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Parents beware: The Gates-keeper is back, haunting our kids’ classrooms



Bill Gates

While the MSM has kept us all preoccupied with their latest hysterics, the gatekeeper, Bill Gates himself, made a tactical move which went almost entirely unnoticed. Let me back up just briefly…

It was the fall of 2012. I had been tasked with presenting new teaching strategies for literacy instruction to my fellow educators, as well as to provide a brief explanation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). A few months before, I had attended a week-long training conference at Columbia University’s Teachers College on their “Reading Workshop” program: it was the latest trend among the frequent emerging trends all too common in the educational sphere, one which I found to be woefully inadequate and enormously over-priced. When you work in education, however, you are often required to endorse a plethora of ill-advised programs. Good girl, Biscuit!

Nevertheless, for this particular presentation, I was at least able to settle a part of my conscience, assured in the superiority of the Common Core State Standards upon which part of my presentation stood. After all, the CCSS had been a state lead, bottom-up movement based on brain-based research and best practices, raising the bar of student achievement across the country, with teachers leading the charge! What was there not to love?

Oh, Booooyyyyy….

I felt so betrayed when I later learned that everything which I had read and which I had been told regarding the Common Core State Standards had been a lie, a scam! I felt like such a fool, like a marionette on strings. (Yes, teachers often have the wool pulled over our eyes too. After all, we lie at the bottom of the food chain.)

As the National Association of Scholars has confirmed and judiciously illuminated, the Common Core State Standards were not state-lead or research-based, nor were the standards developed or written by teachers working in the field. Rather, the CCSS were compiled by a handful of people at Student Achievement Partners, in collaboration with the National Governors Association – who own the copyright to the CCSS – and funded by Bill Gates (Blumenfeld & Newman, 2014, p. 236-237). David Coleman, who co-headed Student Achievement Partners, found a cushy seat as the head of the College Board shortly after completing the CCSS, where he now edits the SAT’s. Coincidence? Nah.

The truly frightening possibility is that the results of early and oft-repeated follies through uncredentialed players which began from the outset of the CCSS project, may plague an entire generation of our children.

“And of course, the Common Core Standards have turned out to be as complicated and obtuse as possible so that no parent can possibly understand them. They were actually written by Coleman’s cadre of young masters of education – full of great intentions, but little, if any, teaching experience” (Blumenfeld & Newman, 2014, p. 238). This video introduction of Coleman at a speaking engagement proves sobering, and if the introduction itself doesn’t freak you out just a bit, skip to the three-minute thirty-seconds mark (3:30). Dr. Duke Pesta of The Birch Society offers another interesting take in a video exposing the monopolistic nature and crony capitalism which bubbles and boils below the surface of the CCSS. I could go on and on, but enough about that for now.

Needless to say, the Common Core State Standards are one hot mess of a creature, one which needs to be caged. Heck! It really needs to be put out of its misery! Alas! – Finally, this year, it looked as though the Common Core State Standards had begun to die off, or so many of us thought… That dadd-burn monster just won’t die!

Just when we thought the monster that is the Common Core State Standards might finally die, Bill Gates, the gatekeeper, re-emerges on scene, breathing new life into the half-dead beast. “After helping to further centralize and dumb down government education with Common Core standards, billionaire globalist Bill Gates has another “education” plan to meddle in your child’s schooling,” writes Alex Newman for Freedom Project Media. Speaking at the October 19, 2017, summit for the Council of the Greater City Schools (CGCS), Gates boldly declared his unwavering support of the CCSS and introduced new plans, new schemes to impose this scam upon America’s school children (and teachers) for the foreseeable future.

“It’s exciting to see how the standards are being brought to life in schools and classrooms. But more needs to be done to fully realize their potential…. Teachers need better curricula and professional development aligned with the Common Core.” Even “after admitting that his previous schemes did not work out as planned, Gates vowed to pour almost $2 billion into everything from ‘new curricula’ to ‘networks of schools that work together… and use data to drive continuous improvement,’” Newman explains. Translated into plain English, this is going to cost you, me, and every other taxpayer more money, wasting our resources on more and more new textbooks in a shame worthy attempt at mobilizing a three-wheeled wagon. I don’t even want to envisage the countless trees that will be sacrificed on the gatekeeper’s alter of CCSS obsession. At the end of the day, what we have here is the same faulty standards, the same faulty results. A donkey has a better chance of success in the Kentucky Derby.

