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Sayfullo Saipov was ‘gleeful’ about attack, and Chuck Schumer wanted him here



Open borders proponents like Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer love the fact that America should be a diverse mix of cultures, a plurality. They think America’s motto “e pluribus unum” stops at “e pluribus” (“out of many”) for immigration, and the “unum” (“one”) part only applies to issues like gay marriage, abortion, and health care regulations.

What the left wants, in fact, is an impossible utopia, where every ideology, background, and national origin is permitted, with nearly unlimited freedom, to enter and dwell in the United States. And once here, they will magically conform to our social mores and behavioral expectations. They want Muslims from Uzbekistan to arrive in America and become liberals when they get here.

By all reports, 29-year-old Sayfully Habibullaevic Saipov was a friendly, happy person who settled in Florida after obtaining a green card on a “Diversity Visa.” At some point, he became radicalized. I don’t know if it would ever occur to liberals that the same social forces they want to apply nationwide in America, through movies, television, and endless cultural preening, are the very same drivers of people like Saipov to radical Islam and supporting ISIS.

I don’t suppose that ISIS propaganda against the decadent and infidel west would ever be the reason–in the left’s mind–a man like Saipov would be “almost gleeful” at running down innocents (not even Americans) in New York City.

In fact, I know it wouldn’t occur to them, because Shimon Prokupecz, CNN’s “crime and justice reporter,” upon learning from police a description of full-bearded Uzbek Saipov, refused to share that with his audience. Details like that might be prejudicial to the viewers of the Jim Acosta network–remember Acosta sanctimoniously quoted the poem from the Statue of Liberty to Stephen Miller in the White House briefing room as proof America must let everyone in.


NYC Terrorist Came to US Under ‘Diversity Visa Program’ Sponsored by NY Democrat Chuck Schumer came to the United States in 2010, just seven years ago under the ill-conceived progressive program. As Numbers USA reported, there is “no cost” to apply for the lottery, other than a $330 application fee, and applicants can enter as many times as they wish, but can only submit one application per year. “This was an act of terror,” declared Mayor de Blasio at a somber One Police Plaza news conference.

Manhattan Truck Rampage Suspect Almost Gleeful About Attack, Had Knife in Truck: Official – NBC New York say Saipov was familiar with the area of the attack, though it wasn’t clear if that was because he scouted the route out in advance or knew the layout because of his work as an Uber driver. The attack echoed a strategy that the Islamic State group has been suggesting to its followers. The building’s manager told The Record he lived with his wife and two children in a two-bedroom apartment on Genessee Avenue.

WATCH: CNN Refuses To Share Description Of Terrorist After Getting Details From Police | Daily Wire “crime and justice reporter,” Shimon Prokupecz, told viewers that he would not release the description of suspected Islamic terrorist Sayfullo Saipov who allegedly murdered at least eight civilians and injured approximately a dozen more near the World Trade Center.

“Police know who he is,” Propkupecz said. “They have a description of him. I’m not going to share that at the moment.”


Final thoughts

Whether President Bush 41 signed the law creating the Diversity Visa program or Sen. Schumer sponsored it is not the point here (both are true). The issue is that the left is quick to grab onto open border immigration whenever President Trump calls for tightening standards and keeping some immigrants out. They do so sanctimoniously. When there’s a shooting, the left is quick to blame gun control, even though gun control laws (existing ones, they seem to forget) would not have stopped the Las Vegas massacre.

Now when an radicalized ISIS-pledged immigrant uses a truck to kill eight innocents, they point out how Bush signed the visa law. The fact is, Schumer wanted Saipov, and any others like him, to be here. But Schumer, and the liberals, believe somehow that America can tolerate and shape these individuals while spewing moral filth at the same times. They’re feeding the monster they seek to kill, and at the same time, opposing the one solution we know will work–tightening immigration.

The left is truly deluded, and will cause more “almost gleeful” copycats of Saipov to pop up.

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