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Twitter halts account verification over Jason Kessler’s blue checkmark



Jason Kessler

White nationalist and alt-right hero Jason Kessler had his Twitter account verified on Tuesday, causing an uproar on the social media site. Last month, Twitter made changes in an attempt to eliminate “hate symbols, violent groups, and tweets that glorifies violence” from its platform.

Kessler, who organized the Charlottesville rally where Heather Heyer was killed by a white supremacist, had deleted his Twitter account briefly in August after attacking her as a communist and saying her death “was payback time.”

Twitter is reviewing their policies and procedures regarding account verification. The blue checkmark added to certain users’ accounts was originally intended to differentiate between real accounts of influential people and the fake or parody accounts that often pretend to be those people. It is now seen by many as an endorsement by Twitter, something the social media site adamantly denies. Nevertheless, perceptions often create realities and users we not happy with Kessler receiving verification.

As of the writing of this article, his account is still verified.

Further Reading

Another racist account gets verified on Twitter white supremacist received the blue checkmark on Twitter indicating that this is an account that’s verified and legit.

This time Twitter rubber-stamped the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally organizer Jason Kessler. He last made headlines for getting punched in the face during an attempted press conference about the racist rally that resulted in the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer.

Twitter pauses verification process after controversy over Charlottesville organizer – The Verge widespread criticism over its decision to verify the account of Jason Kessler, an organizer behind the far-right Unite the Right protest, Twitter said it has “paused” its verification process while it works on a new system.

“Verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance,” the company said in a tweet. “We recognize that we have created this confusion and need to resolve it. We have paused all general verifications while we work and will report back soon.”

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