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Florida Rep sees coup d’etat risk unless Mueller resigns



Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican lawyer who represents the panhandle, including the “lower Alabama” gulf resorts of Fort Walton Beach and Destin, has called for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign. As usual with politicians, Gaetz swung for the fences as he read his speech into the House of Representatives records.

And Mr. Speaker, we are at risk of a coup d’etat in this country, if we allow an unaccountable person, with no oversight, to undermine the duly elected the duly elected President of the United States. And I would offer, that is precisely what has happening right now with the indisputable conflicts of interest that are present with Mr. Mueller and other persons in the Department of Justice.

I join my colleague, the gentleman from Arizona, in calling for Mr. Mueller’s resignation or his firing.


Final thoughts

Obviously, firing Robert Mueller in the midst of his investigation would be the most controversial move President Trump has ever made (and that’s saying a lot). The president has not indicated he’s disposed to take Rep. Gaetz’s advice, so I think this is just a bit of pre-2018 electioneering. Given what just happened in Virginia, it could backfire, but then again, this is the Florida panhandle.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Georg1604e Meredith MD

    November 14, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    The Robert Mueller/Hillary Clinton Coup d’etat
    Uranium One and the North Korean/ICBM Standoff

    Mueller engineered the Uranium One sellout. And was paid in millions of laundered narco dollars c/o the Clintons, George Soros, Donald Tyson, Steven Bresky, Stephens Jackson and the Bush Crime Family. And now thanks to the TREASON of HILLARY CLINTON and Bernard Schwartz and Loral Space and Satellite Company vis a vis the improved development of China’s ICBMs….and by sale of those ICBM necessary supercomputers …..and now thanks to these traitors, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of China’s (and thus North Korea’s) ICBMs.

    Furthermore, Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton, c/o an incredibly naive metropolitan District of Columbia GRAND JURY..are in the process of a cleverly designed coup d’etat …these thugs and their co conspirators are determined to remove our duly elected government through their coup d’etat ….and are, in addition, threatening to return our own yellow cake uranium to us c/o the stratosphere …..AIR MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM NORTH KOREA!!!

    You can fool some of the PEOPLE some of the time, but you thugs can not fool all of the PEOPLE all of the time! You are America’s greatest traitors!

    George Meredith MD
    Virginia Beach

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Roy Moore must pass the Cemetery Gates, but Al Franken is a progressive so he is OK



I would be cool with both Roy Moore and Al Franken walking passed the cemetery gates, but it should not surprise any moral-minded freedom liberty loving conservative that Franken gets a pass.  Even from the Great Mitch McConnell.  Yes, there is a double standard, but what matters is that the progressives and their collaborators continue to maintain power in our government.

Shame that its only Moore that must pass those dreaded gates of the dead.

Meanwhile, we have to push for Article V and/or new political party to take the place of the do nothing Republican Party.  Otherwise, it will have to take a civil war to get our freedom back and I don’t know if we are strong enough for even that.  Don’t get me started about Edward “Ted” Kennedy who truly got away with murder.  At least it kept Ted out of the White House, but I doubt would have been the case now.  What matters is that we create the kingdom on Earth and prove God a liar and that we don’t need his help or his forgiveness or above all honor his ‘oppressive’ law.

Until further notice, I stand by Roy Moore.

Levin: Shameless Dems are trying to bury the sexual abuse allegations against Franken the countless and vocal calls from Washington for Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama Senate race, it is virtual silence on the Franken-resignation front. The only seeming consensus from his colleagues and party leaders is that Franken should go before the Senate Ethics Committee.

“Between 2007 and 2016, the Senate Ethics Committee imposed zero sanctions against anyone. Zero — despite 613 allegations and 75 preliminary investigations. Zero,” Shapiro wrote Thursday.

What all 46 Democratic senators (and two independents) say about Al Franken a single Democrat has called for Al Franken to step down or be expelled from the Senate despite photographic evidence that backs up Leeann Tweeden’s allegation that Franken groped her breasts while she was sleeping and despite her claim that Franken forced his tongue down her throat.



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Culture and Religion

Church of England joins LGBT forces in the culture war and children are the casualties



Church of England

Did you hear about the new set of directives released by the Church of England for schools and teachers concerning gender and gender identity?

In honor of anti-bullying week, the Church of England released an updated version of a 2014 instructional entitled “Valuing All God’s Children.” This new set of rules instructs against so-called homophobia, bi-phobia, and trans-phobia in nursery schools and primary schools.

According to church leadership, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students should be encouraged to discover their gender identity uninhibited as they “explore the possibilities of who they might be.” Specifically, children are to be taught not to “conform” to traditional male/female “stereotypes.”

Schools must “avoid labels and assumptions which deem children’s behavior irregular, abnormal or problematic just because it does not conform to gender stereotypes … Childhood has a sacred place for creative self-imagining.”

Practically speaking, the guidelines will encourage boys to wear tutus and princess tiaras while encouraging girls to wear tool belts and super hero cloaks in order to help them determine who they might be without “judgement and derision.”

While it’s tempting to dismiss this as England’s problem, the Strident Conservative has documented how the LGBT community and its declared war on Christianity and American culture has already launched similar assaults on children in America’s public schools.

Unfortunately, in America, the Rainbow Jihad has the full support of the government all the way up to the White House.

For example, Barack Obama hosted an event in April, 2016 at the White House aimed at “breaking down gender stereotypes in media and toys.” Much like the Church of England, Obama—with support from Katie Couric, the founder of the gender-neutral start-up Little Bits—promoted the idea that gender is irrelevant and that children should be free to be who they are “without limits.”

While Valerie Jarrett organized the event under the banner of promoting opportunities for girls, Obama’s track record on transgender issues made the affair very LGBT friendly.

And we shouldn’t get comfortable now that Obama is no longer president. Donald Trump—who embraced the LGBT movement at the Republican National Convention in his acceptance speech—announced back in June that his administration would prosecute schools that failed to embrace the LGBT lie concerning transgenderism.

The LGBT culture war is not just an American war. It’s a world war, and as usual, children are the casualties.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.

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The White House has not lifted the ban on elephant trophies, yet



The White House has not lifted the ban on elephant trophies yet

Wide reports were circulated today that the Trump administration was lifting the Obama administration’s 2014 ban on bringing trophy elephants home from two African countries. Conservation groups were outraged by the decision and started protests in person and on social media. According to the White House, the lift on the ban had not been finalized, yet.

“There hasn’t been an announcement that’s been finalized on this front,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Thursday. “Until that’s done I wouldn’t consider anything final.”

Between 2007 and 2014, the population of African elephants fell by 30%. In a statement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, reversing the ban would actually help the elephants. “Legal, well-regulated sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit certain species,” the government body said in a statement.

My Take

I’m not a hunter, but I have no problem with hunting in practice. One exception is when the animals being hunted are endangered. If this ban is a deterrent for those considering hunting endangered big game, then I’m all for it. Not sure why this needs to be a thing, but then again I’m no hunter. I don’t quite understand the appeal.

Further Reading

White House says elephant trophy decision not yet finalized planned move, disclosed this week by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, had triggered protests from conservation groups and a frenzy on social media. Opponents posted pictures of U.S. President Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric, who are avid hunters, posing with the cut-off tail of a slain elephant and other dead wild animals on Twitter.

“There hasn’t been an announcement that’s been finalized on this front,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters when asked about the reported policy shift on Thursday. “Until that’s done I wouldn’t consider anything final.”

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