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Socialism is for suckers: Venezuela



Since socialists are unwilling or unable to look at what their philosophy does to people, Firewall host Bill Whittle shows us what it is doing to the animals, and asks how the richest person in Venezuela just happens to be the daughter of the socialist former President of that starving country.

H/T: Bill

Then there is what the Socialist Regime of Nicolas Maduro is doing to the people:

It’s not What You Know, it’s What You’ve Documented

The 85-page report, “Crackdown on Dissent: Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution in Venezuela,” documents 88 cases involving at least 314 people, many of whom described being subjected to serious human rights violations in Caracas and 13 states between April and September 2017. Security force personnel beat detainees severely and tortured them with electric shocks, asphyxiation, sexual assault, and other brutal techniques. Security forces also used disproportionate force and carried out violent abuses against people in the streets, and arbitrarily arrested and prosecuted government opponents. While it was not the first crackdown on dissent under Maduro, the scope and severity of the repression in 2017 reached levels unseen in Venezuela in recent memory.

H/T:  Caracas chronicles

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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Don’t let the Democrats off the hook for their shutdown



Dont let the Democrats off the hook for their shutdown

Now that the government shutdown is ending after three days, most of America wants to move on. We should, of course, but we shouldn’t allow the idiocy and hypocrisy of this shutdown to fade with the news cycle. Conservatives and Federalists should hold onto the debacle the Democrats forced and remind people in this election year of one important fact:

Democrats willfully hurt American citizens to gain favor with illegal immigrants and their proponents.

This shutdown was a feint. It had the sole intention of pretending that they’re the party that is fighting for Dreamers. That narrative was on the verge of shifting as most Republicans and the President have signaled they will protect Dreamers through proper legislation. The amnesty they will be passing in February or early March will give as many as 3.2 million Dreamers more protections than they had under President Obama’s executive order.

That’s a narrative the Democrats wanted to steal back from the GOP. That’s why they shutdown the government.

While I don’t support Republicans and their push to strengthen DACA, I definitely oppose Democrats and their desire to flood the country with as many left-leaning voters as possible. Until we can build an alternative to the lesser-of-two-evils system America currently has, we should pick our sides on issues based upon what is best for the nation.

The messaging of the Democrats’ actions should be reiterated regularly going forward and heavily when election season ramps up. The sad part is their actions haven’t helped Dreamers or increased the probability of a legislative DACA fix. All they did was put their stamp on it so they can take more credit with an uninformed electorate.

Remember the Democrats’ lies:

Schumer’s Democrats are using a pile of myths to support his shutdown fever has officially hit Washington. As Congress struggles to come to an agreement to get the government back to work, Capitol Hill is awash in indignant finger pointing, Twitter posturing and shutdown drink specials for furloughed employees.

Amidst all the breathless reporting and hyperbole, what’s real and what’s fake news is getting harder to distinguish. Here’s a look at what’s actually happening.

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California’s Marxist Assemblymen McCarty & Ting



On Thursday, January 18, 2018, California Democratic Assemblymen Kevin McCarty of Sacramento and Phil Ting of San Francisco announced due to Republicans cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent, or a 14 percent decrease, that it only seemed reasonable to raise the corporate tax rate in California because these corporations, according to McCarty, can now afford to give some of the money back to Californians who need the help.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

The proposal from McCarty and Ting creates a new tax for businesses in California, which already has a state corporate tax rate of 8.84 percent. Companies with annual net income of more than $1 million in California would pay an additional surcharge of 7 percent, or half their savings from the recent federal tax cut.

So California based corporations like Apple will be hit with a 7 percent state tax increase. This announcement comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement that over the next five years they will contribute over $350 billion to the US economy and create thousands of jobs. They will also repatriate billions of dollars to invest in the US due to the new tax plan.

So if logic serves me well, it seems that Apple wanting to invest in places like California where it is based and presumably hire thousands of Californians with high-wage jobs is a good thing because it would expand the tax base and remove people for social services.

