of far less potential impact) to inquire.

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Culture and Religion

Birth of a patriot



Birth of a patriot

Do you remember the first thought that crossed your mind? The fact that our first memory is of some eventful moment years later does not mean that we did not observe and contemplate the environment we were born into. Also, instilled in the human from birth is an instinctive knowledge of right and wrong. This we label as our conscience. I believe our conscience can be fed encouragement during the infant stage of life through receptors that feel the sense of tenderness and love. The flip side of this coin of love is a cold, callous environment where an infant’s emotional receptors languish for lack of nourishment.

Conscience is the strange presence from which we develop scruples and those contentious things called principles. The struggle that we all go through in life is finding a balance between our conscience, as it relates to charitable duty; and providing the basic needs for ourselves and a family; if such be the case.  It is from this conflict that we either emerge somewhat void of our call to duty to do that which our conscience dictates, or we become overwhelmed with the continuous challenge of balancing life’s demands and our desires with the call to duty. When duty calls and is accepted, responsibilities can weigh heavily on the time commitment resulting in a conflict between our desire for pleasures and the sacrifices our resulting responsibilities impose.

Recognizing that we are in constant conflict is the beginning of understanding our intentions when we begin any enterprise requiring thought of future actions. In a sense we are weighing decisions in our mind daily. That is not necessarily the case for those who have buried their sense of duty and neglected to assume responsibilities.

Intent is a forest of many trees. Low lying branches and under brush block our view ahead. Conflicting intentions make each and every action one of indecision. Only the stalwart and pure of heart can formulate actions with perfectly clear intentions. Man being the imperfect creature that he is can seldom produce an outcome that is without evidence of conflicting intentions.

Having said all that, now we need to move on to the intent of this article. The hope is to bring light to some of the constitutional debates that face our nation. Most of these debates on law and constitutionality are decided by the robed figures that were selected to serve on our highest courts. Since the selection of these robed justices were in themselves chosen by imperfect man with agendas dictated by intent, we must admit that their rulings are subject to a measure of scrutiny.

Without taking the effort to provide Biblical proof, I will make the statement that the authors of the books that compile the Bible were the word of God written by mere man inspired by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The holy script reveals the will of God’s natural plan for man with the beautiful revelation of Christ and the liberty of acceptance or rejection.  Thankfully all of humankind are instilled with an inherent conscience. It is up to the family unit and society in general to either feed or starve this emotional receptor.

This finally leads me to the documents pertaining to the forming of Americas government. There are multiple sources one can read and study that lead us to our present Constitution. We had the Articles of Confederation, the many Federalist papers and numerous letters of communication which can all be researched through various sources. Before you begin to have an even cursory look at any of these documents remind yourself of the presence of intent in the mind of any of the authors. We shall make the assertion that, while the authors of the books of the Bible had direct inspiration from God, the inspirations of our founding fathers were taken from the laws conveyed in the Old Testament, the spoken words of Christ and the resulting letters of Christs apostles. Add to that assertion, the fact that the founding fathers were well read pertaining to history of previous cultures and governmental history.

Original intent is a termed coined by many of us that wrestle with all ruling of laws regarding the constitution. One thing we can rest assured of is that the intention of the founding fathers was a patriotic desire to form a government that would be an improvement in the name of individual liberty from the oppressive forms of government that had been ruling their lives before they declared their independence. The Declaration of Independence is a declaration to the world to express the intent and reason for the action of rebellion from oppressive rule. It was a document penned with inspiration and manifest of their intent to restore freedom, liberty and justice to all. It is an excellent example of man taking presence of conscience, moving into the realm of duty and assuming responsibility for their actions.  Behind it all stands intent. If we study the minds of these God-fearing patriotic men and apply that to constitutional considerations, we will come to the conclusion that freedom with a minimal rule of law was their primary intent.

Potential patriots are born every minute. The quality of nutrition through love and encouragement given them at the infant stage will determine the future level of their calling to duty and the responsibilities they assume. The choice to do so is ours, belonging to both parent and society.

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