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America needs a change of perspective on DC’s role



America needs a change of perspective on DCs role

There was a time, so I’ve heard, when civics class in high school imparted basic principles of our republic and the constitutional restraints imposed on government. Specifically, Americans were shown the federal government’s role was limited, Congress needed to act only within the constraints of their enumerated powers, the executive branch wan’t supposed to use loopholes to legislate, and the Supreme Court determined legality based on the Constitution.

Those lessons have been lost on recent generations. Washington DC has been accumulating “responsibilities” for decades now. Most Americans have simply grown accustomed to the federal government being involved with pretty much everything. Even issues that very clearly do not belong in their hands such as healthcare and marriage have had DC impose the “law of the land” to rein over them. This trend needs to stop.

Before we get into that, we have to understand how it happened so we can prevent it from happening in the future if and when we’re able to finally draw back their power.

Free stuff wins elections

The Democrats of yesteryear learned a very important lesson from FDR and others: if you give people free stuff, they’ll vote for you. Free stuff can be as simple as welfare and government-supplied employment or it can be as complex as healthcare and education, but invariably this free stuff comes at a great cost. We see this cost manifested directly through massive taxation; even the GOP’s proposed tax cut bill is more than we should be supplying to the national government. Those who look behind the curtain realize this cost has manifested in huge ways with the outrageous budgets, massive waste, and a gargantuan national debt.

It’s all about votes. The Republican Party has embraced this notion even if they pretend like they don’t. They’ll campaign on fiscal conservatism, then practice the complete opposite with Democratesque fiscal irresponsibility. We saw a glaring example of this with the Obamacare repeal we’ve been promised for seven years. Now that they actually have all the pieces in place to make it happen, they presented us with several replacement bills that do very little to actually repeal anything. These bills were redistribution schemes that kept the core of government-run and taxpayer-subsidized health insurance completely intact. Even with these atrocious “repeal and replacement” bills that were actually “tweak and rebrand” maneuvers, they still couldn’t put a bill on the President’s desk. Was it because there were enough conservatives in both chambers who saw through the facade of these non-repeals? No. Some did, but most of them went along with it. The bills didn’t pass because some Republicans felt they weren’t quite fiscally irresponsible enough.

Why couldn’t they just pass the full repeal they proudly placed on President Obama’s desk in 2015? Because they knew President Trump wouldn’t veto it. As always, they put on the show of limiting government but only as a bluff. When they have the opportunity to actually do it, they intentionally fumble. Why? Because they believe (falsely) that the optics of “taking away healthcare from millions” would doom them in the midterm elections.

Free stuff wins elections. Taking away free stuff loses elections. With this knowledge, how can we have any hope that we can reverse the expansion of DC’s size and scope?

The truth is against them

Ask any American if they trust government and believe that DC should be more involved in our lives. Most would shout a resounding “no!” Then ask why they continue to support people who give us government-run… everything. You’ll get various responses and you won’t be able to change anyone’s mind with this line of questioning. That’s the real problem we face as a nation. We’ve generally been indoctrinated into the thinking that government needs to fix the bulk of our problems.

Here’s the truth of the matter: the vast majority of things DC tries to fix fails miserably. Most Americans know this in their hearts, but they persist on believing the failure isn’t in government’s involvement but because the wrong people with the wrong ideas are in charge. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. Most people willfully ignore that it doesn’t matter which party is in control at any given time because the steady trend of decadence never ends. It’s always broken. From the Department of Education to the Environmental Protection Agency, we see nothing but failure after failure with a handful of occasional public relations wins sprinkled in.

The only way to put an end to this trend is to educate enough Americans about how government is really supposed to run. Parents, teachers, schools, school districts, cities, and states should be making decisions about education. Nobody outside of a state’s border should be able to get in between doctor and patient. The examples of how we limit government, particularly the trickle-down policies of Washington DC, are limitless. The examples of why we limit government (their abundant failures) are equally limitless. The truth is on our side.

