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America needs a change of perspective on DC’s role



America needs a change of perspective on DCs role

There was a time, so I’ve heard, when civics class in high school imparted basic principles of our republic and the constitutional restraints imposed on government. Specifically, Americans were shown the federal government’s role was limited, Congress needed to act only within the constraints of their enumerated powers, the executive branch wan’t supposed to use loopholes to legislate, and the Supreme Court determined legality based on the Constitution.

Those lessons have been lost on recent generations. Washington DC has been accumulating “responsibilities” for decades now. Most Americans have simply grown accustomed to the federal government being involved with pretty much everything. Even issues that very clearly do not belong in their hands such as healthcare and marriage have had DC impose the “law of the land” to rein over them. This trend needs to stop.

Before we get into that, we have to understand how it happened so we can prevent it from happening in the future if and when we’re able to finally draw back their power.

Free stuff wins elections

The Democrats of yesteryear learned a very important lesson from FDR and others: if you give people free stuff, they’ll vote for you. Free stuff can be as simple as welfare and government-supplied employment or it can be as complex as healthcare and education, but invariably this free stuff comes at a great cost. We see this cost manifested directly through massive taxation; even the GOP’s proposed tax cut bill is more than we should be supplying to the national government. Those who look behind the curtain realize this cost has manifested in huge ways with the outrageous budgets, massive waste, and a gargantuan national debt.

It’s all about votes. The Republican Party has embraced this notion even if they pretend like they don’t. They’ll campaign on fiscal conservatism, then practice the complete opposite with Democratesque fiscal irresponsibility. We saw a glaring example of this with the Obamacare repeal we’ve been promised for seven years. Now that they actually have all the pieces in place to make it happen, they presented us with several replacement bills that do very little to actually repeal anything. These bills were redistribution schemes that kept the core of government-run and taxpayer-subsidized health insurance completely intact. Even with these atrocious “repeal and replacement” bills that were actually “tweak and rebrand” maneuvers, they still couldn’t put a bill on the President’s desk. Was it because there were enough conservatives in both chambers who saw through the facade of these non-repeals? No. Some did, but most of them went along with it. The bills didn’t pass because some Republicans felt they weren’t quite fiscally irresponsible enough.

Why couldn’t they just pass the full repeal they proudly placed on President Obama’s desk in 2015? Because they knew President Trump wouldn’t veto it. As always, they put on the show of limiting government but only as a bluff. When they have the opportunity to actually do it, they intentionally fumble. Why? Because they believe (falsely) that the optics of “taking away healthcare from millions” would doom them in the midterm elections.

Free stuff wins elections. Taking away free stuff loses elections. With this knowledge, how can we have any hope that we can reverse the expansion of DC’s size and scope?

The truth is against them

Ask any American if they trust government and believe that DC should be more involved in our lives. Most would shout a resounding “no!” Then ask why they continue to support people who give us government-run… everything. You’ll get various responses and you won’t be able to change anyone’s mind with this line of questioning. That’s the real problem we face as a nation. We’ve generally been indoctrinated into the thinking that government needs to fix the bulk of our problems.

Here’s the truth of the matter: the vast majority of things DC tries to fix fails miserably. Most Americans know this in their hearts, but they persist on believing the failure isn’t in government’s involvement but because the wrong people with the wrong ideas are in charge. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. Most people willfully ignore that it doesn’t matter which party is in control at any given time because the steady trend of decadence never ends. It’s always broken. From the Department of Education to the Environmental Protection Agency, we see nothing but failure after failure with a handful of occasional public relations wins sprinkled in.

The only way to put an end to this trend is to educate enough Americans about how government is really supposed to run. Parents, teachers, schools, school districts, cities, and states should be making decisions about education. Nobody outside of a state’s border should be able to get in between doctor and patient. The examples of how we limit government, particularly the trickle-down policies of Washington DC, are limitless. The examples of why we limit government (their abundant failures) are equally limitless. The truth is on our side.

