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Tucked in the JFK files was a Martin Luther King dossier that makes explosive accusations



Martin Luther King Jr

In the midst of the John F. Kennedy assassination files, recently released by the White House, is a document that makes explosive accusations against Martin Luther King, Jr. From drunken orgies to ties to communism, the document’s allegations could shed a nasty light on one of the most beloved leaders in American history.

It was written three weeks before he was assassinated.

The African-American leader whose organization helped pave the way during the civil rights movement was being watched closely by the federal government. They seemed less concerned with his work for equal rights than they were for his alleged ties to the Communist Party in America.

The reason king enjoyed this close relationship with communists is is best explained by the fact that Levison, in February, 1962, passed the word to Gus Hall, General Secretary, CPUSA, “King is a whole-hearted Marxist who has studied it (Marxism), believes in it and agrees with it, but because of his being a minister of religion, does not dare to espouse it publicly.” Further, in March, 1962, Levison told a CPUSA functionary that King was concered about a “communist label” being “pinned on us” but that, at the same time, he wanted to do everything possible to evidence friendship toward the Soviet Union. In addition, King has been described within the CPUSA as a true, genuine Marxist-Leninist “from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.” The feeling within the CPUSA at the time was, and still is, that King definitely follows a Marxist-Leninist line.

There was a lot of fear in DC around this time. It should be noted that invoking communism as a way to attack a public figure was common. Whether these accusations were real or fabricated may never be known.

Another tidbit from the document seems much more likely to be factual. Elements were pushing for King to run for president on a “peace ticket” with famed anti-war protester Dr. Benjamin Spock as his vice president.

The fringe element Levison referred to was attempting to persuade King to run for President on a peace ticket. On April 19, 1967, Levison and Wachtel conferred concerning King’s political possibilities. According to Wachtel, a pacifist group was meeting that day in an effort to get King to agree to run for President with Dr. Benjamin Spock, the antiwar agitator, as his Vice Presidential candidate. Both Levison and Wachtel agreed that it was too early and that King should not agree to run at this time.

The CPUSA again seized the opportunity to cause dissension and unrest in the country by announcing they would support King and Spock on a peace ticket. At a May Day, 1967, program in Berkeley, California, Gus Hall stated, “The Party forces should begin work right now to elect these two men because they are for peace in Vietnam.”

Early in May, 1967, Levison was still concerned with King’s being identified with the peace movement rather than civil rights. When approached by peace groups attempting to get King to continue to run for President, Levison informed those representatives that King would talk on Vietnam on occasion to various groups, but that would be the extent of his involvement.

Mainstream media will highlight the stories in the document that call into question King’s morals, particularly regarding sexual indiscretions. The dossier is loaded with accusations. We’ll leave it to other media sources to focus on those.

What this means

King is a true American icon, someone who helped lead the transition to America’s modern era of equal rights and reduced bigotry. These documents may or may not paint him in a negative light’ it will depend on the disposition of the reader. Those who want him to remain an icon can either call the documents untrue or dismiss his alleged sins due to the great contributions he made. Those who want him to be disgraced will believe every word and attempt to tarnish his legacy.

The truth is likely somewhere in-between. Many in the government were quite paranoid five decades ago and were known to smear people they felt were challenges to the status quo. Our perceptions of the man and his legacy today may or may not be changed by these revelations.

Tread carefully. There should be a health skepticism but there also needs to be acknowledgement that the history books may not have the full story.

Further Reading

Explosive Martin Luther King document amid JFK files – BBC News list of alleged indiscretions would likely have been deeply problematic for the civil rights leader if it had been made public in 1968.

The paper paints Dr King in an extremely negative light, despite his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize and his contribution to passing the Civil Rights Act four years previously.

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Guns and Crime

Pregnant Jewish woman and six others gunned down in Hanukkah terror attack




Video of the attack showed a white car driving up to the post and slowing down as it passed a group of Jews standing at the stop. The travelers are seen scrambling away as they were sprayed with bullets, with the car immediately driving away.

 A young pregnant woman and six other travelers were injured in a Palestinian shooting attack at a bus stop outside the Jewish town of Ofra on Sunday night.

The woman, who was brought to Jerusalem’s Shaarei Zedek Medical Center in critical condition, has had her condition upgraded to stable, but her son, delivered by emergency Caesarian section, has been downgraded to critical.

The wounded woman, Shira Yael Ish-Ran and her husband, Amichai Yishai Ish-Ran.

The wounded woman, Shira Yael Ish-Ran and her husband, Amichai Yishai Ish-Ran.

The attack took place on the eighth night of Hanukkah at a popular hitchhiking post and bus stop.

Video of the attack showed a white car driving up to the post and slowing down as it passed a group of Jews standing at the stop. The travelers are seen scrambling away as they were sprayed with bullets, with the car immediately driving away.

One pregnant 21-year-old woman, Shira Yael Ish-Ran, was shot in the lower abdomen and was said to be “fighting for her life,” though doctors managed to save the life of her first child, delivered at just 30 weeks gestation. The boy was immediately transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit, but his condition worsened overnight, and he is now attached to a ventilator.

“A pregnant woman who loses so much blood cannot provide the oxygen necessary for the baby in her belly,” Dr. Alon Schwartz, a surgeon at the hospital told Army Radio on Monday. “This was apparently the harm to the baby that we discovered.”

