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The floodgates of sexual harassment accusations are opened and that’s a great thing



The floodgates of sexual harassment accusations are opened and thats a great thing

There’s a tremendous risk with floodgates of any kind being opened up. They can lead to witch hunts that damage innocent people, which then cause skepticism to rise against those with legitimate claims. This is a terrible potential cycle of events that doesn’t end well for anyone.

So far (knock on wood), that hasn’t been the case with the floodgates of sexual misconduct accusations made against men of power. Most of them have been credible with the media doing its job of researching and verifying as much as possible before publishing. There have been exceptions, but as we’ve seen lately, the majority of the claims have been accompanied by enough evidence and credibility for the accusers that clear lines can be drawn, at least in the court of public opinion and professional status.

Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, John Conyers, Bill O’Reilly, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., George H.W. Bush, and Charlie Rose can all be viewed as having committed some form of sexual misconduct without question. Garrison Keillor and Roy Moore deny their allegations, though some if not most believe there’s validity to claims against them. Is the accuracy of the claims so far a product of good journalistic standards? To some extent, yes. Major news outlets are very particular about claims like these; the only thing worse than missing a story is publishing a demonstrably false one. What’s overlooked by some is the fact that this is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now that it’s been proven acceptable to make these claims without getting destroyed by powerful men or the media, those who have committed the acts should all be sweating. They’re the ones in the barrel and nobody’s going to have sympathy for them if credible accusations come forth.

In other words, the days of Bill and Hillary Clinton terrorizing accusers are over. It’s now safe to make the claims.

Most attribute the floodgates being opened to Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, but it was actually made plausible by the take-down of powerful Fox News personalities that helped alert the victims. Until Roger Ailes’ fall from grace, there was still a fear that society wasn’t ready to listen to the victims. When he fell, the crack formed in the shield of fear. Weinstein’s accusers were the dramatic breaking of the crack into a full-blown hole and the rest is history.

Why now? Nancy Pelosi believes it’s because of Donald Trump’s election, but that’s ludicrous. Again, it was workplace harassment by Ailes well before accusations came out against Trump that signaled the coast was clear for victims to make their accusations. Had Clinton won the election, we’d likely still be seeing pretty much the same accusations. In fact, leftist pundits would be hailing the opening of the floodgates as a direct result of electing a female president.

These are strange times for the people as some of our favorite icons (I really loved Spacey’s acting) are falling. They’re exciting times for the media as we now have someone new to go after pretty much every day. They’re terrifying times for men in power who have committed similar acts. Unfortunately, there are likely many, many of them. As crazy as it may seem, we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg. Power yields feelings of invincibility. There are dozens of other Weinsteins in Hollywood just as there are dozens of other Conyers in DC. Lauer, O’Reilly, and Rose are just the first men behind the desk to take the hit. More will come.

It takes a certain degree of narcissism to be successful in Hollywood, DC, or behind the news desk. This is why I’m certain we’re going to see many more accusations in the coming weeks. This is the purge these three industries needed. It also represents the awakening we needed in America. It’s not a feminist awakening, though some will call it that. In reality, it’s one of the few positive side-effects of political correctness run amok. Denying accusations without a justifiable reason to do so is no longer acceptable. Defending men in power isn’t, either.

Many are calling them men anti-feminist which fuels claims that this is a feminist awakening. These men aren’t necessarily opposed to feminism. They’re in favor of their own pleasure, self-empowerment, and delusions of grandeur that manifest in treating their inferiors as disposable. That’s the big win out of all this. The removal of the unchecked narcissists from positions of power will turn out to be a great moment in American history when we look back in ten to twenty years. Even today, it’s being viewed as a positive.

Now is not the time to fear. There will be false accusations, but hopefully they’ll be debunked quickly and there won’t be enough of them to dilute the impact of the real ones. This purge has been a long time coming. When it’s done (and yes, it does have a foreseeable end), the three most impacted arenas (Hollywood, DC, and America’s news desks) will be better as a result.