You know, for a man who everyone thinks is sooo smart, he sure is thick!

There are several statements that Bills Gates made that warrant further discussion due to the far-reaching invasion of privacy entailed and Gates’ eagerness to become a data collector, storing the personal formation of each child for future use in a Frankenstein’s Monster yet to come.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gates is already in second place in the matter, 2nd to our own government bureaucracy. In fact, some of these privacy issues are quite serious. However, for the sake of brevity, I will leave you now, but I leave you with a bit a homework: explore so to discover what type of information the federal government is already seeking on your child, even on your child’s teacher, which can be found in the Student Data Handbook for Elementary, Secondary, and Early Childhood Education (2001 edition). It might get a little spooooooky!

I will return to this subject later this week.

For now, Happy Halloween and God Bless!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don McCullen

    October 30, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    If Bill Gates asks any of us if we are “a God?” We answer “YES!!!”

    If you watched the original Ghostbusters, you will get this.

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Why wasn’t a thwarted school shooting a major news story?




Why wasnt a thwarted school shooting a major news story

(Please note that we are not using the perpetrator’s name to keep the focus on the heroes who stopped this potential tragedy)

The liberty grabbers on the left usually jump at a chance to demonize the 2nd Amendment. Why not in this case?

Three staff members of Smith High School in Greensboro, North Carolina stopped a potential tragedy on Monday by quickly locking down the school and arresting the perpetrator.

The first to intervene was Patrick Jordan, a Behavioral Intervention Specialist who works at the school. He noticed someone who did not “fit in” walking past in the courtyard. Jordan then approached the man to ask why he was there, and after a short exchange the individual raised his shirt to show a handgun. Assistant Principal, Lashonti Hines, also noticed the gun. Hines and Jordan immediately called for a lock down. The criminal ran and was arrested after being tased by school Resource Officer, D.K. Evans.

The perpetrator had previously assaulted his girlfriend in Virginia Beach Monday morning before allegedly stealing the victim’s car to drive to the School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The man had a backpack with two loaded handguns and eight boxes of ammunition. It was reported in the Sacramento Bee that the man had a “hit list” with plans to kill a woman and her parents in Durham, and then move on to Smith High School in Greensboro to kill two people. He then planned to drive to Maryland and kill one more person.

Why wasn’t this a major news story?

This potential mass murder in a school and elsewhere took place several days ago. While it did receive some perfunctory notice by some local and national news sources, it was quickly glossed over in favor of other stories. Why?

Several reasons can be gleaned from the accompanying video on the hero who stopped this tragedy. Suffice it to say that the ethnicity of the perpetrator, as well as the victims, did not fit the usual narrative. The featured video also had one of the heroes referring to that which is generally taboo with secular socialist television.

The primary difference between this case and others is that the perpetrator didn’t succeed. There were no images or video of children fleeing for their lives from the scene, and a decided lack of relatives of the victims emoting on-screen demanding for restrictions on freedom.

Colleague, Lorie Wimble, noticed a similar pattern with regard to a rape allegation by Katie Brennan, in which a political inconvenient story ends up getting buried in the news cycle. In this environment it’s mind-boggling that the media doesn’t understand why they are no longer trusted. It’s equally perplexing that they don’t understand that their bias is manifestly obvious.

A lost opportunity to demonize liberty

Compare the coverage of this potential “serious crisis” with one that is ripe for exploitation by the freedom floggers. Wall-to-wall coverage would soon be initiated after word of an exploitable tragedy coming in over the optic fiber (followed by the usual admonitions about our issue with liberty and how we must now restrict freedom) then, somber denizens of the nation’s Socialist left will pontificate on the dire need to control personal property, as well as everyone’s online speech.

One can easily imagine the gatherings of excited leftists in “news” rooms around the nation hoping for another chance to further their gun confiscation agenda, only to be disappointed that the obvious solution of armed school security saving the day. The sheer letdown for them, in the midst of their writing up of tweets with the hashtag #GunReformNow (meaning #GunConfiscationNow), when the news breaks that ordinary citizens stopped evil dead in it’s tracks.

