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SAD! Cowardly Hollywood Hillsong pastor can’t call abortion (unborn baby murder) a sin



Here is one reason why I am not a fan of Hillsong or its hold on not only Christian Music but on many conservative Bible Believing Churches when it comes to many of its popular songs from “Shout To The Lord” to “Oceans.”  So what if the ladies of The View favor abortion (which they do)?  They need to know (as well as the audience) why abortion is wrong (even if they continue to fight against us on this), and why as Christians must fight to make this kind of baby murder a crime once again.

It is not about forcing women into the kitchen preggers.  It is the fact that humans are created in God’s image. Procreation and bearing children are honoring to a Holy God.  Chucking it like trash is one of the biggest ways we have mocked God, which abortion really is, in the end.

Note how Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston defends Lentz, while defending Hillsong’s pro-life stance. Why couldn’t Lentz have just said that?


Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Refuses to Say If Abortion is Sinful: Pastor Carl Lentz is facing criticism this week for not defending unborn babies when he had the chance. Rather than speak boldly about loving both the mother and her unborn child, Lentz side-stepped the question, The Federalist reports. “So, it’s not a sin in your church to have an abortion?“ pro-abortion host Joy Behar asked.

Hillsong Minister Exposes His Heart – May God Forgive Him | The Resurgent have tried – truly tried – to be as generous and charitable in analyzing this response as I possibly can be.  And I sincerely find no way to square any of this with the language of someone whose heart is in line with the heart of God.  This is tragic capitulation, compromise, and confusion packaged in a manner that wrongly claims some sort of moral high ground (i.e., “I’m going higher”).


Hillsong’s Brian Houston responds:

Final Thoughts

Truth is on our side, and we do not need to be intimidated by the feminists on this issue.  If it were not for a group of certain men who convinced women that they could not have the life they wanted unless they had access to abortion, the feminists would not have gone along with this form of baby murder.  Men like Lawrence Lader wanted to make abortion legal for one reason.  Use abortion as a way of population control, including the right to eventually murder anyone that is not productive to the culture and society.  The Christian church now must be vocal more and let people it’s about the Baby and that it has a God Given Right To Life.  Over the whims of selfish women and men.

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