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LeSean McCoy domestic violence accusation: the “Hold My Beer” of recent NFL player scandals



Players getting into trouble off the field is nothing new for the NFL, but the accusations levied against LeSean McCoy on Instagram tops the accusations made and found true against the likes of Ray Rice, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, and countless others. This follows a recent arrest of former Seattle Seahawk, Brandon Browner, being charged with attempted murder. 

Shady McCoy is publicly accused of illegal drugs, PED, animal abuse, domestic abuse, and child abuse. The seriousness of the accusations alone could endanger his career. Like any person guilty or innocent, McCoy took to denying the accusations, claiming to have had no direct contact with them in months.

But the evidence is being gathered. Police say they are investigating a home invasion of the victim’s residence. So far, McCoy has not been named a person of interest.

Furthermore TMZ reports that the victim has lawyered up and named LeSean McCoy as the orchestrater of the attack. This changes the narrative from the original IG post, but in no way lessens the severity. As of now, McCoy stands accused of sending people to do this attack.

TMZ Report:

Delicia Cordon has hired attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham — who issued a statement saying Delicia was sleeping early Tuesday morning when a man entered her Georgia home and pistol whipped her.

Graham says the assailant demanded specific items of jewelry that had been given to her by McCoy — jewelry that McCoy had previously demanded she return to him. She claims the victim also sustained injuries to her wrist when the assailant tried to rip off her bracelet.

Graham claims before the incident, McCoy “would often suggest to Ms. Cordon that she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive.”

Graham — who’s joined by associate attorneys Demetrius Price and Kiarra Brown — never straight-up accuses McCoy of criminal activity, but strongly implies it.

For example, Graham claims the assailant entered the house with NO signs of forced entry. She also claims McCoy changed the security system at the house and did not give Cordon access to the new one.

She also claims McCoy has a documented history of having other people do his dirty work for him — and references the time he allegedly ordered other people to evict her from his home in June and remove her furniture from the house.

Graham says despite the fact Cordon and McCoy have had a relationship since 2016, he has NOT called to check in on her since the details of the violent attack went public.

Final Thoughts

LeSean McCoy doesn’t have a reputation for being a model citizen. As Smitty of Barstool Sports notes:

The odds of Shady McCoy being guilty are high. That being said, the NFL doesn’t wait for due process. Otherwise Ezekiel Elliott wouldn’t have undergone a 6 game suspension. They will have to act as this scandal is prime to escalate and disrupt the storyline of the upcoming season.

Originally published on Startup Christ.

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NBA players choose collusion over competition



In every other sports league, there is competition among the franchises. The NFL has new teams rising and falling every year. Baseball is a whole new season, come October. The NHL playoffs are perhaps the most exciting competition in all of sports. In college basketball, a 16 beat a 1. Yet in opposition to its fellow sports leagues, the NBA is entirely predictable.

The offseason has brought excitement with the long-anticipated relocation of LeBron James. But him landing in Los Angeles was the guess of most pundits amateur and professional. The Lakers are now a playoff contender barring injury. But even away from the Cavs, LeBron is still no match for Golden State.

Superteams are bad for sports

Having the best players fall on one team is fine and dandy when it is natural and done over time. The New York Yankees are among the top contenders in baseball. Contrary to stereotype, they are talented because they established an excellent farm system. It is completely fair for them to end up being the best (again). If Derek Jeter’s strategy works, the Marlins will turn themselves around.

The Warriors are a different story. Yes, they drafted well and traded well. But then they sign Kevin Durant, a top player. Then they sign DaMarcus Cousins, another top player. Cousins. Both of these players shamelessly sold out for the privilege of being on a winning team. Durant joining the Warrior is the equivalent of Ovechkin joining the Penguins. But he didn’t because he cares about his legacy and not his rings. Cousins was perhaps just as bad seeing as he took a deal well below his market value even if injured.

