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It’s time to put more pressure on the NFL



Empty Stadium at Kickoff

It should be crystal clear by now to the NFL that they’re hurting themselves by not taking the right stand on… standing. Their unwillingness to take disciplinary action against the spoiled brats taking a knee during their country’s national anthem is the reason for empty stadiums around the league.

It may be a little unfair to highlight the San Francisco 49ers as an example because they’re currently winless, but since they were the first team to allow a player to kneel when Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem last season, they should get the most attention.

Here’s the reality: We can post all the pictures of empty stadiums that we want, but the NFL either knows something we don’t know or they’re stupid. We know they’re probably not stupid (not completely, at least) so that means they can’t be too concerned about the long-term effects of their bad reputation lately. The images may be misleading. The money may be flowing despite the bad press. We don’t know for sure. All we know is they’re not really doing anything about it.

The NFL is failing to do what’s right. Those who point to the 1st Amendment don’t understand that this isn’t a question of rights. It’s a question of an employer allowing employees to damage their industry’s reputation to their customers. This is very straightforward: Some employees are doing what a majority of the business’ customers don’t like. They should be disciplined. The outcry for such discipline has been loud, but not nearly loud enough.

Until the NFL takes a stand in favor of America, we should all completely walk away from the game. Focus on college football. Pick a different sport to follow. Play with your kids. Do anything other than support this behavior on Sundays. By watching, listening to, or attending these games, we’re saying that it’s okay for someone to disrespect this nation as long as they have enough talent to make it in the NFL.

Don’t let pictures of empty stadiums make you complacent. The power of the people over politicians is with our vote, but the power of the people over businesses is are money. They need our eyeballs to sell advertising, our subscriptions to sell to television markets, and our attention to fill the seats. Don’t give it to them. We’re not winning this battle. The players are still kneeling and the NFL is doing nothing about it. They haven’t felt enough pain from their unpatriotic actions. It’s time to turn up the heat.

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  1. Deserttrek

    November 7, 2017 at 8:03 am

    100% BS and so what regrading the anthem

    seems like ALL who are upset over the anthem never had a problem with direct taxpayer subsidizes to the nfl
    none never had a problem with the federal taxpayer paying for ALL of the security at the stupid bowl

    so the anthem is sacred, but nothing wrong with welfare for a multi billion dollar business?

    another clear example of mental illness

  2. Steve McFadden

    November 8, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    The nfl is dead to me!

  3. londe

    November 9, 2017 at 11:30 am

    The statement below is an excerpt of a recent press release from the new orleans saints. They attacked Veteran Commander John Wells publicly in the press simply because he refused to receive an award. He refused the award because the nfl disrespects Veterans.

    “Throughout Mr. Wells’ media appearances today, he has stated he no longer supports NFL football. That is unfortunate and disappointing considering the New Orleans Saints’ unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans. We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans. We, as an organization, have decided to move on from this sad and divisive discourse”

    “Our players have chosen to stand for our National Anthem out of respect for the flag, our servicemen and women and veterans in every game since our inception in 1967 with the exception of one game – the Week Three game at Carolina when a few of our players did sit”

    A few comments about the saints statement, they state: “unwavering commitment” then later in the statement they admit that players sat, by definition this is not unwavering, yes they wavered.

    In addition the saints admit in their statement that the reason to stand is “out of respect for the flag, our servicemen and women and veterans” There it is in black and white, the reason to stand is out of respect, so if one chooses not to stand by definition one is choosing to not to respect. No matter how many news media outlets say otherwise, even the NFL states they stand out of respect. NFL players are choosing to disrespect.

    Also they accuse Commander Wells of “sad and divisive discourse” just because he refused to go to an NFL game. Pretty low by the NFL saints to go on the attack of a Veteran.

    I will never watch another NFL game again, not a boycott but a choice why would I want to watch people and organizations that disrespect veterans? Why would I want to watch other NFL players that dont speak out and say this is wrong? Just because someone has a right to do something does not mean they should. So instead of watching the NFL go for a walk, spend time with your family, etc.

    This is a free country so of course one can protest but for one to say that this act is not disrespecting the military, police, and first responders is absurd. If you have a problem with the police then protest outside a police station or city hall, but never during a time to honor veterans.