Killing off the contagion

Studies show that over-the-top media coverage and making perpetrators “anti-heroes” tends to encourage copycat crimes. Even far-left publication ‘Mother Jones’ recognizes this problem. It’s also logical that publicizing the failure of one of these murderous miscreants would discourage this behavior in others with similar ideas.

Those planning these crimes go through five distinct planning phases. Seeing that someone was thwarted by an armed response may end the fantasy of an active shooter once and for all.

The takeaway

Truly common sense measures, such as eliminating so-called ‘Gun-Free’ zones and freeing people to carry concealed weapons, would dramatically reduce if not eliminate these tragedies. But for some, security is more important than essential liberty. Perhaps that is why they oppose the common sense solutions.

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Ben Shapiro to testify in Ohio



Ben Shapiro to testify in Ohio

The states are the “laboratories of democracy” (Justice Louis Brandeis) and “education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” (George Washington Carver). These two quotes will be put to the test with Ohio House Bill 758, the FORUM Act, which aims to protect and promote free speech on state campuses.

DailyWire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro will be one of several experts to testify on behalf of the bill. Shapiro is arguably the left’s favorite target when he goes to college campuses around the nation to speak, drawing protests and “trigger warnings” because of his conservative views. He is often accused by left-leaning campus groups of spreading dangerous ideologies, defending hate speech, and being antisemitic.

Shapiro is Jewish.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Tyson Langhofer is also scheduled to testify.

ADF: Ohio bill sends right message on campus free speech“The free and open exchange of ideas is essential to democracy, and perhaps no place is it more important than on public university campuses,” Langhofer said. “Public colleges and universities are meant to be marketplaces of ideas—where our future teachers, lawyers, judges, community leaders, and voters can exercise their constitutionally protected freedoms. Unfortunately, public universities are some of the most ideologically intolerant places in the entire country. This bill will help ensure that public universities again become places where intellectual diversity flourishes and all students are able to engage in the exchange of ideas rather than censorship on campus. We commend Ohio lawmakers for considering legislation that protects students’ First Amendment freedoms.”

The FORUM (Forming Open and Robust University Minds) Act is designed to reduce efforts to suppress free speech on state-funded campuses. It will eliminate “free speech zones,” allow students to hold events and activities on campus without interference, and promotes expression on campus regardless of political party or ideological preferences.

My Take

Universities have been turned into leftist indoctrination factories. The predominance of left-leaning faculty at most colleges has not only assisted in this systematic indoctrination, but has also emboldened students to utilize intimidation techniques against any high-profile conservative speakers.

Reading through HB 758 reveals some interesting measures that other states should consider. This isn’t really a defense of the 1st Amendment, though the attachment of state funds allows it to be framed within that narrative. But of greater importance is the practice of free speech itself in all of its non-detrimental forms on campuses that desperately need to hear both sides.

While progressives often try to suppress conservative ideas by labeling them as “dangerous” to justify their unhinged actions, most conservatives generally welcome dialogue on campuses from every side of a debate. We recognize that through dialogue we have our greatest opportunity to open minds and change hearts.

Conservatives, by our nature, will not suppress ideas as progressives often do on campuses. We need bills like these to give us a chance of breaking through the indoctrination. The greatest fear of campus progressives is someone like Shapiro spreading the truth.

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Culture and Religion

Pro-Israel group has amazing response for upcoming antisemitic conference at UCLA



Pro-Israel group has amazing response for upcoming antisemitic conference

We’ve grown accustomed to opposing sides attempting to quash each other. Leftists often do everything they can to prevent conservatives from speaking at universities. Conversely, right-wing extremist groups often show up to intimidate leftist protesters. It’s a sad and dangerous ebb and flow that often seems impossible to resolve.

One might expect a similar reaction from pro-Israel groups when antisemitic groups come to town. Students for Justice in Palestine, a BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel) group that operates on campuses around the nation, is having their 8th annual conference at UCLA from November 16-18.

The response from Stand With Us, a pro-Israel organization, is not what most are accustomed to hearing. Charline Delkhah, Southwest Campus Coordinator for Stand With Us, didn’t call for protests or for the school to shut down the conference as many have done to her organization.

“But because we live in a country where freedom of speech is one of our basic amendments, they’re given the same rights as we would be given those rights to have a conference on any campus.”

As most campus groups work to stifle their opposition, it’s refreshing to see one embracing the 1st Amendment by defending the right to free speech even from those with opposite views.

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