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Ted Cruz following the Sutherland Springs Church massacre



Ted Cruz following the Sutherland Springs Church massacre

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas gave impressive answers to questions he was asked while visiting Sutherland Springs the day after the horrific murders that took place in the small Texas town.

“This is the moment of horror of grief of agony and yet with God’s grace and with our coming together we will make it through the valley and onto the other side.”

Source: Chron

Ted Cruz says gunman was a ‘peculiar evil’ to kill in a house of prayer said already people are rallying around the people in Sutherland Springs, bringing water and food and helping pay for funeral costs. He said the Texas Baptist Men group has even offered to help fund the rebuilding of the church that was riddled with bullets late Sunday morning.

But Cruz, the son of a preacher himself, had strong words for the suspected killer, saying he understood the “depraved madman” worshiped before with some of the very people he ended up killing.

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