One cannot blame the Warriors for preserving their dynasty which increased the team value 19% in the last year according to Forbes. It’s good for their business, in a league where several teams can’t break past $20 million in operating income. But the league will suffer. The NBA has largely benefited from people enjoying the ride, but it’s inescapable how anticlimactic the end is. The Warriors win. The 2019 NBA finals is already similarly boring, in that, everyone who isn’t a hopeless dreamer already knows the outcome.

The NBA needs to save the competitiveness of its league. A handful of teams now compose the NBA, whilst the others are relegated to being developmental feeding grounds. Top players aren’t interested in rivalry with each other. Rather, they prefer to join forces even to the point of destroying the competition the league was known for. An NBA ring is depreciated in its value, at least if you are a Warrior. Yet players aren’t against colluding for a piece of jewelry at the expense of their honor. This fundamental cultural flaw won’t go away on its own. The NBA should strongly consider curbing this trend either through stricter salary caps or some other creative means.

So far they’ve been content to let ESPN dictate their trajectory and competitive strategy. It seems worth it to leave the elephant unaddressed so long as there’s a raging debate between Team Jordan and the Bronsexuals. Such contentment now has James in the same conference as the Warriors making 2019 a much less exciting finals.

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The AAF is the NFL’s newest worry



Two months ago, the NFL’s long-term demise may have been spelled by the revival of the XFL. The XFL was initially a football league in 2001, but now Vince McMahon wants to revive it. While announcements about the XFL have been dormant since January, a new player is emerging and faster. The Alliance of American Football or the AAF has been formed and will play a 2019 season the week after the Superbowl.

The AAF, in contrast, Vince McMahon and the XFL have given more concise answers to the many questions asked. Make no mistake, the AAF is a substantially more potent threat than the XFL. The AAF not only is going to begin a year earlier but also has TV contracts ready with CBS. The AAF will also stream games and incorporate fantasy football.

The biggest reason the AAF is a threat is management. The AAF is founded by Charlie Ebersol, who has worked for the NFL and sports media. He even made a documentary as to why the 2001 XFL failed. The AAF also has a number of credible football players serving as executives and advisers. Among them are Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Jared Allen, and Justin Tuck. The AAF also has the legendary team builder and executive Bill Polian. A B-List idea with A-Team management is a recipe for success in business. This is why the AAF has garnered the backing of venture capitalist firms such Founders Fund featuring the country’s top VC, Peter Thiel ad Cherning Group.

The AAF during its announcement stated that it would fill a void where the NFL ends in February. In this void, many sports fans stop watching sports and stop participating in fantasy sports. The AAF also wants to reach the large pool of college football players who don’t wind up in the NFL. Other sports have multiple professional leagues in the NFL.

The AAF will have 8 teams, 10 games, and a two-week playoff. In eliminating injuries and maintaining excitement, the AAF is eliminating the kickoff, and will instead start the 25-yard line. For teams seeking an onside kick, will have 4th and 10 on their 35. The extra point is eliminated; teams have to go for 2. Teams will have two replays a game. To speed the game, the play clock will be 30 seconds, matching the increasing pace of the game. The AAF will also change the way players are compensated with win bonuses, stat bonuses, and fan engagement bonuses. On top of these bonuses, the league will also provide scholarships for their future off the field.

For fans, the tickets and concessions will be cheap. This is in sharp contrast to the NFL where tickets prices are rising even for mediocre teams. TV timeouts will also be done away with. Commercials will only take place during natural breaks. In April the cities will be announced. Note: they’ve already been decided, but they want us talking about it later, something that isn’t happening with the XFL.



Unlike the XFL, the Alliance of American Football announced its existence with far more questions answered. While the Alliance didn’t touch on the National Anthem or criminal records, they also answered far more questions about their gameplay than Vince McMahon’s vague announcement. While the NFL has a complement in the Alliance of American Football, this alliance may in years to come be a fierce competitor. In the meantime, rather than being disruptive, Charlie Ebersol and his staff are focusing on being useful. This strategy is far more conducive to long-term success.

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