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In his latest Twitter rant, President of the United States Donald J. Trump implored someone (Republicans? Robert Mueller? Twitter users?) to “DO SOMETHING!”

On one hand, he has a point. With so much focus on the alleged collusion with Russia from within his campaign, it’s conspicuous that the media isn’t nearly as focused on stories of his former challenger Hillary Clinton’s own connections with Russia. From the Uranium One story to recent revelations that the Clinton campaign, DNC, and FBI funded the Steele Dossier, the President’s frustration with the media seems to be vindicated once again.

On the other hand, there are already actions taking place to go after Clinton. The House and Senate have separate investigations into Uranium One as well as how the Justice Department and James Comey handled the Clinton email scandal. These things may not be moving as quickly as the President would like, but they’re moving.

What really has the President up in arms is the leaked report that special counsel Robert Mueller has filed charges in the Russia investigation that could yield arrests this week. The charges were sealed by a federal judge, supposedly to prevent those facing charges from fleeing.

Here’s the President’s Tweetstorm from this morning:

Making things worse

I’m sympathetic with the President’s frustrations. A little. However, reacting this way through Twitter is counterproductive.

Unless he knows something about the charges that we don’t, there’s a very good chance the charges are being brought up against Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, over actions that he took before he joined the Trump campaign. While this would shine a negative light on the campaign’s vetting process and further challenge the President’s claim that he only hires “the best people,” it likely wouldn’t link back to the campaign or the President himself.

Buzzfeed is reporting the charges may stem from Manafort’s activities in 2012 and 2013:

FBI Probe Of Paul Manafort Focuses On 13 “Suspicious” Wire Transfers FBI’s investigation of Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, includes a keen focus on a series of suspicious wire transfers in which offshore companies linked to Manafort moved more than $3 million all over the globe between 2012 and 2013.

Much of the money came into the United States.

These transactions — which have not been previously reported — drew the attention of federal law enforcement officials as far back as 2012, when they began to examine wire transfers to determine if Manafort hid money from tax authorities or helped the Ukrainian regime close to Russian President Vladimir Putin launder some of the millions it plundered through corrupt dealings.

Buzzfeed is the TMZ of politics to me. They occasionally get decent scoops but they mostly peddle garbage. With that said, credit goes where credit is due so if this turns out to be the case, kudos to Buzzfeed.

The President is coming across as defensive, scared, and impotent. Posting “DO SOMETHING” in all-caps on Twitter is something unimaginable from a President until Trump moved into the Oval Office. His desire to fuel his unyielding base combined with his tendency to play the victim card regularly might score him points with a quarter of the nation, but his actions exude a weakness to most Americans and people around the world.

Instead of whining on Twitter, he should be letting whatever Mueller is doing play out. This verges on sounding like desperation and an attempt to redirect before a hammer is dropped on his narrative. If nobody in his administration or his former campaign colluded with the Russians during election season, he shouldn’t even be concerned about any of this. He should be focusing on tax cuts, moving forward with the wall, and reengaging on Obamacare.

Fine, he’s not “presidential”

During the campaign, every action he took that didn’t seem like the reaction of a petulant adolescent had many in conservative media saying he’s acting more presidential. They called it a “pivot.” They expected him to grow into the role.

That hasn’t happened and it’s time to accept that. He even took a jab at himself while attacking Michael Moore over the weekend:

The point is this: this morning’s rant isn’t the first time he acted more like a Hollywood diva than the leader of the free world and it won’t be the last. I’m not going to call for the President to act mature. I’m ready to accept that he’ll never be “presidential” and hope for the best.

Final Thoughts

From Kellyanne Conway to Reince Priebus to John Kelly, many close to the President have tried to stop (or at least slow down) his embarrassing Tweets. It’s not going to happen. The ridicule from this morning’s “DO SOMETHING” plea will fade as all of his moments of weakness do. Whatever comes from the Mueller investigation, let’s hope it doesn’t cause the President to lose focus from the many important issues facing the nation today.

Former liberal who recently realized I've been a #Federalist the whole time. GOP fooled me into hating what I thought was conservatism. Now I see the light.


Whoopi is right about the behavior of UCLA Basketball players in China



Whoopi Goldberg

I’m not a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg, okay but I have to tell you that I agree with her regarding the following statement.  This is in regards to a couple of UCLA basketball players who thought they could take something from a store in China and not pay for it.

You embarrassed your families, you embarrassed the country, and you embarrassed the president. Now I’m not a big fan of the president, but the fact that he had to call and get your asses out of there is not anything to be proud of or think is cool.  If this isn’t the stupidest thing a young person has done, particularly if you’re over six-feet tall, and black… is this just the ridiculous stupidity of youth?

