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Trump’s petulant, passive-aggressive Tweet goes viral. This isn’t a good thing.



Trumps petulant passive-aggressive Tweet goes viral This isnt a good thing

The President of the United States Tweeted what can easily be argued as the most childish and petty comment ever made by someone in the Oval Office in regards to a world leader. It’s the type of Tweet you see coming from junior high students.

It also happens to be his most popular Tweet in a long time.

This was definitely a zinger. It also represents an American President striking back in the least mature manner possible against a fellow petulant leader who may or may not have access to nuclear weapons. It’s something that would have been more appropriate coming from Baron Trump than his father. Even if we put aside foreign policy and how he just represented America to the rest of the world, what can’t be lost in the mix is how his followers reacted.

They loved it.

Immaturity emboldened

With nearly 500K likes and over 200K retweets when this article was written, the Tweet is one of his most viral Tweets. Why? Is there such a large chunk of America that simply doesn’t care about how he represents the nation? Do they want this to be spread as an example of the absolute immaturity he embodies in this Tweet?

Unfortunately, yes. Supporters and detractors alike love it when he makes himself seem like an unhinged child who had his feelings hurt like a bully. They want him to be passive-aggressive, defensive, and unencumbered by adult wisdom. It’s for different reasons, of course, but both sides of the fence appreciate laughing with or at President Trump and his Twitter escapades.

The popularity of this Tweet is a guarantee that he will stoop down to the level of amateur Twitter comedian with a grudge whenever the opportunity presents itself. That’s a problem, folks. We need the President to demonstrate maturity at the least and leadership in an ideal world. Lobbing Twitter zingers about a world leader’s appearance – even Kim Jong-un – is not going to make America great.

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