There’s one piece of this puzzle that’s missing. How do we do this? How can we make Americans, whether conservative or liberal, understand that the best solutions come from individuals, states, and everywhere in-between with limited interference from DC? I wish I knew that answer. In fact, I’m actively trying to figure that out.

If the people can ever be made to realize many of the problems we face today are direct or indirect effects of expanding government, we’d have an opportunity to make real change. That real change can only happen when the people demand the federal government focus on what the Constitution allows on its plate. Everything else, as the 10th Amendment declares, “are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



  1. alienmotives

    November 28, 2017 at 1:07 am

    Just saw a diary on RedState about the attempted coup for the Federalist Party. While never officially a member, I did – and do – promote it and will continue to do so only so long as people like the founders are in charge of it. Thank you for all you do, and have done.

  2. Michelle Laflamme

    November 28, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    JD, we are working on this solution you seek. Convention of States Project has become an enormous opportunity for citizens to realize their role as self-governed grassroots activists. The project gets them involved with the state legislators and they see, first hand, how their petition and participation influences the decisions made by our state lawmakers. In the process they become students of the Constitution and understand the meaning of Federalism. I have learned so much being a part of this organization and am now State Director here in Florida. We see and appreciate the need for an informed and engaged electorate that will place good Constitution honoring servants into office at all levels. We’re all in this together and the fight continues on several fronts for this noble and just cause that is vital to save our republic. Take heart, dear friend. You are recognized and trusted and appreciated. Fight on.

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16 states hit 9th Circuit to sue President Trump, as expected



16 states hit 9th Circuit to sue President Trump as expected

It was one of the most replayed parts of President Trump’s announcement regarding his national emergency declaration last Friday – a sing-song moment as the President predicted the declaration would be made, Democrats would sue, they’d go through the 9th circuit, and their decision will hopefully be overturned by the Supreme Court. So far, he’s been absolutely correct as 16 states have filed against the declaration.

New York, California, 14 other states sue Trump in Ninth Circuit over emergency declaration attorneys general of California, New York, and 14 other states on Monday filed a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit against the White House’s recent national emergency declaration over border security, claiming President Trump has “veered the country toward a constitutional crisis of his own making.”

President Trump sarcastically had predicted the lawsuit last week. He’s slammed the Ninth Circuit multiple times as “disgraceful” and politically biased.

My Take

This is their right, and while it may annoy those who support building the border wall, it would be a mistake to condemn these states for trying to stop it. This is part of the way our nation is intended to operate. If one or more states feel the need to challenge the authority of Washington DC, they should be able to make their case before the courts. If the courts make decisions based on the Constitution, then the end result will be the accurate and righteous one.

That’s how this was all intended.

I’m not suggesting the 9th Circuit is going to treat this fairly, nor am I confident the Supreme Court will make its decision solely on the Constitution, but until things are changed, this is what we’ve got. Attempts to subvert any component of this system from the President’s right to declare the emergency to the states’ rights to challenge it to the courts’ responsibility to make a ruling about it all would be to denounce the foundation upon which this nation was built.

There was a way this could have been avoided. Had the President and the GOP decided to have the debate over the wall while they had power over the House, Senate, and White House, they would have been in better position to get the wall going by now. Unfortunately, they an improper political calculation to hold off on the wall debate until after the midterm elections, and now it’s costing the American citizens. It costs us money to sit here through the shutdown and the legal battle over the national emergency declaration. It’s costing us time; the wall should be much further along by now. It may end up costing us the wall altogether if they aren’t able to make a strong case before the Supreme Court.

We are in the midst of a crisis at the border, one that has been going on for decades. Let’s not exacerbate the crisis by adding a Constitutional crisis on top. This needs to play all the way out.


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Leftist media pushes back on Green New Deal criticism



Leftist media pushes back on Green New Deal criticism

It’s been an up-and-down couple of weeks for proponents of the Green New Deal. Before details were released, it was already being heralded as the greatest thing since President Obama’s election. Then, the details came out and even many on the left were taken aback by the ambitious and incoherent provisions of the deal as detailed in a FAQ section on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s government web page.

But that was just a draft. They took it down. At least that was the story.