Unfortunately, these assemblymen think they know how best to spend Apple’s money than Apple, which is one of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations.

So when Apple issues a press release on the 17th of January, stating that due to the tax cut, they are accelerating their investment and job creation in the US, in turn, these assemblymen come out the following day with a proposed tax increase on Apple.

And people wonder why I’m running to be California’s next chief financial officer and State Controller and how I ever came up with the idea of Trickle-up-Taxation; a plan that strips power and most taxing authority away from the hands of Sacramento politicians and brings those decisions closer to home.

The policies coming out of Sacramento are not just void of any semblance or modicum of a basic understanding of economics. What is coming out of Sacramento is Marxism.

Marxism in Action

That is correct; you heard me right, what these Assemblymen are proposing is Marxism.

They understand that these corporations (bourgeoisie) are the engine that currently creates wealth, but through their legislative actions, they criticize these corporations, even if they are progressively run corporations like Apple, as morally bankrupt because even Apple ignores and alienates workers/customers (proletariat).

Remember, to the progressive Marxist, corporations are inherently evil, even when progressives run them (e.g., Apple) because it is the nature of capitalism to exploit the worker. Thus, only government is truly good and can bring harmony and equality to society.

Therefore, it is up to them (the government/ruling class) to take corporation’s (bourgeoisie) wealth (e.g., high corporate tax rates) and redistribute it (e.g., social services) to the common people (proletariat).

These assemblymen will not come out and state they are Marxist, and they might not even think they are but have no doubt, these assemblymen and the policies coming out of the California Democratic Party are rooted in Marxist ideology and economic theory.

New Tax Plan – New Reality

California has been shielded from its bad economic policies because California is one of the most desirable places to live in the world and before this new tax plan, it was shielded from higher federal taxes.

That is right, before this new tax plan, California could get away with higher taxes because they knew that if they taxed you more, it just meant you would be taxed less federally. You’re paying those tax dollars regardless. You’re not keeping that as extra money. You’re either paying it to Sacramento or D.C.

So now with a limit on state and local tax deductions (SALT), you better change your Marxist ways Sacramento, or you’ll start seeing companies like Apple and those millionaires and billionaires that California depends on might just be packing up and moving out of state.

Your attempt to create an artificial 100 percent SALT deduction as proposed by State Senate Majority Leader Kevin de León, to protect these millionaires and billionaires from higher taxes will not work.

The new tax plan was a game changer and the cop-out that we’re the sixth largest economy in the world, and somehow we are too big to fail (e.g., Soviet Union, Venezuela), won’t pass muster.

We need a new direction, and new leadership in Sacramento and I hope to help lead the way as California’s next CFO and State Controller.

Konstantinos Roditis is a candidate for California State Controller. You can learn more about his campaign at, and you can follow him on Twitter & Facebook.

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DOJ to retry Menendez



DOJ to retry Menendez

Senator Bob Menendez had hopes his day in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons was over after a jury failed to reach a verdict in his federal corruption case late last year. Those days away from the spotlight may soon be over for the Democrat as the Department of Justice announced their intentions to retry him and his co-defendant Salomon Melgen.

Feds intend to retry Menendez and Melgen ‘at the earliest possible date’“The United States files this notice of intent to retry the defendants and requests that the Court set the case for retrial at the earliest possible date,” reads the one-paragraph notice signed by AnnaLou Tirol, acting chief of the department’s public integrity section. “Defendants Robert Menendez and Salomon Melgen have been indicted for bribery and corruption by two separate grand juries properly impaneled in the District of New Jersey. The first trial ended in a mistrial with a deadlocked jury. An early retrial date is in the best interests of the public, and the United States is available to schedule a retrial at the Court’s earliest convenience.”

My Take

I’m no lawyer, but the evidence against Menendez is pretty clear cut. An unfavorable jury and bungling by prosecutors made it hard for the jury to reach a verdict while mainstream media essentially ignored the story until the verdict. I hope to see justice served.

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