    For example, let’s say I want to protest McRibs not being offered year round. So I’m going to start peacefully protesting by going to churches dressed as a clown every Sunday and loudly pray for the McRib to return over the pastor’s sermon.

    It’s not illegal. I’m being peaceful however the message is completely unrelated to religion it is disrespectful, ignorant and purposefully in poor taste in order to drum up as much controversy as possible for my personal cause.

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History repeats itself: Once again the National media praises a Socialist Dictatorship.




Being like-minded is the only reasonable explanation for this behaviour.

The occasion was the Olympic games with the national media falling all over itself to heap praise upon the a leadership of a socialist regime. But instead of a murderous socialist regime in North Korea, it was a murderous socialist regime in Germany just before WWII:

“Foreigners who know Germany only from what they have seen during this pleasant fortnight can carry home only one impression: it is that this is a nation happy and prosperous beyond belief, that Hitler is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, political leaders in the world today, and the Germans themselves are a much-maligned, hospitable, holy, peaceful people who deserve the best the world can give them.” New York Times, editorial August 16, 1936

Presumably this was before the nonsensical ‘Godwin’s law’ made the mentioning of Socialist monsters of the past verboten. Curiously enough, this is primarily used by Leftists in trying to suppress discussions of their blood soaked history. ‘Never forget’ is extremely difficult when one can ‘Never Mention’ the murderous past and present of the collectivist ideology.

Back then the New York Times had a bit more balance in it’s coverage with these headlines:

100,000 Hail Hitler; U.S. Athletes Avoid Nazi Salute To Him;

U.S. Welcome Is Mixed, Whistling Interpreted as ‘Bronx Cheer’ Is Heard as Team Gives Its Own Salute.

So why are we witness to a somewhat similar display from the national media reporting on the representatives from another Socialist nation, one that hails from North Korea instead of Germany?

Could it be they are merely ignorant that they are helping that authoritarian regime and do not understand it’s true nature? A government that starves, tortures imprisons and publicly executes it’s own people?
Was it as some have suggested in these cases, cheering for the rebel or the underdog?
Perhaps it is their way somehow going after the Trump administration?

Or could it just be that they are of the same ideological mindset?

We can dispense with giving them the benefit of the doubt. These are people of allegedly high intelligence, as is most of the Socialist-Left – Just ask them. With few exceptions – namely Buzzfeed of all places – it is hard to believe they do not understand the role they are playing with the woman who heads the ‘Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Nor can they be excused of not knowing the horrors taking place in what is essentially an open air concentration camp. Again, these are people who fashion themselves as the intellectual elite of the nation, the crème de la crème of the Left, standing up for the downtrodden everywhere, except North Korea.

It’s also hard to believe that the National media is really cheering for the underdog, given that description hardly extends a Germany under the iron fist of the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei or the Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik. It should also be clear that the national media has a history of this kind of advocacy that existed long before Trump ascended the public stage.

So, the obvious conclusions is that they are of the same collectivist mindset. No doubt if pressed, they would offer the same excuses for the starvation, oppression and mass murder used for other collectivist nations as ‘not really socialism.’ Or that the Socialism they advocate (were they truly honest about who they are) would be ‘done correctly’ in their case.

No, these were merely people cheering for their ideological brethren, and we’ll just leave it at that.


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Don’t mock us for what we believe



Dont mock us for what we believe

What if, during the Grammy awards ceremony, celebrities used their spotlight to mock someone because she was a woman? What if actors stood on the stage and made jokes about someone specifically because he was black? And on top of that, the audience laughed and laughed because he’s black and they’re not! Or homosexual? Or Jewish? Make no mistake, that’s exactly what happens when they stand on stage and mock conservatives.

It is no different to trash someone who believes differently than to trash someone for what they look like. Why is it okay to mock someone for their beliefs, but not okay to mock someone for what they are? Isn’t what you believe more a part of who you are than what you look like? For example: If I tell a joke in which I mock a man for being Hispanic, is that worse than if I tell a joke in which I mock that same man for believing in God, for believing that cows are sacred, or believing he should eat only vegetables?

If anything, it should be more offensive to mock someone for their beliefs, as it’s more of a reflection of who they are than their looks. Isn’t that what MLK tried to teach us? We don’t have streets named after him because he cared what people look like. His message was, it’s the content beneath the skin that matters most. Look at who a person is, not what he is. Mocking someone for believing in conservatism is mocking who he is. In my opinion that’s worse than mocking what he is.

