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Brilliant move by Sony: Spacey out, Plummer in for “All the Money in the World”



Kevin Spacey All the Money in the World

Hollywood is known for moving slowly. Production delays, development hell, and rescheduled releases are all part of standard operating procedure in the movie business. That’s why it’s so amazing that there will not be a delay in releasing “All the Money in the World” on its scheduled opening December 22 despite recasting and reshooting one of the main character’s scenes.

Christopher Plummer will replace disgraced star Kevin Spacey in the role of J. Paul Getty. With less than a month and a half to shoot and re-edit the film, director Ridley Scott is racing against the clock.

“They are committed to the 12/22 date — if anyone can pull it off it’s Scott,” an anonymous source at Sony told Yahoo News.

Why this is brilliant

When life gives Hollywood lemons, they do what they can to spin it into lemonade. If they can pull this off, they will be rewarded in a few big ways.

The draw for the film was going to be Spacey who was magically transformed into Getty as can be seen in the original trailer. They even did a dramatic reveal, focusing the majority of the trailer on co-stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg while giving Spacey very little screen time and only a single word spoken.

The push was already on for Spacey to be nominated for an Academy Award. That push was immediately halted when news broke that he was accused of unwelcome sexual advances on a 14-year-old actor, Anthony Rapp, three decades ago. To make matters worse, he used his “apology” to declare he was homosexual in an effort to diffuse the situation. It didn’t work.

Kevin Spacey: If I made a drunken pass at a 14-year-old, I’m sorry. Oh, and I’m gay. decades of speculation, Spacey has finally come out as being gay. While this likely doesn’t surprise many, it adds a conundrum for liberals. On one hand, he’s admitting that it’s possible he committed an “inappropriate” act against a minor, in which case he should be the target of the anti-Hollywood-monster crew. On the other hand, he’s coming out as gay which is a victory for the LGBTQ community. How will leftists respond?

This is big news across the board. If coming out now is enough to distract media away from the sordid details of the alleged moves he made on a 14-year-old, then he may not suffer the same fate as Weinstein. If not, this could end up being a strong career derailed by stupidity and sexual deviancy.

Here’s the ironic part. Despite the star power behind this interesting true story, it was still going to face an uphill battle driving people to theaters to see it. Now, it has a great chance of being successful because of the switch. People will be interested to see if Plummer and Scott were able to pull off the switch seamlessly. The press behind the movie will be extraordinary behind news of Spacey’s fall from grace.

There’s another potential benefit to releasing it on schedule: Oscars. It needed to get out before the end of the year to qualify for the 2018 Academy Awards. Hollywood, with its penchant for virtue signaling, is apt to reward the movie based upon its decision to dump Spacey. They’ll want to show the world that they’re opposed to the sexual crimes flooding the news ever since Harvey Weinstein was outed as an alleged serial sexual criminal. This could be the industry’s chance to say, “See, we don’t support sexual predators.”

Regardless of how successful the movie is at the box office or whether it wins Oscars, this was the best possible move by Sony, Scott, and TriStar Pictures. Delays would have made the release anticlimactic. Keeping Spacey would have made the movie a pariah for moviegoers and Oscar voters alike. Pushing forward as they are will be a test for the production team, but if they can pull it off, everyone could win big… other than Spacey.

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Here’s how polls have reacted since Taylor Swift endorsed Phil Bredesen



Taylor Swift just gave Marsha Blackburn the fundraising boost she needed to win in Tennessee

There is still plenty to debate about the effectiveness of political endorsements by entertainers. 2016 demonstrated that a unified Hollywood was not able to make a dent in President Trump’s momentum. Some say their incessant crying actually riled up more Trump supporters than Hillary Clinton supporters.

The latest major entertainer to throw her hat in the political endorsement arena is singer Taylor Swift. She stayed focus on her home state of Tennessee by endorsing Phil Bredesen for Senate. That was a week ago. How has the endorsement played in the polls?

Let’s just say the Bredesen campaign is trying to stay positive by pointing to internal polling since public polling is abysmal.

Tennessee Senate race poll: Marsha Blackburn leads Phil Bredesen nominee Marsha Blackburn has widened her lead to a commanding 14 percentage points over Democratic rival Phil Bredesen, according to the latest major public poll of Tennessee’s U.S. Senate race.

But the Bredesen campaign is pushing back in a memo to supporters that highlights recent internal polls taken by the campaign that show the race is still tight.