Unfortunately for proponents, they were caught a little flat-footed as questions started pouring in about, well, all of it. Even if we dismiss the less-draconian concepts such as eliminating air travel or the less-sane ideas like taking care of those who are unwilling to work, the left is still stuck with a proposal that the most frugal estimates put at costing around $7 trillion while other’s consider the decade-long cost to be in the HUNDREDS of trillions of dollars.

This is, of course, ludicrous. There’s not enough money in the entire world to pay for the proposal if its cost is somewhere between the lowest and highest estimates, but that hasn’t stopped leftist media from regrouping. Now that the dust has settled a little bit, they’re doing everything they can to recommit to this concept. It’s not that they suddenly believe in this fairy tale. It’s that they don’t want this to be the issue Republicans attack in the 2020 elections.

One article in particular that I read from CNN (yes, sometimes I need to see what the other side is thinking) really struck me for its honesty about the situation. Though I stopped reading it in paragraph two when it referred to “non-partisan” PolitiFact, I went back to it just now to digest the awfulness fully (see the sacrifices I make for our readers!).

To be clear, much of what this article says is correct. It asserts the GOP will take the tenets of the Green New Deal and use it to scare voters into thinking it’s even worse than Obamacare. From 2010 through 2016, Republicans attacked Obamacare incessantly and it worked, giving them the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the White House in 2016. Unfortunately, they stopped there and didn’t actually go after Obamacare with the same fervor they held in their campaign rhetoric and now the Democrats have turned the issue on its head.

But here’s the thing. Obamacare may have been bad, but the Green New Deal truly is worse. It’s not even close. Even if we take at face value the notion that the Green New Deal is simply an ambitious framework around which real legislation can be forged, we have to look at the core issues entailed in order to see the true damage it can do. This is a socialist document. It’s a call for the same levels of insanity that drive the Medicare-for-All movement. Within its frivolous attempts to change perceptions of air travel, cows, and job creation is a deep-rooted desire to convert Americans to needing more government.

NOQ Report needs your support.

The Green New Deal represents the far-left’s desire to make more American dependent on government. At the same time, it aims to increase the levels of dependency for those who are already in need of assistance. It wants Democrats to latch their wagons on the notion that if we become a militantly environmentalist nation, that will serve the dual purpose of giving us fulfillment while saving the planet.

I believe most leftist journalists understand this, but they see in the ridiculous framework a path through which Republicans can be defeated wholesale in 2020 as long as the left can control the narrative surrounding the Green New Deal. They fear another Obamacare counterinsurgency that would wipe out the anti-Trump gains they made in 2018, so they’ve adopted a stance that the Green New Deal isn’t as bad as Fox News says it is. Meanwhile, they’re doing everything they can to say, “look over here and not at the Green New Deal.”

The politics behind what the Green New Deal represents is more in play than the tenets of the proposal itself, at least in the eyes of leftist media. It’s not that they want to promote the concept. They simply don’t want the concept to derail their party in the next election.


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Culture and Religion

Louis Farrakhan refers to Ilhan Omar as ‘sweetheart,’ prompting zero outrage



Louis Farrakhan refers to Ilhan Omar as sweetheart prompting zero outrage

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan referred to Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as “Sweetheart” as he addressed her during a speaking engagement on Sunday. He apparently caught his faux pas and immediately justified the remark, but at that point the moniker which many consider to be sexist or misogynistic had already been noted.

Nevertheless, it didn’t cause the stir one might expect. As a far-left progressive, Omar is known for being a feminist icon on Capitol Hill even though she hasn’t been in office for a full two months yet. As our EIC noted, the lack of a rebuke was because of the source, not because she now feels it’s okay to refer to her as “sweetheart.”

The statement came as Farrakhan was telling Omar she shouldn’t be sorry for the statements she made last week about Israel, AIPAC, and Jewish influence in Washington DC, particularly over Republicans.

In a world where consistency was still considered a virtue, followers of Omar would be wondering why she’s not expressing outrage over the belittling reference from a powerful man. But the world isn’t consistent and Farrakhan always gets a pass.


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