Detractors might say that you can’t change what you are (although Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner might disagree). But if you believe in your gut, through and through, that abortion is wrong, for example, then that’s not something you can change either. If you believe in Christianity, then you base your life around it. It’s who you are and as unchangeable as what you are.

One more thing, if the Grammy awards are going to allow celebrities to bash right wingers, they should allow celebrities to bash left wingers too. We’re all about equality, right? So let’s have equal bashing time for both sides. James Woods and Tim Allen can stand up there and do their thing, then Alec Baldwin and Sarah Silverman can do theirs. Or, as an act of true tolerance and inclusion, they could allow neither, and show respect for beliefs of all kinds.

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XFL: The free market response to the NFL



The NFL’s issues are numerous and mounting. Perhaps this has inspired WWE’s Vince McMahon to reform the XFL for the first time since 2001. But McMahon has learned lessons from his previous venture and wants to create a multi-platform, fan-first football league to compete that could not have existed in 2001. From the video below, the new XFL will embrace both fantasy football and gambling, something the NFL distances itself from. The XFL also seeks to be safer and have fewer penalties than NFL rules, another criticism of the NFL.

“We’re going to give the game of football back to fans,” Vince McMahon in his opening.

Beginning in 2020, the XFL will have 8 inaugural teams and a four-team playoff. The official rules have yet to be established but McMahon believes that football can be reimagined to make the game simpler, easier to learn and understand, and still fun. One of the biggest distinctions the XFL is making from the NFL is focusing on the quality of the player both on and off the field. Vince McMahon assures the XFL will have no politics or social issues, just football. The NFL has scandal after scandal and crime after crime including Marlon Humphrey strongarm robing the phone charger worth $15 most recently. Other details include a winter season. and a range of large and mid-sized markets to put teams in.

If you have any ideas for reimagining football, let the XFL know because they will be listening.


Clay Travis Outkick The Coverage: Bring Back The XFL With These New Rules In Play

2. Draft freshmen and sophomores from college football and offer them contracts to play in the XFL.

Do you want to get immediate attention for your league? Try to entice star college freshmen and sophomores to enter your league. Remember, those players aren’t eligible to play in the NFL until three years after they graduate from high school.

How many college football players might prefer to play in the XFL for decent money over staying in college and risking injury for no financial compensation? Can you imagine the amount of interest the XFL would get from sports fans if, say, a star player on a top college team had to decide whether to sign for a decent amount of money or return to play in college for free?

Hell, if you really want to take the attention to the next level, try and sign five-star high school players and persuade them to come train for football with you full time rather than go to college at all.  Would some high school kids take a guaranteed million dollars for a three-year contract instead of going to college at all? They might. Plus, they could still consider the NFL after three years if they’ve developed into good players.

6. Put eight teams in cities that don’t have NFL franchises now.

Including several cities that have recently lost NFL franchises to relocation and are otherwise proven football markets.

My top suggestions for cities: Portland, San Diego, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Louisville, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Raleigh-Durham, Memphis, Orlando, Oakland, and Birmingham. I’m probably missing some other cities, but all of these places are good size cities with a substantial interest in football.

Make concessions cheap and play in stadiums, when possible, that are smaller and only fit around 25-30k fans at most.

9. Embrace gambling. 

Don’t tiptoe up to it, regularly talk about the line and the impact of decisions made during the game on the line during the game broadcasts.


My Take

The NFL is imploding and has no sense of damage control. In the past, I’ve recommended solutions to the NFL that the XFL now embraces, among them are streaming and forcing players to stand for the anthem. As Roger Goodell is messing up a good product, the free market is offering a privately funded alternative that could pose a serious threat. No other league has such contempt for what the fans want as the NFL. NHL, MLB, UFC, and NBA are all better with regards to the fans. I’d love to watch a sport I grew up loving in, so McMahon is completely meeting my needs here in the free marketplace. I’m sold on the product conditionally as long as its not gimmicky. Also I’d prefer two feet in bounds rule as well as you must be touched to be down. This could be a real game changer in not just football, but sports and entertainment as well.

Football is good. Capitalism is great.

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