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Multiple casualties in NYC as terrorist mows down cyclists



Update 4: A note was left in the truck claiming the suspect perpetrated the attack for the Islamic State.

Update 3: Suspect identified as Sayfullo Saipov from Tampa, Florida. He is an Uzbek national and came to the U.S. in 2010.

The President reacted on Twitter:

Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review reacted to news of the suspected terrorist’s origins:

Update 2:  In the first news conference about the attack, Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomu, and members law enforcement verified that it was a terrorist attack. They raised the death count to eight and praised the police officer who shot the terrorist.

NYPD is currently considering this to be a “lone wolf” attack and does not believe there will be additional terrorist attacks in the city.

The suspect is a 29-year-old male. He was shot by police in the abdomen. He had a paintball gun and a pellet gun.

Two adults and two children riding a bus that was struck by the terrorist’s truck were injured.

Update 1: Reports are coming in that the suspect shouted “Allahu Akbar” after emerging from the truck.

At least eight people are dead after a terrorist mowed down cyclists in Lower Manhattan around 3:10 pm EST. The suspect is in custody. The incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

Multiple people have been injured. Reports are coming in that the terrorist first used a rented Home Depot box truck to try to run over cyclists. Witnesses say he intentionally merged into the bike lane to mow them down.

After crashing the truck, he emerged with two guns which turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun. He was shot by police before being taken into custody.

“What happened was there was a car crash… he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns. He was running around Chambers and somebody started to chase him,” said a 14-year-old Stuyvesant student. “I heard four to six gunshots – everybody starts running.”

We will update this post as it develops.


Sayfullo Saipov

Multiple casualties in NYC as man shoots pedestrians mows down cyclists

Home Depot Truck used in NYC Attack

NYC Bicycle attack


Sayfullo Saipov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know Saipov was identified in news reports as the driver accused of ramming a Home Depot rental truck into people on a bike path in lower Manhattan, killing at least eight and injuring multiple more, in a frightening “act of terror” that unfolded almost in the shadow of the World Trade Center memorial.

New York police and other authorities declined to release the 29-year-old suspect’s name in an early evening press conference after the Halloween afternoon attack, but the mayor publicly and quickly called the car ramming an “act of terror.” ABC News and other media outlets named the suspect as Sayfullo Saipov of Tampa, Florida. According to CBS News, the terror suspect is “Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, apparently from Uzbekistan.” He is an Uzbekh national who was not born in the United States, according to NBC.

8 Dead After Truck Driver Plows Through Bike Path, Into School Bus in Apparent Act of Terror: Sources – NBC New York driver of a Home Depot rental pickup truck zoomed at least 10 blocks down the popular West Side Highway bike path from West Houston to Chambers streets, hitting nearly a dozen pedestrians and bicyclists before crashing into a school bus near Stuyvesant High School and elementary school P.S. 89, authorities said.

The crash into the school bus appeared to be deliberate; witnesses told police they saw the driver swerve the truck to target the bus. They said the driver screamed “Allah’ akbar” in the truck, then emerged carrying two fake guns — a pellet gun and a paint gun — and started running around before he was confronted by a nearby uniformed officer on patrol, who shot him in the abdomen.

ISIS Threatens Halloween Celebrations: ‘Get Out Before It’s Too Late’ pro-ISIS media group circulated an image today of a knife dripping blood over the Eiffel Tower, calling on lone jihadists to attack on Halloween.

“Enjoy their gathering,” reads the text superimposed over the image. “Terrorize October 31.”

Added was the hashtag #Paslechoix: “no choice.” Below that was the message, “Get out before it’s too late.”‘

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  1. eric

    October 31, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Before political opportunists try to use this criminal attack as a pretext for their agenda, it’s not too early to remind readers that New York City is a gun-control, bike-friendly, anti-combustion engine, sanctuary city. And that except for a tiny sliver north of Times Square, Hillary carried all of Manhattan and often by margins of four or five-to-one.

  2. Chevy

    October 31, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Why ?..miss news lady on the scene ….Why ? one word: Islam

  3. Rick Smith

    October 31, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    We need to DEPORT every stinking muslim in America, and QUIT IMPORTING these vermin!

    • jerry j kenney

      October 31, 2017 at 4:52 pm

      thank god there is some one out there with a brain . hello Rick Smith thank you for your true comment.

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