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Intolerance? A DREAMer wants Americans to pay for her dream, but that’s not how it works…



A New Jersey college student, whose goal is to become a diplomat for her homeland of Costa Rica, and whose parents came here as illegal immigrants from Costa Rica when she was a young child, made an Election Day plea as a guest op-ed writer for citizens to vote for the just-elected Democratic Governor who has pledged to make the entire state a “sanctuary state.”

The Democrat Governor-Elect, Phil Murphy, was President Obama’s appointed Ambassador to Germany, and prior to that, had a successful career at Goldman Sachs.

The student, Sara Mora, claimed in her column to have been brought here at the age of three, but a different report earlier this year wrote she was brought in at age four. She raised a few hundred dollars in a GoFundMe campaign for her United Nations internship. Her goal?

“I hope to one day serve as a diplomat for my country, Costa Rica and through programs like this I will be able to expand my knowledge and be prepared to be a great leader.”

So how did those nasty, intolerant host Americans respond?

The comments section for her guest opinion column were universally negative. Highly negative. But hardly intolerant or racist. Read them yourself.

The culture of entitlement, where the term “rights” is conflated with the actual meaning of “entitlement” to public subsidies, benefits and other direct and indirect payments, might have hit its tipping point.

The comments don’t show intolerance towards foreigners.

They show a readership — or at least the subsection of readers motivated enough to respond — which is no longer tolerant of anyone else telling them they should subsidize the dreams of the “DREAMers” whose asserted dilemma is entirely that of their parents’ doing.

Perhaps the tipping point is upon us. It’s noteworthy that New Jersey is hardly a red-state, red-meat state; it’s one of the most liberal states in the nation, where Hillary beat President Trump 54-41% last November.

The true pro-immigrant stance is the position strongly opposing amnesty, or special treatment for DREAMers, or anyone else who “cut the line” while millions of visa applicants around the world play by the rules, apply by the rules and wait their turn. And wait. And wait.

A value system which preferences illegals, no matter the reason, over rule-following applicants denigrates every prior legal immigrant, every unsuccessful applicant and the very citizenship to which most of them aspire.

Respect for the law is respect for immigrants, of whom the vast majority waited and obeyed the rules.

The DREAMers have already benefited from their parents breaking the law. They are continuing to benefit every day since. No wonder they want the gravy train to continue.

However, more and more Americans see this demand for compassion as just another emotional shakedown. Worse, they see it as something they’re paying for, both today in the form of taxes to fund government largesse, and later, in the form of increased competition for jobs, housing and really everything else.

It is this visceral unfairness, couched under a rubric of virtue, which has appalled Americans for years and fueled the electoral success of a flawed man, flawed candidate and flawed Administration.

Until the value system underpinning American culture is rebalanced, the “we’ve had enough” sentiment will be more than enough to fuel electoral victories for Trumpism and its opportunistic passengers.

Conservative corporate lawyer, commentator, blockchain technology patent holder and entrepreneur. Headquartered in a red light district in the middle of a deep blue People's Republic.

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