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Ben Shapiro defends “thoughts and prayers”



It seems like many on the left are against “thoughts and prayers” as a response to tragedy. In other words, they don’t believe we should think or pray. In reality, we need to think about things with clarity and we should be in prayer regularly throughout our lives.

Ben Shapiro from DailyWire was on Fox News discussing this topic.

WATCH: Shapiro Rips Left For Slamming ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ on Fox’s The Story With Martha MacCallum on Wednesday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro blasted members of the Left, including Democratic senators, for slamming the idea that thoughts and prayers were an appropriate response to the massacre last Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

MacCallum noted that some critics thought that the words “thoughts and prayers” were politically charged and wrong. She played clips of Democratic senators Christopher Coons and Kirsten Gillibrand and CNN host Don Lemon mocking the idea that thoughts and prayers were a proper response to the tragedy.

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Rich Lowry on Dick Durbin’s desire to make a DACA deal work



Rich Lowry on Dick Durbins desire to make a DACA deal work

Based upon Senator Dick Durbin’s actions the last few days regarding President Trump’s “s***hole” comments, one would think his intention was to derail talks and have a valid reason to blame Republicans in general and Trump in particular. If he really wanted a DACA deal, wouldn’t he have handled it differently?

JD Rucker had some thoughts on this:

Trump was wrong to say what he said. Durbin was wrong to reveal it. crossed that line. He took comments that paint the entire country through the President himself in a way that harms our ability to work with other nations. He wasn’t championing the nations Trump spoke out about. He had a single intention: harm.

Will this help with negotiations? Possibly, but at what cost?

National Review’s Rich Lowry wasn’t quite as accusatory, but he did question Durbin’s motives and whether or not he really wanted to make a DACA deal happen. Perhaps he was just greatly offended. Then again, perhaps he was just being a politician. Here’s Lowry’s quote:

“Everyone seems to think that Durbin really wants a deal, which makes it weird that he has gone out of his way to blow up the s***hole meeting.”

Read all of his comments:

Trump’s “Shithole” Comments, DACA & Political Fallout benefit of a merit-based system is that it would move us away from special ethnic pleading in immigration policy. The visa lottery began as affirmative action for Irish immigrants. My understanding is that Dick Durbin said in the meeting that he wanted to preserve the visa lottery in a slightly changed form because the Congressional Black Caucus wanted it. This is not how we should be making decisions about who comes here and who doesn’t.

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Rand Paul defends President Trump’s sentiment



Rand Paul defends President Trumps sentiment

On an interview today with Chuck Todd, Senator Rand Paul defended the President’s sentiment in his infamous “s***hole” comment. While not defending the language, he noted that if the language itself had been more politically correct, the sentiment of what the President said was true.

He also turned blame on the media and Democrats for derailing immigration talks by focusing on the President’s comments.

“I do want to see an immigration compromise and you can’t have an immigration compromise if everybody’s out there calling the President a racist,” Paul said.

My Take

For the most part, the Senator is correct. This has become a distraction and a roadblock to important talks. The incessant desire to discredit the President has the rabid media keeping us focused on how the President talks rather than his actions.

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Bannon out at Breitbart



Bannon out at Breitbart

In a very brief post on Breitbart, the alt-right publication announced embattled Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon would be stepping down. They promised an orderly transition.

Stephen K. Bannon Steps Down from Breitbart News Network said, “I’m proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.”

According to Breitbart CEO Larry Solov, “Steve is a valued part of our legacy, and we will always be grateful for his contributions, and what he has helped us to accomplish.”

Word on the street is that Bannon was “shoved” out by many, including Bannon’s former financial partner, Rebekah Mercer:

Steve Bannon to Step Down From Breitbart Post K. Bannon is stepping down from his post as executive chairman of Breitbart News, the company announced Tuesday.

Mr. Bannon’s departure, which was forced by a onetime financial patron, Rebekah Mercer, comes as Mr. Bannon remained unable to quell the furor over remarks attributed to him in a new book in which he questions President Trump’s mental fitness and disparages his elder son, Donald Trump Jr.

After an interview with with journalist Michael Wolff led to several quotes published in a the book Fire and Fury that showed Bannon insulting the President’s family and colleagues, the former White House adviser was hit from all angles. Even the President put out a statement bashing Bannon. At that point, his future was likely sealed.

Breitbart News has been a leading conservative media outlet since the days of its deceased founder, Andrew Breitbart. Bannon has brought the publication into mainstream prominence and expanded its presence around the globe. He has also aligned the publication with the Trump administration and agenda. When the quotes turned the President against him, there was no way forward for the publication to continue their relationship.

Bannon will likely be back very soon. Rumors are floating around that he already has a rich backer to fund his next endeavor.

BANNON IS OUT at Breitbart News, according to cryptic Drudge tweet… shed no tears for Bannon – he’s got a new billionaire’s teat to suckle upon:

And for good measure, Drudge tweeted that the stock market will push the blockbuster book with Bannon’s comments out of the minds of Americans:

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