There has been plenty working against Bredesen since an October 3 poll put him at down by 5-points. He faced backlash for claiming he would have voted for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Then, an undercover video by Project Veritas revealed his staffers and volunteers claiming he didn’t really mean it. The combination of lies, bad press, and Swift’s endorsement have made his poll numbers plummet.

Entertainers should entertain. They are entitled to their opinions, of course, but attempts to use their clout to sway politics is only effective if they take the time to get directly involved. Most do not.

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There’s one thing missing from Hollywood’s multitude of excuses for First Man failing



Theres one thing missing from Hollywoods multitude of excuses for First Man failing

Hollywood’s latest anti-American biopic, First Man, was poised to be a box office hit. There was tons of buzz, great critical reception, and the winning combination of actor Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle who dazzled us with the Oscar-winning La La Land. When it failed miserably to meet its first weekend’s modest expectations at the box office, Hollywood started making excuses.

The one cause they still refuse to accept is the choice they made to not include the iconic planting of the American flag on the moon. Their excuse: the moon landing was a human achievement, not an American achievement.

The moon landing was an American achievement despite movie’s depiction matter how much Hollywood hates America and does everything it can to downplay our accomplishments while highlighting our mistakes, many Americans are unwilling to reward them for their hatred. This was a conscious decision to spite the United States. It’s plain and simple.

It isn’t just an insult to Americans. It wasn’t received very well by some who participated in the event.

Despite backlash from conservative journalists and moviegoers alike, Hollywood continues to scratch its collective head. They had the right mix. They had the right topic. They made the movie well. Surely it must be something other than the blatantly obvious, right?

They point to The Right Stuff, a 1983 space biopic that also failed to be as successful as they expected. They ignore Apollo 13, which was a smash hit.

Some are attributing First Man’s failure to the success of Venom and A Star is Born, but there’s a problem with that excuse. They knew these movies were coming out when they made their estimates. Both had been successful the week before, so they even adjusted expectations for First Man down to compensate. It still wasn’t enough.

They’ll blame everything they can imagine, but they’ll never accept that patriotic Americans who were interested in seeing Ryan Gosling playing American hero Neil Armstrong lost interest when they heard about the rewriting of history the movie did for purely political reasons.

I’m one of them. As an avid moviegoer who loves Armstrong and is proud of OUR accomplishment to put him on the moon, I would have seen it on opening night had it not been for the unpatriotic snub.

Don’t tell that to the Hollywood spin machine. They’re still unwilling to accept it.

Why ‘First Man’ Got Grounded in Its Box Office Debut far, there’s no evidence that a dust-up over Chazelle’s decision not to show the famous image of Armstrong planting the American flag has impacted the movie. Rather, films about space have always been a risky proposition, whether pure fiction or based on a real story, even if several have gone on to become box office successes.

“Damien’s vision and passion for filmmaking are evident in every frame of First Man,” says Orr. “He is building a diverse résumé of titles that will stand the test of time in our business, and we will be talking about his work for years to come.”

Let’s hope Hollywood someday learns their role in this world is to entertain and sometimes even inform. It doesn’t behoove them to rewrite history to match their globalist, anti-American worldview.

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Man who identifies as transgender woman wins Cycling World Championships



Man who identifies as transgender woman wins Cycling World Championships

Rachel McKinnon. a transgender woman who was born male and possesses all the physical advantages of a man, won the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles. It’s the latest event that draws questions about the fairness of biological males competing in female events.

Despite outcry by biological females and men alike, it is being billed by some as a victory for the LGBTQ community and transgender men or women around the world. Critics point out that biological males have an unfair advantage over biological females when it comes to activities that require physical strength, speed, or endurance. That doesn’t seem to deter those competing in these events.

Biological Male Wins World Championship Event in Women’s Cycling celebrated the victory on Twitter, writing: “First transgender woman world champion … ever.” Later, the professor responded to criticism from “transphobic bigots” by tweeting:

Allowing biological males who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletic events has been a controversial subject, as critics argue that it puts female competitors at an inherent disadvantage.

My Take

Unlike some of my colleagues, I have no problem with transgenderism. What I have a problem with is the unfairness of women’s competitive sports being infiltrated by those who have clear and scientifically demonstrable biological advantages over their competitors.

If performance enhancing drugs are frowned upon in sports, what could be more performance-enhancing than growing up with the musculature and hormone advantage of a man, then competing in women’s sports?

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