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CNN, other mainstream media outlets should push the reset button, start over with Trump



CNN other mainstream media outlets should push the reset button start over with Trump

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m not a fan of President Trump. To me, he was handed the GOP nomination over much better candidates by a mainstream media who felt their best chance of force-feeding Hillary Clinton to us was by elevating Trump. That makes Trump and the media two of my least favorite things.

Whenever I scan headlines, my eye is always caught by articles critical of the President. I look at the source. If it’s CNN, Washington Post, or a handful of other ultra-anti-Trump outlets, I pass. Their abundance of bias makes their headlines irrelevant to me and I’m sure I’m not alone. Even NeverTrumpers have standards; we want to hear bad things about Trump from sources that don’t naturally hate him.

It got me thinking that if they really want to hit the President, they need to rebuild their relationship with him as well as their audience. At this point, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that CNN hates Trump. His ongoing hits against them sting much harder than anything they publish about him. They keep hitting, but the punches aren’t landing.

Never has the credibility of American media been as tainted as it is today. It’s not just the President’s attacks. The sexual misconduct challenges that started with Fox News last year and continued through Harvey Weinstein’s fall until today when news personalities seem to be dropping every day or two.

If I ran CNN, I would put out a statement like this:

“Since just before the 2016 elections until today, our editorial breakdown has been slanted against President Trump. This wasn’t due to mandate from our editors or ownership. It was a natural trend that originated from our staffers themselves, most of whom supported Hillary Clinton. Our intention as a news outlet is to be a balanced source for all Americans regardless of which side of the political fence they’re on. To make this a reality, we’re expanding our editorial staff to include more diversity in ideologies. We hope this will help us regain trust with our audience and promote better dialogue with the White House.”

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no chance they would ever do such a thing. We’re now in the realm of the purely hypothetical, so let’s take it all the way. If any major news organization did this, they’d risk being ridiculed by the President. Then again, he may consider it a victory and call a truce.

Either way, it would be short-lived. Even if they trickle in a handful of pro-Trump pieces, they’d still be slanted and the President would hit them for it. At this point, there’s nothing else they can do other than what they’re currently doing: doubling-down.


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