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Setback for education reform and America will feel its aftershocks



All politics is local and does affect national issues. That will be proven by the way voters in Douglas County, Colorado decided their school board elections.

All of the Teachers Union-backed candidates won their seats on the Douglas County school board ensuring that vouchers for students at least in their minds will finally come to a bitter end, and it very could be. This is a big setback for real school reform.  Then they will tell us that they need more and more of our hard-earned money to make their one size fits all public education system better.  And they shall keep making that statement forever and ever, and ever.  Until finally their house of cards comes down, and so many of our children and grandchildren who have become deaf, dumb and blind will feel its effects.  They can only ask themselves what happened?

What happened?

Personally, I feel what needs to happen is for government at all levels of to get out of education altogether.  Even the Teachers Unions would oppose that.  Making someone else pay for your children’s education is downright wrong in the first place.  However, a voucher-friendly school board would be supportive of homeschooling rather than a teachers union-friendly one would fight for more restrictions on it, if not making it totally illegal like in Germany. Now even the fight to homeschool will likely be harder.  So will charter schools which are far from perfect but still better than the one size fits all plan which the unions will fight for until the bitter end.  They may not kill charter schools overnight, but they may raise fees on them and kill them slowly that way.

You need to understand one thing about American public education, especially these days.  It is nothing but a work placement program for the adults that work in it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  The children are nothing but pawns for these adults who might have gone into teaching with the best of intentions but eventually it becomes job security as well as their retirement security.

The success of public education is not based on how well educated the children are.  The success is based on how the grown-ups are taken care of.  Coupled with cranking out useful idiots for the progressive elite who dream of becoming our masters.  Want to know why China had a communist revolution?  Well, they had teachers in their institutions of learning that had a vision for what they thought would be a better China…or not.  Chairman Mao Zedong was the result.  A Communist revolutionary, poet, political theorist, founding father of the People’s Republic of China, and in the words of the Hulk a “Puny God.”  Puny in the fact that Mao’s time to kick the bucket came in September 1976.  Just ask Lilly Tang Williams.  She grew up in this communist vision of China and sees the same thing in her rearview mirror when it comes to the slow progressive revolution here in America.

The Takeaway

Last night was a big victory for progressives in most places that had elections.  Conservatives, Federalists, real Libertarians (like Lilly), and Constitutionals have our work cut out for us.  It is time for us to do our own grassroots education if not already.  Just remember what Abraham Lincoln said regarding the education of our children and I Quote; “The philosophy of education today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.”  Today’s philosophy in the education establishment is built on the religion of Progressivism.

And don’t forget Lincoln also said that if we falter and lose our freedoms, it is because “we destroyed ourselves.” And To quote Ozzy Osbourne; “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.  Oh Lord yeah!”

Further reading

Anti-voucher agenda likely after school board election in Douglas County | FOX31 Denver teachers’ union-backed slate of four candidates won their races to the board, meaning an anti-voucher agenda will likely be in place soon. It’s a big defeat for anyone in Douglas County who likes the idea of public money being used to send children to private schools.

In thorny Douglas County school board races that drew national scrutiny, anti-voucher candidates prevail slate of anti-school voucher candidates won a contentious race Tuesday night for the Douglas County School Board, effectively killing the district’s controversial voucher program and entirely remaking the seven-member board. The race, because it revolved around school vouchers, drew plenty of media attention, big money and bitterness from both sides. “It is time to return our attention locally — to the students, teachers and community of all Douglas County public schools  — while restoring our attention locally,” said Anthony Graziano.

Union-backed school board candidates poised for Jeffco, Dougco wins | Douglas County, where eight candidates are running for four seats, the union-backed slate needs to flip only one race to gain control of the school board. If that happens, the new school board majority would likely abandon its defense of a controversial voucher program instituted by conservative school reformers. In Jefferson County, three of five Board of Education seats were up for grabs.


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