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An old progressive radical in my hometown



An old progressive radical in my hometown

Progressive radicals come in all shapes and sizes. Young and old, they could be your sons and daughters and grandchildren. Sadly, they can be as old as your grandparents. Yesterday I decided to unblock a person on a Facebook account I know to be a progressive radical. I was wondering if this person finally kicked the bucket.

Nope, that person is still very much alive, and likely in their 80’s if not 90’s. How do I know this person is a radical? I know this because I have read many of the letters that were published either by our local daily newspaper as well as our alternative weekly. Without fail she always came out swinging for supportive of abortion rights (and abortion on demand), discouraged adoption, and supported China’s one child policy.

If this ghoul had it her way, we would have to put our conscience aside and support and fund birth control policy that include abortion in health care (along with baking cakes and taking pictures for gay couples and affirming the way they enjoy having sex). It’s all about the woman’s active libido, and Margaret Sanger’s push for sexual liberation for women. One thing I noticed on her Facebook is that she talks about making a good future for our children and that means you should oppose any energy bill that promotes fossil fuel. Got to keep the focus on the more expensive wind and social energy programs that our children and grandchildren will pay a heavy price for.

But then again, they may not need to pay if their mothers did not want their children and had them murdered while still in their wombs. Like I said before, the mother must be able to enjoy a big juicy “Ballpark” even if that means she gets ‘knocked up’ at a time not of her choosing. Hey, all those family planning methods may not work, and abortion must become that backup and final resort.

Eight years ago, Dennis Prager wrote a piece for in which he writes that polices of Democrats and Progressives are not based on rational and/or realistic thinking. They are based on their brand of faith and dogma. For the progressives that faith is based on hope, change and a utopia in which they can be “good without God” and creating the perfect utopia and prove that they are equal or better than God.

Democrats’ Policies Based on Dogma, Hopes, Dreams, not Reality,-hopes,-dreams,-not-reality-n828673Given the huge economic failures that the left itself attributes to Medicare and Medicaid and given the economic collapse or near collapse of these systems in other countries, the left’s prescriptions can only be explained in one way: The left has made its views a form of religion.

Most individuals on the left are not religious, but virtually all people, secular and religious, liberal and conservative, yearn to believe in dogma, i.e., absolute beliefs that transcend reason. For people on the left in Europe, the United States and elsewhere, belief in the state — the notion that the state can do a better job at helping people and making a good society — is one such dogma. This applies especially to educating the young and to health care.

Funny thing is, even if the Freethinkers don’t believe in the supernatural, their opposition to drilling and fossil fuels does revile something. They too are ‘dirt worshipers,’ or people who worship the creation rather than the creator. They also must make the government the state church of their faith, because that is the institution that must “take care of the people.” They would rather put our society into a real-life hell instead of admitting they are wrong and need to return to God and His law. He is just in the way of their ‘fun.’

Want to know why people get upset when you tell them they are doing wrong, regardless of what that wrong is? You’re telling them that they can’t “feel good,” even if it’s using adult language, having sex outside of marriage (I could have done that myself but I didn’t), having sex with the same gender, or getting high on whatever drug or anti-drug it might be. You tell them that they can’t feel good, they get upset and demand that you shut up and leave them and warn them of their likely self-destruction no more. Breaking God’s law in any shape or form usually does “feel good,” at least for the short term.

They also prove Romans Chapter 1 to be correct. You reap what you sow kids. You’re not going to mock God and get away with it no matter how hard you try.

Moral relativism only applies to questioning God’s unchangeable law. Progressives actually believe in absolutes as well when it applies to what they believe in. Easy Sex/Free Love, worship of the dirt, big tyrannical government, and shaping the society they envision in their poisoned brainwashed minds. Progressivism is the biggest cult that Christians must push back against just as much if not more against other anti-Christian faiths that they consider such.

Someone who wants to be a voice for liberty and freedom. Telecom (Radio/TV) Pikes Peak Community College 1993-1998, BS Journalism, minor Political Science, Colorado State University-Pueblo 1999-2004

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