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Sexual harassment at HuffPo, Vice… and everywhere else?



Arianna Huffington

Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s accusers opened the floodgates for other victims to tell their stories, the news has been dominated by claims. The last couple of days, it’s been the news itself (as in news organizations) that have had their share of sexual misconduct claims. Is this as rampant in the media as it seems to be in Hollywood?

First, let’s look at the two biggest reports which have come out in the last day or two: Huffington Post and Vice…

Arianna Huffington Ignored Sexual Misconduct at The Huffington Post Susan Fowler rocked Uber’s world with a meticulous account of the company’s sexual harassment and gender discrimination issues, the ride-sharing service turned to its only female board member to help clean up its culture (and its image). Arianna Huffington was perfectly poised to position herself as the feminist savior who would advocate for Uber’s women—she oversaw the subsequent Eric Holder investigation, and promised that “no brilliant jerks will be allowed, and no one will be protected because they are top performers.” But being a powerful woman with a stake in a company, and its profits, doesn’t mean Huffington was actually the best choice to champion women struggling to make their voices heard.

‘Unsafe and Just Plain Dirty’: Women Accuse Vice of ‘Toxic’ Sexual-Harassment Culture the summer of 2015, Phoebe Barghouty was 23 years old and had a new master’s degree in journalism from Stanford—but little other experience—when she landed what most of her peers would consider a dream job: associate producer at Vice’s Los Angeles bureau.

Though her job hadn’t technically started yet, her boss, then-Editor in Chief Jason Mojica, invited her to join the team at the L.A. Press Club Awards. After accepting an award for public service in journalism, the team from Vice—including Mojica and Kaj Larsen, the bureau chief who had hired Barghouty—celebrated with drinks. By the end of the night, Barghouty says a very drunk Larsen had brought up sex (musing about his chances with a group of “black girls” at the bar), asked her for a ride home, then passed out in her car.

These won’t be the last two claims. In fact, there are rumors of another major blog-style news site about to face similar claims, but those rumors haven’t been verified so we’ll hold on them for now.

In larger news organizations such as television networks and major newspapers, these types of activities are bound to take place. Smaller publications, even the “biggest of the little guys” like Huffington Post and Vice, are supposed to be safer. Many journalists have been flocking to these sites for their lower journalistic standards (what some call “increased flexibility”) and the general trend away from big New York or DC newsrooms. Bloggers are more spread out; heck, I’ve never even met any other writers here at NOQ Report.

The problem is that these sites are no longer relegated to the bloggers’ basement. They ARE full-blown news organizations even if they’ve only been around for a few years. That’s the trend in journalism. It also seems to be very likely these cases are not isolated.

A “boys will be boys” attitude

Here’s the biggest problem facing organizations like these that don’t have decades of experience dealing with this sort of internal challenges. They think they’re above the law, or to be more accurate, above the risk of breaking the law. I spent a short time working for one and while I never experienced anything myself, I heard from women who had. Just because a site is part of new media doesn’t mean it won’t succumb to old problems.

They pretend like they don’t. They feel like it’s such a privilege to be part of a growing new media company they fall into the same trap as major news organizations:

“It’s no big deal.”

“This is part of the business.”

“Boys will be boys.”

I contend that sexual misconduct in various degrees are rampant throughout the media, even in smaller organizations. Those who are trying to build up a major news force (such as NOQ Report) must always be cognizant of this potential problem. Stop it before it starts. Neither HuffPo nor Vice is likely to suffer major setbacks as the result of their current scandals, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid the scandals in the first place?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dallas H

    November 15, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    OK, I guess I’m just a Neanderthal ol country boy, but how is the Vice example considered sexual harassment to the woman relating the story? Honestly, who was harassed? Or does the mere mention of a wish of a tryst count now?

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Eddie Scarry on the media being in lockstep with Democrats over Kavanaugh



Eddie Scarry on the media being in lockstep with Democrats over Kavanaugh

If the Democrats point this way, mainstream media goes there. If they point that way, mainstream media heads where they’re told to go. That’s the dynamic we’ve seen for many years in journalism and this latest glaring example is how journalists are handling the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

There was a time not too long ago when it was more subtle. The media winked and nodded about President Clinton’s decisions but would occasionally call him out for them just to keep up the illusion of unbiased reporting. When President Bush took office, it became a little more apparent that they leaned Democrat. Once President Obama came around, they were unabashedly smitten. Now with President Trump, they can no longer contain themselves or their contempt for anything associated with him.

