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Ben Shapiro reacts to GOP losses



Ben Shapiro reacts to GOP losses

Tuesday was a dark day for the GOP. While many of the losses were expected, including gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, the unprecedented state legislative losses may be painting a troubling picture for Republicans in 2018.

2020 may be a different story, but 2018 looks like it’s shaping up for disaster, which is why so many Republicans are already bowing out of House races.

He has a lot more to say on DailyWire:

10 Things You Need To Know About Democrats SHELLACKING Republicans In Virginia…And What It Means For 2018 | Daily Wire Tuesday evening, despite polls showing a narrowing gubernatorial race between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie in the days leading up to the election, Northam pulled off a massive victory – and more importantly, Democrats across the state trounced Republicans, putting control of the heretofore Republican-dominated House in question. Democrats have already picked up 10 seats in the statehouse and could easily pick up another seven, flipping the legislature. Meanwhile, they picked up seats in the Washington state senate, the governor’s mansion in New Jersey, and two Georgia House seats, as well as expanding Medicaid in Maine, among other gains.

Here are 10 things you need to know:

Former liberal who recently realized I've been a #Federalist the whole time. GOP fooled me into hating what I thought was conservatism. Now I see the light.

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