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Steve Deace said it about progressivism. Now Mark Levin says it, too.



Mark Levin Steve Deace

What did Steve Deace say about progressivism?  I saved this quote for something like this.

We need to realize progressivism isn’t a political ideology. It is a cult. A heresy that seeks to replace the church with its own religion. Replacing God with government. You can’t defeat a heresy with a political party. Especially when the leaders of both parties are adherents to it to varying degrees. Only the church is capable to defeat a heresy. Progressivism is the heresy of this age.

Deace is right because people that hold to a progressive worldview in spite of the flaws of its believers choose to move forward in the progressive faith in hopes that it will accomplish what it sets out to do.

On the November 7, 2017 broadcast of the Mark Levin radio show.  The Great One said this.

These politicians and these media types, they’re telling you, ‘Forget about praying that’s not enough.’ Either you embrace their ideology, their policies, or evil will prevail.’ Now that’s about as sick as it gets….they do practice religion.”

Levin was not afraid to call progressivism a RELIGION!  We see this in plain view, and based on the statements that Mark Levin played, the elected officials want to replace God with themselves and The State.  It truly is a carnal and natural religion in which you put your faith in government because you know for sure it exists.  ‘You must put your faith in us,’ they say.  ‘We demand it, and if you don’t care, you shall be made to care.’  With God, you have to take it on faith.  Even if God did appear before us, like he did back in the days when Rome controlled Israel, they would still reject God.  Its just so darn hard to admit that you need help.

This Progressive religion will not only be the faith of a brave new America, it will be the official one of the world when the antichrist comes to power.  You and I are only getting a taste of it.  Just like that episode of Star Trek: The Original Series in which computers fight a war between two neighboring planets that the Enterprise had to interfere in thanks to a passionate diplomat.  But he got a little humbled in the end, but it still for the good of all.

In the end, the progressives will join Lucifer in hell, but not before they destroy so many lives as the tyrants they wish to be.

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“He had thoughts, he had prayers, and he had a rifle,” Levin said of Stephen Willeford, the man who heroically stood up Sunday and saved an untold amount of lives in Sutherland Springs, Texas. “And he stopped the killer.”

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