There’s one piece of this puzzle that’s missing. How do we do this? How can we make Americans, whether conservative or liberal, understand that the best solutions come from individuals, states, and everywhere in-between with limited interference from DC? I wish I knew that answer. In fact, I’m actively trying to figure that out.

If the people can ever be made to realize many of the problems we face today are direct or indirect effects of expanding government, we’d have an opportunity to make real change. That real change can only happen when the people demand the federal government focus on what the Constitution allows on its plate. Everything else, as the 10th Amendment declares, “are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

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  1. alienmotives

    November 28, 2017 at 1:07 am

    Just saw a diary on RedState about the attempted coup for the Federalist Party. While never officially a member, I did – and do – promote it and will continue to do so only so long as people like the founders are in charge of it. Thank you for all you do, and have done.

  2. Michelle Laflamme

    November 28, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    JD, we are working on this solution you seek. Convention of States Project has become an enormous opportunity for citizens to realize their role as self-governed grassroots activists. The project gets them involved with the state legislators and they see, first hand, how their petition and participation influences the decisions made by our state lawmakers. In the process they become students of the Constitution and understand the meaning of Federalism. I have learned so much being a part of this organization and am now State Director here in Florida. We see and appreciate the need for an informed and engaged electorate that will place good Constitution honoring servants into office at all levels. We’re all in this together and the fight continues on several fronts for this noble and just cause that is vital to save our republic. Take heart, dear friend. You are recognized and trusted and appreciated. Fight on.

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Nancy Pelosi blames misogyny for Democrats opposing her as Speaker



Nancy Pelosi blames misogyny for Democrats opposing her as Speaker

Nancy Pelosi believes she’ll be Speaker of the House again. Her caucus controls the vote. She was Speaker before. Most Democrats support her. Most.

A vocal group of 17 (and counting) Democrats in Congress have declared they will not support her for Speaker of the House. Though no official challenge has stepped up, there are speculations that a younger, more progressive Democrat will emerge. Given the state of the party and the shift to the left, it’s very possible her path to the gavel will be bumpy.

Predictably, Pelosi is blaming her challenges on misogyny. It’s the patriarchy WITHIN the Democratic Party that is allegedly keeping her down. Because, well, of course that’s the reason. It’s always the reason.

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Good news for the Democrat agenda: McConnell and McCarthy will lead the GOP



Good news for the Democrat agenda McConnell and McCarthy will lead the GOP

Trumplicans chalked one up for the status quo yesterday when they chose Paul Ryan’s right-hand man, Kevin McCarthy, to be the party leader in the House and unanimously re-elected Mitch McConnell to lead the Senate. Both men were endorsed by Donald Trump for the jobs.

Despite the fact that Republicans suffered the worst mid-term defeat since Watergate, McConnell and McCarthy touted a list of vague GOP accomplishments that conveniently failed to mention the party’s failure to keep their promises, which is why the Democrats won last week.

In an opinion piece for FOX News, McConnell bragged — now try not to laugh — about how the past two years of Republican leadership “will be remembered as a period of historic productivity.” He then challenged the new Democrat majority in the House to put aside partisan politics and work with Republicans to get things done.

Apparently, the concept of irony is lost on McConnell. Outside of the GOP’s alleged success at saving the Supreme Court, Democrats and Republicans have always been working together, which is why they still fund Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, DACA, and sanctuary cities with massive new spending that exploded the budget deficit.

While McConnell and McCarthy have adopted Trump’s “blame the Democrats for my failures” playbook, the sad reality is that Republicans favor the Democrat agenda because it’s their agenda; bipartisanship is a given.

Based on developments during the lame duck session, it’s going to be worse when the 116th Congress opens for business in January.

Nancy Pelosi called last week’s victory a mandate to save Obamacare and she will promote legislation designed to move America closer to a single-payer healthcare system. Trump has a track record of support for Obamacare and he promoted single-payer healthcare during his 2016 campaign.