Kavanaugh, unfortunately, is associated with him, which is why mainstream media is so willing to go wherever the Democrats say. Eddie Scarry from the Washington Examiner recognized this and called it out in an interesting piece. It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but it brings it all together nicely to share with those who may be, for some reason, still skeptical that bias exists.

Coincidence: Media follow Democrats’ lead and want Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw only acceptable outcome for the media is for Republicans to abandon Kavanaugh and then see him withdraw in defeat.

Coincidentally, that’s what Democrats want, too.

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Huffington Post poll backfires: Only 26% believe accusations against Kavanaugh are credible



Huffington Post poll backfires Only 26 believe accusations against Kavanaugh are credible

Huffington Post, the leftist media puppet, decided it was a good idea to get the views from the people. After all, they and nearly every mainstream media outlet has been waging all-out war on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination since it was first announced. Now that they’ve blasted every possible media venue with Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of sexual assault nearly four decades ago, it’s time to see how effective the propaganda campaign has been.

So far, it hasn’t really been effective at all.

According to their poll through YouGov, a mere 26% polled believe the accusation is credible. They asked, “Do you think that the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh generally is or is not credible?”

28% believe the allegations are not credible, 32% haven’t heard enough to say, and 14% aren’t sure.

Perhaps the only alarming part of the results is that middle number. How can 32% of Americans not hear enough to say? The details are scant; she was at a party and Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted her. There are no witnesses other than one who claims to not have witnessed it and nothing was said about the incident until three decades later when she told her husband and therapist, though didn’t say who the perpetrator was at the time.

That’s it. That’s what we know. And with every outlet pushing that information out to the people, the thought that 1/3rd of Americans haven’t heard it is appalling.

Then again, perhaps they answered that way in hopes of hearing the story directly from the accuser. That possibility still remains in doubt.

It’s up to Senators and Senators alone to determine if Kavanaugh should be a justice. These polls are generally meaningless, but if the Senators want to use them to listen to the people, so be it. Start listening, folks.

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Help NOQ Report spread conservative news without spammy ads or media overlords



Help NOQ Report spread conservative news without spammy ads or media overlords

The internet is loaded with political news sites. Most fall into one of two categories: liberal mouthpieces or “conservative” clickbait sites. There are only a handful of high-quality right-leaning news sites out there today and most of them are loaded with spammy ads to keep them afloat.

We want to deliver a better experience for those who believe in protecting Constitutional rights, limited government federalism, lower taxes, the sanctity of life, and an overall conservative political worldview.

One of the biggest challenges faced by conservative websites is the necessity for one of two things. To pay the bills, they either depend on sponsorship from corporate interests or they plaster the sites with spammy (and often dangerous) advertising. Both of these revenue techniques make it harder to spread the conservative word because it prevents them from being properly listed on search engines or social media sites.

Donate to NOQ Report.

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NOQ stands for News, Opinions, and Quotes. Add videos into the mix and we have a strong solution for today’s quick-consumption society. We can get the stories out to the masses in formats they can easily digest.

Our primary goal is to get as many full- and part-time content contributors as possible for the site, as well as experienced editors. There is no shortage of talent, but it isn’t cheap. By shifting these people to a venue that has a better opportunity to reach the masses than the spammy sites they currently write for, we’ll be helping them as well as our audience.

By contributing money, YOU’LL be helping them as well as our audience. Doing so means you’ll be helping America.

Our target operating budget is $300,000 per year, but we are setting this page up with a smaller goal that we can reset when we achieve it. Our model is based on experiences we’ve had with other publications. We’ve seen what they did right and what they got wrong in the way they supported their content contributors and we are certain we have a model that will allow us to compete with liberal news sites for a fraction of the cost. We intend to do so without the unwanted influence of corporate sponsorship.

New liberal sites like Axios have been popping up and making waves quickly, joining the long-standing progressives such as Salon, Huffington Post, Think Progress. and Slate. Add these to the mainstream media’s NY Times and Washington Post and suddenly it’s clear that we are behind in getting the conservative message out to the people.

Axios and others take corporate sponsorships to advance quickly. We will not allow that for NOQ Report. We depend on YOU to help us set America on the right course. Will you help?

Donate to NOQ Report.

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