Let me add one more thing. You’re an embarrassment to UCLA itself, and their athletic department as well.  Now I am not a big fan of those who run academia, but if these jerks are given the right punishment, I shall give the university credit and praise for doing it.  All right UCLA, the ball is in your court.  Do something right for once.

Further Reading

Whoopi Goldberg to ‘Stupid’ UCLA Players: You’re Fortunate Trump Could ‘Get Your A**es Out’ of China“Now, you’re in China—you’re this big!” she said, reaching high into the air to indicate the players’ height. “It’s not like you’re gonna blend, you’re not going to blend in, run out.”

Goldberg said their families and mentors had no doubt told them numerous times not to do things like this, and she said the foolishness of youth is the only explanation for something so dumb.

President Trump says ‘You’re welcome’ after UCLA Bruins players thank him for help with China incident athletic director Dan Guerrero said freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill stole from three stores, were arrested and surrendered their passports. Trump, who was already on an Asia trip, spoke to President Xi Jinping of China about the incident, and the players were allowed to return to the United States on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, all three read prepared statements at a news conference in which it was revealed that they have been suspended from the team indefinitely. They thanked the Chinese government and police for how they were treated and United States officials for helping secure their release.

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The Obamacare Debacle: Why we need a second political party




Sometimes you simply hope that your predictions will be wrong and that events will miraculously turn out differently; unfortunately, this is not one of those times. Most people with a modicum of common sense anticipated that the Republicans would now take the blame for the troubles of Obamacare, and that has come to pass.  The aphorism ‘You broke it, you bought it’ comes to mind, and while somewhat unfair to the situation, perception is reality in the world of politics.

Tear it down and start over.

While not endeavoring to reign blows upon a deceased equine, this is why the Republican party needed to keep its promise on Obamacare. It’s also the reason why it’s time to sweep away the old and begin anew with a brand new second major political party. That phrase was deliberately used because it has become quite evident that the Republican and Democratic parties have started to merge in far too many ways.

The Obamacare debacle is a prime illustration of this unfortunate merging. O’Sullivan’s First Law explains this to a fair degree since the denizens of a certain party will – over time – want to keep the bureaucratic levers of power with the false idea that they can have it run more efficiently. Besides the simple expedient of term limits, a new party could start anew with a mandate to avoid this political trap.

An illustration from the world of engineering seems more than appropriate in this instance. There are times when a machine or structure has become so riddled with worn out or failed components that it is far better to simply scrap or tear it down and build something from scratch. The aphorism is to start with a clean sheet of paper such that the old assumptions and constructs are swept away in favor of something entirely new and innovative. “We’ve always done it this way” is replaced with questioning skepticism with regard to what works, and what doesn’t.

Existing components that have proven to be of service can be utilized in the new construct but only if they meet certain criteria, not simply because they are carried along with everything else of the old. By the same token, members of the old party can become a vital part of the new but only if they are up to the task.

The final word on the Republican party.

It is more than likely that the people responsible for that bureaucratic mess will use it to good political advantage against those who opposed it in the first place. We should be getting rid of governmental interference in the free market, but instead will see a complete control with national socialist healthcare [i.e., the ‘single payer’ deception].

There is no other choice than to limit the damage now with a new party that will stay true to conservative principles. The results of the alternative are too horrible to contemplate.

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Culture and Religion

The left legislates for secularism against Christianity and it’s one thing they are consistent on



The left legislates for secularism against Christianity and its one thing they are consistent on

On the surface, the left promotes a double standard regarding how business can offer services.  They support a right of the business that sides with Palestine over Israel, and the right of governments to do business with them.  On the other hand, they support laws that force business to have “birth control” in their health plan or make people provide a service to those they are uncomfortable with such as gay couples.  The libido is far more important than your convictions or conscience coupled with the left’s push for population control.

The Stream’s Rachel Alexander scratches the surface to show that what this is really about, is finishing off what famed leftist humanist John J. Dumphy called “the rotting corpse of Christianity.”  That alone makes the left consistent with their agenda and long-term goals.  Those words that Dumphy used were not out of sarcasm, they were out of hated and are a declaration of war against Christ and his body of believers.

The Left’s Hypocrisy on States Regulating Freedom of Expression of Businesses businesses have a right to express their views and practice them accordingly? The left says yes — and no. They say, “It depends.” Liberals tend to say yes when the business takes a position they agree with. They say no if the business takes a viewpoint they disagree with.

In the first case, the left stands for free speech and the first amendment. In the second, the left happily uses state power to curtail the business’s freedom of expression.

There is a rise in targeting Christian businesses.

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