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Donna Brazile’s book shows what the Democrat ‘Hacks’ think of women



In Donna Brazile’s book “Hack” she exposes that the DNC was thinking about replacing the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine ticket with Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Cory Booker Democrat from New Jersey.  The DNC had their doubts and felt that Hillary could possibly lose to Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Even with this knowledge Brazile choose not to act, cause after all the facade of the Democratic Party as a party of women had to continue.  Removing Hillary with Biden would only create a backlash.  Besides if she did win, it would be a big feather in the Democrats’ hat.  They could get the bragging rights like they did when Barack Obama became the first African-American President.

Brazile understood that women especially progressive thinking women do not think like adults when it comes politics.  But let us be really honest here.  Women tend to think with their emotions than with their intellect and logic.  Women could not support the open socialist Bernie Sanders because he was just another white guy.  Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright had to manipulate the loyal feminist base of the Democrat party to vote for Hillary Clinton.  You were just crazy over boys if you were not.  It did not matter if she was not touched by scandal, she was the token female of the Democrat party.  If so then it was a bad choice.

Somehow I just think that Dale Coba and his merry men of Stepford, CT is just sitting back and maybe being proved right about knocking off the real women of Stepford and replacing them with Fem-bots.  Might as well, if you have men like Lawrence Lader convincing women that pre-born baby murder is good.  Even Ann Nicole Gaylor knew that she needed him to convince the feminists that abortion is a blessing.  Sometimes I wonder if she would have been a good Claire Wellington (Glenn Close) in the reimagined Stepford Wifes movie with Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick in 2004.

Women still tend to think with their hearts and not their minds for the most part, but maybe they did think with the minds for change regarding the 2016 election.

Well, this man needs to do some grocery shopping right now, so “No Talking, More Shopping.”

Donna Brazile’s book accidentally reveals what the Democratic Party really thinks about women in the book is a paternalistic (or perhaps in this case we should say maternalistic) attitude towards women. It is impossible to know whether Brazile could have really orchestrated such an unheard-of move, or even whether Brazile really seriously contemplated it at the time or if it is now just a convenient excuse for her part in losing the 2016 presidential race. They could never buck up and debate the merits of a ticket change because women are … wait … just so emotional.

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