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John Kasich makes push for gun control



John Kasich makes push for gun control

Ohio Governor and former presidential candidate John Kasich is pushing for gun control again. This time, his plan is to bring together “reasonable people” to bring about limits to the 2nd Amendment.

“My purpose is to get people who respect the Second Amendment but can agree there are some limits to it, to sit in a room to develop policy I can pass on to the leadership in my legislature,” he said. “Without this process I’m not convinced we’ll make progress. I know just arguing back and forth not working.”

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Kasich highlighted recent events in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs to promote the idea that we need to limit gun rights. He repeatedly mentioned respecting the 2nd Amendment while invoking a need to curtail it.

“Ohio is a place where people want to solve problems,” Kasich said. “They’re willing to listen. I want to get a group of reasonable people, pro-gun people. And those who favored limits on gun ownership. I want to put ‘em in a room and see if we can find common ground.”

Kasich has been rumored to be considering another run for the White House in 2020:

John Kasich wants to ruin 2020 like he ruined 2016’s currently speculation that his aloofness about running may be a sign that he’s considering it. Duh. There’s also a report that he met with foreign policy advisers yesterday. Unless Ohio is considering declaring war on Iceland, this isn’t just speculation anymore. Governor Kasich is intending to run for President in 2020.

Thankfully, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will. His intention in 2017 is irrelevant when we consider the earliest he could possibly make it official is still a year-and-a-half away. That means there’s time to knock some sense into him. There’s time for him to find other ways to raise money other than running a corrupt campaign. There are other ways for him to stay in the public spotlight he craves other than putting Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren in the Oval Office.

My Take

No serious 2nd Amendment advocate wants someone to carry a minigun into an elementary school, but there are plenty of laws on the books that are intended to prevent abuse of the right. The challenge is with the domino effect. Once we start giving in to the emotional calls for limits to the 2nd Amendment, we will see further actions popping up as a result.

Most gun control groups don’t want to stop at bump stocks and clip limits. They want to take away as many guns as possible… if not all of them. Giving in a little will lead to them taking much, much more. Kasich’s heart seems to be squarely stuck in the middle where he’s always been politically. He wants to toe the fine line between the two parties and try to build a bipartisan coalition to support him. It won’t work, but there’s still much damage he can do along the way.

Gun grabbing is a process that starts with ‘common sense’ measures and leads to oppression’s important to understand the speed at which things change in society today because the vast majority of Americans cannot imagine the need to defend themselves against oppression from within. We assume that the government has our back and will always have our back as long as we pay our taxes and don’t rip the labels off our mattresses. It’s unfathomable that circumstances may arise that convinces the government we’d all be better off if they seized more control, Constitution be damned.

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  1. Marcia

    November 12, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    I say we put HIM in a room with Ted Nuggent and Dana Loesch and see how that works out.

    • AZfederalist

      November 12, 2017 at 6:06 pm

      Spot-on. “Common Sense Gun Control” = next step in plan to confiscate all guns from civilian hands except for the elite.

      What part of “shall not be infringed” do these yahoos not understand? It does not say, “infringed only a little bit”, “infringed by application of common sense gun laws” it says most clearly “shall NOT be infringed”

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