Following the recent shootings in California, Pelosi announced that she would make gun control a top priority. Trump and the GOP have actively promoted radical gun-control legislation, including: seizing guns without due process, establishing an FBI database to track guns and gun owners, and requiring a license to own a gun.

Now comes word from the Democrats that they will work to bring back a classic of Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialists — a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. As expected, Trump appears to be a fan of the idea.

During his 2016 campaign, Trump supported raising the minimum wage to at least $10 and hour. And as part of the recent US-Mexico trade deal, he fought for and won a $16 an hour minimum wage for auto workers on both sides of the border in an effort to price Mexico out of the auto industry. Ironic because he’s essentially admitting that mandatory minimum wages eventually result in lost jobs.

Even thought economic advisor Larry Kudlow recently stated his preference to see the federal minimum wage eliminated, Trump’s history of flip-flopping on this along with a host of other issues, along with his 2020 re-election hopes, means that the Democrats will likely win on the issue.

We were repeatedly told last week to vote Red to make sure we stop the Democrats. But to quote Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings, when it comes to the difference between Republicans and Democrats . . .

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”


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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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Leftism: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results




Leftism Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Doubling down on failure: Polling has the Left prioritising national socialized health care and repealing the Second Amendment.

It used to be a staple of every debate over the common sense human right of self-preservation. Someone from the Pro-Liberty side would point out that each assault on everyone’s fundamental human rights also infringes on the second amendment. The response from the enemies of freedom on the Socialist-Left would be along the lines of “No one is talking about repealing the second amendment” or “No one is talking about gun confiscation”.

That was before each step along the Leftist way was shown to be an abject failure. This was before the Left’s final solution to the gun problem became incredibly obvious to everyone. This was before every other part of the Left’s socialist national agenda crashed on takeoff.

Leftist priorities: national socialized healthcare and gun confiscation.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that a new poll has the top issues to Democratic priorities “securing single-payer health care and repeal of the Second Amendment.” It also shows that they aren’t eager for Hillary Clinton to give it another go, so maybe they can learn something.

It seems like they decided that if they are going to go delusional, they should go big. Going to fascistic control of the country’s healthcare system and getting rid of a fundamental human right is really shooting for the moon. This would be akin to them wanting to get rid of national borders or Abolish the Senate. Never mind, they’ve already proposed that kind of insanity.

Democrats: If at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail, fail, again.

Leftism is the only ideology that mandates doubling down on failure. Trying to carry out national socialist health care with the laughably entitled ‘Affordable Care Act’ a.k.a Obamacare failed to work as promised. That monstrosity was supposed to cut costs and eliminate the problem of the uninsured. Now that it’s failed spectacularly on both counts, the Left wants to give it a go with another version of ‘free healthcare for all’.

Meanwhile, Leftists efforts in controlling freedom have failed to keep anyone safe, So they want to redouble their efforts with repealing the second amendment. They should know that this wouldn’t remove the common sense human right of self-defence, only make it easier to do what they always denied – depriving the people of their means of self-defense.

The Left has trapped itself in an ever tightening path towards gun confiscation, the question we need to ask is are we any safer with all of their existing restrictions on Liberty? The Liberty grabber Left keeps on promising peace in our time with no results, when do we get to hold them accountable for their promises?

What is their next step?

Banning certain types of guns didn’t work. Adding every more complicated, embarrassing and expensive hurdles in the way of a human and civil right didn’t work. Controlling private property with Intergalactic Background Checks didn’t work. Restricting the freedom to buy ammunition didn’t work. So where do the liberty grabbers go from here?

At this point in time the Liberty Grabbers are falling all over themselves trying to come up with news ways of placing limitations on Liberty. One of their new and more creative methods would be to not only control sales of pieces of aluminium and parts as well as controlling the speech about said parts.

The Takeaway.

In both cases the Left’s control plans are doomed to failure. It should be obvious that making it illegal to defend yourself will not keep you safe. By the same token, the promises of ‘free healthcare for all’ cannot be fulfilled, as is the case with most socialist programs.

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