According to Schwartz, the young woman lost a lot of blood and arrived at the hospital in a state of shock. The hospital reported that she has regained consciousness and showed signs of movement, but that she remains in life-threatening danger. Her family requested continued prayers for Shira Yael bat Leora Sarah and for her son, Tinok ben Shira Yael.

Shira is the daughter of Chaim Silberstein, founder and president of Keep Jerusalem, an organization that advocates the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, and the president of the Jerusalem Capital Development Fund, an organization dedicated to reclaiming and strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem and parts of Judea and Samaria.

The woman’s husband was also injured in the attack and underwent surgery at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. His condition was said to have improved from moderate to mild-to-moderate.

Two 16-year-old girls suffered light injuries and were taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem.

“Praying for the recovery of those injured in the despicable terrorist attack, including the young mother who brought life to the world from this hellish scene,” wrote Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Twitter. “I  send my unreserved support to the security forces who are relentlessly pursuing the terrorists.”

IDF, border police and security services forces cooperated in a widespread manhunt for the terrorists in Palestinian enclaves near to the attack. Officials stated that the vehicle in which the attempted murder was committed is believed to have contained at least two occupants.

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Trump continues to embarrass himself with Twitter idiocy, #SmockingGun edition



Trump continues to embarrass himself with Twitter idiocy Smocking Gun edition

Multiple writers on this site have asked, begged, and even demanded the President of the United States assign someone literate to read his Tweets before he sends them out. This time, he can’t even blame autocorrect or mistyping. He misspelled a common word. Twice.

I support the President and I think many of the complaints about his lack of intelligence are unfounded. But when it comes to posting on Twitter, I’ve lost the will to defend him. He refuses to let anyone help him not sound like a complete illiterate fool.

Does he not realize that he can’t spell? Is he unaware that his grammatical skills are lacking? Why won’t he simply write his Tweets, then hand the phone to someone who knows how to spell and utilize proper grammar before pushing the send button? His son Barron is almost certainly better at basic English than his father. He would save his supporters a lot of grief if he just let an adult read his Tweets before they went out.

Seriously, Mr. President, for the sake of those of us who still support you, do us all a favor and let the nearest adult read your Tweets before sending them out. You’re making it so much harder for us to convince others that you’re not a imbecile.

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Macron addresses France amid protests; is it too late?



Macron addresses France amid protests is it too late

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron is at last preparing to speak to the nation Monday, after increasingly violent and radicalized protests against his leadership and a long silence that aggravated the anger. Many protesters only want one thing: for him to declare “I quit.”

That’s an unlikely prospect. Instead Macron is expected to announce a series of measures to reduce taxes and boost purchasing power for the masses who feel his presidency has favored the rich. He’s being forced to act after four weeks of “yellow vest” protests that started in struggling provinces and spread to rioting in the capital that has scared tourists and foreign investors and shaken France to the core.

Macron met Monday morning in his presidential palace with local and national politicians, unions and business leaders to hear their concerns. In the evening, he will give a national televised address, his first public words in more than a week.

The morning meeting stretched past lunch and into the afternoon. A presidential official said there were 37 people around the table with the president, describing how the movement is impacting their sectors, including unions, small businesses and local government.

Among steps the government is considering are abolishing taxes on overtime, speeding up tax cuts and an end-of-year bonus for low-income workers. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Monday the government could delay some payroll taxes, but expressed resistance to restoring the wealth tax or lowering taxes for retirees, among protesters’ demands. He stressed that the measures should focus on helping the working classes.

“We are ready to make any gesture” that works, he said on RTL radio. “What is important now is to put an end to the crisis and find peace and unity in the country again.”

Fallout from the protests so far could cost France 0.1 percent of gross domestic product in the last quarter of the year, Le Maire warned. “That means fewer jobs, it means less prosperity for the whole country,” he said.

The “yellow vest” protests began as a movement against a rise in fuel taxes that Macron eventually abandoned, but have mushroomed to include a plethora of sometimes contradictory demands — increasingly including Macron’s resignation.

“Macron is there for the rich, not for all the French,” 68-year-old retiree Jean-Pierre Meunuer said at Saturday’s protests in Paris.

Some members of the movement are already planning new action next Saturday, amid calls from police officers exhausted by four weekends of rioting for the payment of overtime work instead of bonuses.

“The State should commit itself to the payment of overtime,” the UNSA police union said in a statement on Monday. “These extra hours should be exempted from tax. Night hours should be revalued. UNSA police officials will listen carefully to the president’s announcements.”

Graffiti throughout the French capital singles Macron out for criticism, reflecting a national sense that the 40-year-old centrist former banker is arrogant and out of touch. Macron however has appeared determined to continue his course, and no presidential or parliamentary elections are planned until 2022.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux warned Sunday that a “magic wand” won’t solve all the problems of the protesters.

Paris tourist sites reopened Sunday, while workers cleaned up debris from protests that left widespread damage in the capital and elsewhere. At least 71 people were injured in Paris on Saturday, fewer than the week before but still a stunning figure. French media reported 136,000 protesters nationwide on Saturday, similar to the previous week.

Nearly 1,000 people were being held in custody after the Saturday protests in the French capital.


Sylvie Corbet, Elaine Ganley and Samuel Petrequin contributed.

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